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Terms of Trade

  • How to order
  • Currency, prices and shipping costs
  • Payment methods
  • Processing and delivery
  • Telephone service
  • Complaints
  • Cancellation of an order

  • How to order

    The best way to order is to use our online ordering system in the Astro-Shop. Order by clicking on the "order"-button next to the product you want to purchase.
    You may also order by e-mail, letter, phone or fax: Contact Astrodienst

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    Currency, prices and shipping costs

    • EUR: For all countries in Europe incl. Turkey and Russia, except Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
    • CHF: Swiss Francs apply to Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
    • USD: For all other countries, USD prices apply.

    In addition to each order, we charge our shipping expenses. No shipping costs for online products without delivery by postal mail or courier.

    • Europe:
      Standard order: fixed amount: EUR 4.50
      Books: effective mailing expenses at the best rate available, at least EUR 4.50
    • Switzerland:
      Fixed amount: CHF 6.50
    • Other countries:
      Effective airmail shipping cost is charged.

    Express delivery:
    Additional charges for orders up to 2 horoscope reports:

    • Europe ca. EUR 10.-
    • Switzerland ca. CHF 7.-
    • USA / other countries min. USD 20.-

    The additional charges for 3 and more reports are calculated depending on the weight of the complete order.

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    Electronic services for EU countries

    The sales of electronic services (subscriptions and E-horoscopes or E-books) to customers in EU countries is handled by the sister company Astro AG. This simplifies the accounting for VAT, which is charged to the seller of such services. The only difference for the customer is that Astro AG instead of Astrodienst AG may appear on order confirmations, invoices or credit card statements.

    Payment methods

    You can select the payment method at the checkout of the AstroShop.

    Credit card

    We accept the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB.


    Payments via Paypal with a surcharge of EUR / US$ 1.95


    For a surcharge of USD/EUR 9.-, we accept cheques of a few countries. For details, see the payment methods offered to you during the checkout step.

    Bank transfer (Attention: advance payment!)

    We accept bank transfer as a pre-payment method. Please, note that this option is not necessary for customers from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, since they can pay by invoice (see below).

    Additional handling expenses are charged with EUR/USD 2.-.
    The detailed instructions for the bank transfer including bank names and account numbers are found at a later step during the checkout process.

    For countries outside the EU: Please ensure that all transaction fees are charged from your account and that the complete amount is credited to our account.

    We will process the order as soon as we have received your transfer.


    In Switzerland, Germany and Austria, you can pay by invoice, provided you have a permanent address. The invoice is payable within 30 days of reception. Orders which are not sent to a permanent address require pre-payment of the total sum of the invoice. The invoice total is the net price without any rebates.

    Cash by registered letter

    If none of the above payment methods suits you, you can also send the total of your order in cash via registered mail. Please make sure that you follow the ordering process through to the end and send the complete amount, including shipping charges. Please also enclose a print-out of your order in your letter.

    We recommend to send only notes, no coins. We do not take any responsibility for lost letters. If you send the correct amount, we don't charge any extra handling fees.

    Your order will be processed as soon as we have received the money.

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    Processing and delivery

    Usually, we process all orders within 2 working days after receiving an order. In exceptional cases, e.g. after a bank holiday or when we are extremely busy, it is not possible for us to guarantee these terms.

    The times of delivery needed by the post are independent of Astrodienst. These are the times as experienced:

    • Europe ca. 4-8 days
    • Switzerland 1-2 days
    • USA / other countries ca. 10-14 days
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    Telephone service

    Monday - Friday
    9 - 12 h and 14 - 17 h (Swiss Time)
    Telephone: 0041 (0)44-392 18 18
    Fax: 0041 (0)44-391 75 74
    Email: order@astro.ch

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    With all care, we as well as our clients may make mistakes. If you are not pleased with a certain delivery or item, please mind the following:

    Please do not send things back, except if we explicitly ask you to - usually we will be able to find out all about it from our own records.

    If the mistake is due to an error of ours, you will get a free substitute.

    If the mistake is due to an error of yours, we offer you corrected items for a quarter of the normal price. Errors due to telephone orders go at the customer's expense, if our records correspond with the delivered items. In case you do not want to take this risk, please order online, or by mail or fax.

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    Cancellation of an order

    It is impossible to cancel an order which has been placed, even if it is erroneous. Should you find out later on that you have ordered something you do not want, we do not take the product back, because the horoscopes are generated uniquely for your order. Please make sure that you inform yourself about the product before you order it.

    Orders which are delivered late cannot be cancelled either.

    Orders of online services (e.g. PDF or subscription to the Extended Daily Horoscope) cannot be cancelled after you have had access to contents which are only available under that service.


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