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Relationship Charts

Printed Charts

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Type 61 Synastry Chart

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The horoscopes of both partners are shown in one colour drawing, with aspects between the two. Includes a print-out showing chart positions for both partners and aspect table.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -
EUR 13.75, CHF 22.00

Type 62 Composite Chart

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Using the horoscopes of both partners, a mid-point chart is calculated and drawn.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -

Type 63 Combined Synastry and Composite

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Combined Synastry and Composite Charts (Type 61 and 62) together at a reduced price.
US$ 24.95
/ EUR 21.25 / CHF 34. -

Type 64 Davison Relationship Chart

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temporal mid-point chart, using the mean values of both birth dates and places. The time used is corrected, resulting in the exact mid-point of both Midheavens. This is the original method used to calculate the Davison Relationship Chart.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -

Type 65 Uncorrected Davison Relationship

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Uncorrected Davison Relationship Chart: temporal mid-point chart, calculated for the exact mean in time and geographic place of both charts.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -

Type 66 Partner Set

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Two Synastry Charts in the form of a natal chart with additional circle, alternately one, then the other partner shown in the middle circle. With additional print-out for chart data and aspect table with mutual inter-aspects.
US$ 26.95 / EUR 22.50 / CHF 36. -

Type 67 Relationship Set

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Both Natal Charts and Composite in a smaller scale in one drawing. With additional print-out containing data for all three charts.
US$ 15.00 / EUR 15.00 / CHF 24. -

Multiple Composite Chart

A Composite Chart for more than two persons ( maximum 20 persons possible ). The price depends on the number ( n ) of persons.
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Traditionally, the Synastry Chart or Comparison Chart, is the most widely used relationship chart. The natal planetary positions of both partners are shown in one chart. The interpretation is based mainly on the aspects between the planets in one of the birth charts in relation to positions in the other, as well as on the house placements, i.e. which houses are 'set in motion' by natal planets of the partner. Inevitably, any interpretation must analyse and compare the individual charts as well, particularly in regard to the Sun, Venus and the 7th house, as well as element balance. In this manner, the Synastry Chart or Comparison Chart depicts an analytic approach, with a lot of attention given to single aspects.

The second important method used in the analysis of relationships, is the Composite Chart or midpoint chart. For each pair of planets the mid-point is calculated, these are then shown as a chart drawing. In a sense this shows us the essential structure of the relationship. Composite charts are abstract, computed constellations, and do not represent a real astronomical situation. For this reason, I (A.T.) was rather sceptical towards these 'unreal' horoscopes to begin with. However, after having been surprised by a very succinct description of several relationships, I now believe a combination of the composite method with an analytic method should be practised.

In the ASTRO*INTELLIGENCE Relationship Horoscope, our computerized relationship analysis created with Liz Greene, both techniques are used, as well as a comparison between both birth charts and the composite. There are two methods used to determine the Composite Ascendant: Either one can use the latitude of a place of reference, or one uses the mid-point of both Ascendants. We offer chart drawings for both methods. For composite charts for more than two people, see Multiple Composite, (Type 68 and 681). Unfortunately, this very interesting area has not yet been much explored.

  Since the Composite Chart shows a symbolic constellation, rather than a real one, many prognostic techniques (transits, Solar returns, directions) cannot be applied, or only with reserve. As a complement to the Composite Chart, which is based on a physical mid-point, the Davison Relationship Chart was developed. The Davison Chart is computed for a mid-point in time, in relation to a geographical mid-point or 'middle point' and drawn like a birth chart. The interpretation is similar to that of a Composite Chart. The outer planets and the Meridian are usually similarly positioned in both chart types, since any time taken as a mean between both birth times will show these to be more or less in the middle between both positions. The important difference is that the Davison Relationship Chart is based on a real point in time, thus enabling one to use all the known techniques such as Solar returns, transits, progressions and other directions in order to explore a development in time.

We should not neglect to consider the rich tradition of Horary Charts while discussing relational astrology. As we know, a horoscope can describe any event, as well the birth of a human child. The horoscope is a symbolic representation of the quality of a moment in time, affecting all things coming into being at that time. The first encounter of a couple, or the hour of marriage, are such moments, possibly a separation or divorce as well. Charts depicting events such as these are just like a natal chart, calculated for the time and place of an event. Order Type 2.AT or any other type natal chart drawing.

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