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Personality Reports

An interpretation of the birth horoscope offers you valuable insights into the "structures" of your personality. Personal qualities and abilities, but also conflicts and potential for development are visible in the birth chart. These horoscope interpretations can help you to get to know and understand yourself better. All Astrodienst horoscopes - including the free ones - are calculated with your exact birth data.

© Serg Zastavkin, fotolia.comThe Psychological Horoscope by Liz Greene is considered by many experts to be the best computer-based horoscope interpretation - a fascinating combination of astrological empirical science and contemporary depth psychology.
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Capricorn, © Astrodienst AG NEW: Stories from the Stars by Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg is a Fixed Star Report and explores your personal relationship to the starry heavens. The starry sky is more than just beautiful; it also holds wisdom contained within ancient stories placed there over thousands of years by our ancestors.
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AugeThis free short version of the Personal portrait by Robert Pelletier interprets the positions of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn as well as the Ascendant. It discusses central aspects of your horoscope.
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AstroClick PortraitAstroClick Portrait is an attractive interactive horoscope which enables you to discover all aspects of your birth chart - for free! The interpretations by Robert Hand are directed primarily at children and young people, but the texts are also interesting for adults.
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Geld und Erfolgmoney and success“ is the latest horoscope report by Astrodienst. It examines your very personal qualities and resources that enable you to develop your individual potential. You can find it as a free try-out here, and as a complete report in the shop.
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AugeThe long version of the Personal portrait by Robert Pelletier is a complete interpretation of the birth chart. It interprets the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the Ascendant and selected aspects. It is also a good basis for learning how to interpret single factors in the birth chart.
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FarbenhoroskopThe "Color horoscope" combines the interpretaion of the birth chart with color psychology. It gives you an insight into the structures of your character and addresses qualities, needs and different role plays. You can find it as a free try-out edition as well as a complete version in the shop.
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WWW.ASTRO.COM, будучи одним из крупнейших астрологических порталов, предлагает целый ряд бесплатных услуг. Высокопрофессиональное толкование гороскопов ведущими современными астрологами, среди которых Лиз Грин, Роберт Хэнд и другие, большое количество бесплатных гороскопов, разнообразная астрологическая информация для любителей и профессионалов, - всё это делает сайт www.astro.com лидером интернета в астрологическом секторе.
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