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Relationship and Partnership

Love relationships belong to the deepest experiences in life. Many other kinds of relationships - at work, in the family or among friends - have formative influences on your life as well. Do you know why you feel attracted to one person, but not to the other? These horoscope interpretations offer you fascinating insights.

Frau auf Sofa - © olly, fotolia.comIn the Relationship horoscope Liz Greene shows empathetically and aptly what brings you together, what kind of character your relationship will develop and what both partners can transform within themselves. She describes love as a wonderful, powerful but also complex matter.
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KerzenThe short version of the Partner Horoscope by Robert Hand interprets the central and most important topics of a partnership. The selected topics allow for some insight into the character of a relationship.
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AstroClick PartnerAstroClick Partner is an attractive interactive horoscope which enables you to explore all aspects of the partner horoscope - for free! The interpretations are based on a short version of Robert Hand's Partner Horoscope.
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Tanzen - © Klemens Oezelt - Fotolia.com The Horoscope for two by Mona Riegger is the horoscope interpretation for all kinds of relationships between two people, whether they are family members, work collegues, friends or competitors.
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Zeichen der Liebeastrology for lovers is a delightful horoscope by Liz Greene. Her characterisations of the star signs in relation to love and partnerships are very fitting and amusing, but never superficial!
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PartnerhoroskopThe complete version of the Partner horoscope by Robert Hand offers an astrological interpretation of your relationship with your partner, whether in marriage, love or friendship. It explores step by step the positions and connections of every planet in your composite horoscope.
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