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Love Life

How do the stars influence your emotional life? What kind of partner is suitable for you? How do you behave in relationships? These and more questions are addressed in the Astrodienst love horoscpes.

Zeichen der Liebeastrology for lovers is a delightful horoscope written by Liz Greene. Her characterisations of the star signs focussing on love and relationships are to the point and amusing but never superficial!
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Frau auf Sofa - © olly, fotolia.comIn the relationship Horoscope Liz Greene shows empathetically and aptly what brings you together, what kind of character your relationship will develop and what both partners can transform within themselves. She describes love as a wonderful, powerful but also complex matter.
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KerzenLove, flirtation and Sex by John Townley is the short version of the Love Horoscope. It interprets the position of the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars as well as the Ascendant and some aspects.
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PartnerhoroskopThe Love Horoscope by John Townley is an easily accessible horoscope interpretation about love, flirtation and sex. It describes the influence of the planets in their signs, houses and aspects with other planets.
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AstroClick LiebeAstroClick Love is your personal love horoscope, presented in an attractive, interactive form. The interpretations are taken from a shortened version of the Love Horoscope by John Townley.
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Geld und ErfolgThe Love horoscope by Silvia Benz is contained in the  subscription for the Extended Daily horoscope. This inexpensive subscription gives you access to daily interpretations of all transits, focussing on your love life.
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