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Children and Young People

Children experience life through play and have to try out a lot before anyone can even apprehend their later path in life with all its possibilities and ramifications. Nevertheless: Certain inclinations and talents can be read from a child's birth horoscope, even when they are still young.

Kinder und JugendlicheThe child's horoscope by Liz Greene is especially written for parents who want to enable their children to follow their own path right from the start. This horoscope in particular shows Liz Greene's wide experience and her deep insights into the development of personality.
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Geld und ErfolgThe short version of the "children and young people" horoscope addresses young persons. It describes the most important elements in the birth chart: the Sun, the Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars and the Ascendant.
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JugendhoroskopThe youth Horoscope by Robert Hand is addressed at young people and describes their personality, character traits and potential strengths, weaknesses and capabilities from an astrological perspective.
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