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Unfortunately, we don't know an astrological method for making a quick fortune. But we enjoy dealing with quality.
Horoscopes everybody can afford

Simple messages ...Our Free Horoscopes offer a good introduction to astrology encouraging you to learn more about your personality. They cover individual aspects of a horoscope. The synthesis of these aspects - which often seem contradictory - is up to the reader. This is where our free horoscopes are similar to "conventional" computer horoscopes by other companies, which are generally quite expensive to buy.

Our high quality AstroIntelligence horoscopes are not available for free. This is because they have a lot more to offer. You can compare the Free Horoscopes to a good starter - an AstroIntelligence Horoscope is the complete menu!


AstroIntelligence: Professional Quality

An AstroIntelligence Horoscope isA horoscope is re-read over the years. the professional dimension of computer astrology. This technology is unique in that it generates - or "interprets" - a horoscope in the same way as professional astrologers do in a personal counselling. Like them, our AstroIntelligence software has mastered the art of synthesis. This means that it perceives the inner coherence of the individual aspects of a horoscope. The software recognises inner patterns, "structures of a personality". This technology is unique, and it is not without reason that our horoscopes are considered the best in the world. Please convince yourself of the high quality of AstroIntelligence horoscopes - read our sample reports.


Quality has its price

We are fully aware that not everybody is financially able to afford Order a horoscope in the  AstroShop!an AstroIntelligence horoscope interpretation. But for those who are, we can assure you: With every order in the AstroShop not only do you get an excellent horoscope reading, but you are helping to keep up our free online services which are financed exclusively by these returns. If you do not want (or cannot afford) to order a report, you can help by recommending us to other people.


Happy Customers: A map for personal development

Map for personal developmentFrom letters and e-mails from our customers we know that AstroIntelligence horoscope reports are re-read several times over the years, and that they can continue to give new impulses and support for personal development. In this sense, a horoscope can be seen as a map for personal growth. Please find out what our customers have to say in the AstroShop or in the Feedback area.


Our Vision: High class astrology for everyone!

We consider astrology to be a useful tool which can help us to gain a better www.astro.comunderstanding of ourselves and the world around us. With our offers we would like to introduce you to the rich world of serious and high quality astrology. We place strong emphasis on exact chart calculation, on clear interpretations and text which is based on well-founded astrological knowledge. We find it extremely important that astrology is based on solid ground.

A small team is constantly working to create attractive offers, to expand the multilingual versions of the site, and to develop new products and services for you.


What makes AstroIntelligence so unique?

The text of our AstroIntelligece horoscope readings was written by outstanding authors: Liz Greene, Robert Hand and Mona Riegger belong to the top league of astrologers - even in the eyes of experts. The three of them work according to their own unique systems, have their individual styles as well as a deep understanding of human existence.

The software was developed by the Physicist Alois Treindl (PhD). Although he doesn't call himself an astrologer, he has studied astrology in depth (with Thomas Ring and Liz Greene, among others). Alois TreindlThe software that generates the interpretation is based on the procedure in a good astrological consultation. It It takes several steps to analyse and categorise your horoscope following specific criteria. Subsequently the interpretation is compiled according to this analysis.
For obvious reasons, we cannot publish the exact procedure of interpretation, as the quality of AstroIntelligence horoscope reports is unique and remains unequalled to the present day!

Please read more about the development of AstroIntelligence.



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