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The Astromap World is simply an unusual way of drawing up a birth chart. While a conventional birth chart shows the planetary positions in relation to a particular place - the place of birth - the Astromap World shows possible planetary positions for all over the globe.

The Astro-Map shows you:

  • where in the world the influence of your natal planets is strongest
  • here your places of personal power lie
  • how you relate to countries and cities
  • how you relate to people from other parts of the Earth

Please notice:
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Type 71 Astro-Map World

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Astro-Map World Size A3 colour drawing, with lines positioning Chiron and the Moon's nodes.
US$ 17.95 / EUR 15.65 / CHF 25. -

Type 71EP Astro-Map World, no latitude

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Same as above, but no latitude, the calculation is based on the ecliptic points of projection of the planets.
US$ 17.95 / EUR 15.65 / CHF 25. -

Type 72 Astro-Map Europe

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Astro-Map Europe, Size A4 colour drawing, with additional lines for aspects. The geographical focus on Europe makes greater precision possible.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -

Type 72EP Astro-Map Europe, no latitude

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Same as above, but no latitude, the calculation is based on the ecliptic points of projection of the planets.
US$ 16.95 / EUR 13.75 / CHF 22. -

Type 711, Dynamic Astro-Map World

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Dynamic Astro-Map World: Like Type 71, with progressions ( Sun - Mars ) and transits ( Jupiter - Pluto ) added.
US$ 21.95 / EUR 18.75 / CHF 30. -

Type 712, Dynamic Astro-Map World

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Dynamic Astro-Map World: Like Type 711, without natal planetary positions.
US$ 14.95 / EUR 12.50 / CHF 20. -

It is a well-known astrological fact, that those planets near the axes of a natal chart, i.e. placed near the horizon or the meridian, are particularly significant.

The axes or cardinal points in a chart are:

  • AC = the Ascendant, or rising sign
  • DC = the Descendant, or descending sign
  • MC = Medium Coeli, the Midheaven or highest point
  • IC = Imum Coeli, the lowest point in the heavens

Not everyone has one or more planets placed at these cardinal points in the birth chart. Only those born at sunrise will have the Sun conjunct the Ascendant, similarly, those born at the time of a "setting" Moon will have their Moon in the same place as their Descendant, and so on.

At the time of your birth, a particular planet could form any conceivable relationship with these cardinal points, depending on your geographic position. Somewhere, the Sun was rising, or the Moon setting, or another planet was reaching its zenith, the highest point in the sky. These places are special for you, as if these planets were placed on one of your cardinal points. Speaking astronomically, these are the places where the planets are rising or setting, or at their highest or lowest point.

The Astro-Map World shows where these places are, calculated for your personal birth time. All four possible cardinal positions are shown by four lines of the same colour for each planet.

The Astro-Map Europe shows those lines which cross the European continent. In addition to this, it also shows planetary aspects. Most Europeans don't move beyond the European continent, so for practical decision-making, the World Map is often not detailed enough. The finer scale of the Astro-Map Europe is a more precise guide.

The basic idea behind the Astro-Map is this: The energy and meaning of a planet will be expressed most strongly in areas where the planet is placed on one of the cardinal points at the time of birth. Whenever you spend time in one of these places, or are connected to them in some way, you will experience these energies. These experiences correspond to the nature of the planet involved and to the themes associated with that particular cardinal point, they also reflect how this planet is constellated in your birth chart.

If you are acquainted with astrological thought, the meanings attached to the ten planets and the cardinal points of the horoscope will be familiar to you. You can combine these factors to arrive at an interpretation of a cardinal position for any of the planets. For example, having the Sun conjunct the Ascendant or Venus conjunct the Descendant. This basic knowledge will enable you to interpret your Astro-Map without any further guidance. You can determine all those places where a particular aspect of your personality will be most strongly expressed. For professional matters, places with the Sun or Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven will bring success, if you are looking for satisfying personal encounters, it might be wise to consider placing Venus or Mars conjunct your Descendant. Using some basic definitions and a bit of imagination, you will be able to make all sorts of interesting discoveries with your Astro-Map, as well as having a lot of fun planning your next holiday.

Naturally, in places where two lines cross, more than one planet will be placed on an axis. Having Venus at the Descendant as well as Saturn on the Ascendant might easily put some hindrance in the way of an encounter. (For astronomical reasons, there is often a massed crossing of lines in the polar regions. However, these places are rather inhospitable and sparsely populated. For most people, living with five or more planets conjunct the Ascendant would be too strenuous ... )

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