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Free Horoscopes

online on www.astro.com

Beside the top-class horoscope interpretations of the Astro*Intelligence series, www.astro.com belongs to the websites with the largest variety of free horoscopes on the net. This page informs you about all of them. Enjoy your expedition!

Today & Tomorrow

Personal Daily Horoscope

Your individual topics for each day, in the Free Daily Horoscope by Robert Hand. Read about the influences of today, tomorrow and yesterday. The inexpensive subscription for the Extended Daily Horoscope gives you access to the Extended Day Choice, to important long-term influences and the marvelous Love Horoscope for selected transits.

Short Report Forecast

Central issues of your personal development, by Robert Hand. In this short edition of the Forecast Horoscope, a few, but nevertheless important transits over your natal chart are considered.

Astro Click Travel

Find the best destination for your holidays with the interactive maps! AstroClick Travel gives you information about the astrological influences you can experience at a given place on earth.

Color Oracle

What are you dealing with right now? This color test will reveal more about your current disposition. The interpretation by Johannes Schneider, describes your current situation, your personal focus and your behaviors and gives you clues as to how you can deal with these constructively.



Psychological Horoscope Analysis

The fascinating analysis of the personality by Liz Greene in a free Try-Out Edition! The Psychological Horoscope Analysis by Liz Greene is a remarkable achievement within contemporary astrology. Small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete horoscope which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop.

Personal Portrait

This short edition of Robert Pelletier's Personal Portrait looks at the position of Sun, Moon, Venus Saturn and the Ascendant. It discusses some of the central issues of your horoscope. We hope that you will find it interesting and pleasurable reading.

Career and Vocation

The awesome Vocational Horoscope by Liz Greene, in a free Try-Out Edition. This short extract gives you a taste of your personal "Career and Vocation" horoscope. The small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete vocation horoscope which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop.

Astro Click Portrait

Learn more about yourself and have fun at the same time! All you need to do is click on any element of the birth chart and read the interpretation of this element. The interpretations of AstroClick Portrait describe the individual elements of your birth horoscope.

Color Horoscope

The color horoscope provides an insight into your character structures, describes your characteristics and needs and the various roles you play. This horoscope analysis is based on a system of interpretation developed by the Swiss art instructor and astrologer Johannes Schneider.



Love, Flirtation and Sex

This short edition of John Townley's Love Horoscope looks at the position of Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and the Ascendant. John Townley's text conveys the spirit of the 70s, when sexual liberation was still new and exciting. We have kept the original text because it is fun to read - and fun is certainly what love should be all about.

Astro Click Love

How do you love? AstroClick Love is your Personal Love Horoscope, presented to you in an attractive, interactive format. AstroClick Love describes how your love life is influenced by the positions of the planets in their signs and houses as well as the aspects between them.

Astrology for Lovers

This star sign horoscope, based on the bestselling book "Astrology for Lovers" is something you shouldn't miss! Liz Greene is well-known among astrologers for her excellent textbooks. To enjoy her bestseller, however, you don't need astrological knowledge. Her descriptions of the star signs from the perspective of love and relationship are amusing and to the point - but never trivial!



Relationship Horoscope

We also offer a free trial version of Liz Greene's Relationship Horoscope. The small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete Relationship Horoscope (35-40 pages) which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop. This extraordinary Relationship Horoscope allows you to immerse yourself deeply in the mysterious spheres of a love relationship.

Partner Horoscope

How do you match? This report by Robert Hand is a short edition of your and your partner's Partner Horoscope. A few but nevertheless important aspects of the composite chart are interpreted.

AstroClick Partner

Check the potential of your relationship with the interactive partner horoscope. AstroClick Partner describes the planetary positions and aspects in your composite horoscope, telling you about the possibilities your relationship offers.


Children &Teenagers

The Child's Horoscope

The excellent Child's Horoscope by Liz Greene in a free Try-Out Edition. This short extract gives you a taste of the personal "Child's Horoscope" by Liz Greene. The small samples taken from various chapters convey an impression of the complete horoscope which can be ordered as an E-Horoscope or a bound book in the AstroShop.

Children and Young People

Robert Hand's accurate horoscope for children and teenagers. This report is a short edition of the Youth Horoscope, a few but nevertheless important aspects of the natal chart are interpreted.




Astro-Databank, the world-wide unique collection of more than 35`000 chart data is online at and can be used for free! It not only contains birth data, but also all the chart drawings and thousands of biographies.


AstroWiki by Astrodienst is a free encyclopedia of astrology. It collects the knowledge of the astrological community and makes it available to everybody. The Wiki`s cadre consists of two astrological lexica.


Horoscope Chart Drawings, Specials

Chart drawing, Ascendant

Quick access to your chart and calculations

Extended Chart Selection

Find everything that an astrologer's heart desires: natal charts, synastry, solar returns, persona charts, lunar returns, AstroCartography, Davison Relationship Chart's and composite horoscopes, etc. Calculate and display all charts for free!

Direct Atlas Query

Time zone atlas, chart of the moment, birth place query

Your VIP Astro-Twins

Find your astrological Twin from AstroDatabank!


As one of the largest astrology portals WWW.ASTRO.COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www.astro.com is the first address for astrology on the web.
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