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External Cooperations
Translations into Italian

Professional Translator
Silvia Pannone (Netherlands/Italy)

Silvia PannoneSilvia Pannone (April 1964) has worked as a chief secretary for 18 years, where translations were part of her daily routine. In 1997 she moved from Italy to the Netherlands to study psychological astrology at a professional institute, where she graduated in 2000. As she deeply appreciated Liz Greene's astrological approach and vast knowledge, she decided, in the same year, to go for the core and began a three-year course at the Centre of Psychological Astrology in London. In 2003 she moved for a year to Bath to study for the Master’s Degree in "Cultural Astronomy and Astrology"; she graduated in 2004 with distinction.
In 2008 she started a 5 year training in Psychosynthesis, to be able to combine psychological work with astrology. Silvia lives now in the Netherlands and you can contact her at www.silviapannone.com or by .

Silvia Pannone has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Love Horoscope
  • Short reports: Portrait, Love
  • Astrotext compact: Portrait, Youth, Love, Partner
  • and she is our translator in charge of the maintenance of the Italian version of astro.com.

Volunteer Translators

Mara Corazzari (Germany)

Mara Corazzari (Pisces with Libra Ascendant, born in 1958 in Ferrara) studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna and worked several years as a free-lance painter in Italy. At the same time she gave courses in Hatha Yoga. In 1986, she moved to Germany, where she has been working as a free-lance translator (Italian-German, mainly for medium-sized enterprises) and graphics designer. Apart from that, she is very interested in Yoga and spiritual growth, Jungian Astrology and Psychology, oriental culture, art and philosophy.
In 1986, she discovered Astrodienst in Zürich and has been an enthusiastic follower ever since.
She can be contacted by

Mara Corazzari has translated (from German) for Astrodienst:

  • Pluto - no longer a planet?
  • Das innere Kind (The inner child)


Barbara Colella (Italy)

Barbara Colella After graduating in Translation and Interpretation I specialized in Technical-Scientific Translation, English and Spanish languages. I?ve always been keen on astrology, I think it to be an incredible tool for inner enrichment, though it is not always given the serious consideration it deserves. I?m trying to develop my knowledge through Italian and foreign books and web sites. I?m especially into karmic and predictive astrology. I?ve recently realized I could combine my linguistic studies with my passion for astrology, contributing in such way not only to the spread of astrological issues but also to my spiritual and human growth.
Barbara can be contacted by

Barbara Colella has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology with Tarot


Francesca Furino (Italy)

Francesca Furino is 32 years old, and lives and works in Rome, her city of birth.
As Libra, ASC. Scorpio, She' s always had the insight to run a path of deepening human aspects.
She obtained the Degree in Translation and Interpretation from English and Spanish at the University, while studying Astrology with passion, since She was a child. Also, trying to apply both languages to each astrological issue as an innovative key of interpretation.
For this reason, a psychological approach is the most used to capture such aspects of the reality considered "invisible". She's also deepened Karmic astrology, directly related to previous experiences and lives, and astrology applied to medicine with an alternative approach to the study of one's inner self and spirit.
Francesca may be contacted by

Francesca Furino has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Oracle and the Family Curse


Paola Mastrorilli (Italy)

Paola was born on September the 16th, in 1976 in Bari where she lives for the moment. She has a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures with a specialization in English and Russian languages. Since she was a child Paola has passionately loved anything that is closely related to esotericism and astrology and this is the reason why she has been working with some astrological and esoteric web sites for some years as a writer or as a translator. Two of them are www.specchiomagico.net and www.auraweb.it. She is trying to blend her deep love for astrology and esotericism with the enlightening course of humanistic and linguistic studies by which she has learned to enrich a spiritual and professional trip around the world. As a passionate explorer of human soul, she does not believe in coincidences and considers astrology as a useful tool to cast light on personal affairs and interpersonal relations.
You can contact her by

Paola Mastrorilli has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Interview with Liz Greene (Astrology and Computer)
  • Sungod Apollon
  • Transits and Progressions (The Horoscope in Manifestation)
  • Harmonic Horoscopes


Beatrice Castelli (Italy)
Beatrice Castelli lives in Milan (Italy). She has been studying Evolutionary Astrology for several years: Evolutionary Astrology joins a psychological approach to aspects related to the soul evolution. This allows to understand not only the psychological complexities of personality but also gives a chance of answering the classic queries ever affecting the human being, about who we are, where we are going to, what our mission in Life is.
At the same time she is also studying Holistic Medicine, and she is going to get her degree with a specialization in Iridology and Flower Therapy. The integration of these two competences makes her able to analyze the mind and body relationship under a 360° perspective.
You can contact Beatrice by

Beatrice Castelli has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Composite Chart
  • Astrology for Lovers


Gioia Gottini (Italy)

Gioia GottiniGioia Gottini (05.05.1972) has been studying astrology since she was 18, and thinks Astro.com is by far the best site for astrology lovers. She lives in Torino, where she's currently working on her dissertation on American Studies, based on the Psychedelic Era of the Sixties. She also teaches astrology to beginners. Among her interests are traveling, North American literature, foreign languages and alternative music. Being a vegan, she's totally into organic food and likes to experiment with the vegan recipes she finds on the web. Her approach to astrology is mainly psychological. She's very proud of her Moon in Aquarius. Gioia can be contacted by

Gioia Gottini has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Short report Children and Young People
  • Short report Partner


Laura Vargiu (Italy)

Laura Vargiu has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The good, the bad and the ugly
  • Precession and Zodiac


Nicoletta de Simone (Italy)

Nicoletta de Simone has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Eternal Triangle


Viola Verde (Italy)

Viola Verde has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Wounding and the Will to Live
  • First Steps in Astrology


Carolina Popolani (Italy)

Carolina Popolani has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology and Psychology


Adriano Dido Rivano (Italy)

Adriano Dido Rivano has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Persona Charts


Alessio Bazzani (Italy)

Alessio Bazzani has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Vocation in the Horoscope


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