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External Cooperations
Translations into French

Professional Translators
Pascal Aubin (France)

Pascal Aubin was born in Paris (where he still lives) on September 10, 1961. He has been a professional translator since 1994, and has translated a number of crime novels, art books and illustrated books, including three of David Day's books about J.R.R. Tolkien.
He has had an interest in psychology and astrology since he was 19, and was a freelance consulting astrologer for a while in 1988-1989. He is considering turning back to astrology as a profession since he discovered how Liz Greene and others make use of astrology from a jungian viewpoint. He can be contacted by

Pascal Aubin has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Eternal Triangle
  • Transits and Progressions
  • Astrology and Computer - Interview with Liz Greene
  • AstroClick Portrait, Love, Travel
  • Astrotext compact: Portrait, Youth, Love
  • Love Horoscope
  • and he is our translator in charge of the maintenance of the French version of astro.com.

Pascal has also edited the French versions of the following horoscopes:

  • Psychologial Horoscope Analysis
  • Relationship Horoscope


Ghislaine Delorme (Mexico / Canada)

Ghislaine DelormeGhislaine Delorme (November 8, 1946, Montreal) graduated in humanities. She is a certified translator, specialised in texts dealing with law, astrology, architecture and technology. In parallel to her activities as a translator, Ghislaine was a journalist in entertainment for a large daily for several years. Since the late 1990s, she roams the world to expand her horizons and to write about her travels.
Ghislaine has been a practicing astrologer since 1970. She is an enthusiastic fan of Liz Greene. She currently lives in Cancun, Mexico and can be contacted by e-mail

Ghislaine Delorme has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Career and Vocation
  • Yearly Horoscope Analysis
  • Long-term Perspectives
  • Short Reports: Personal Portrait, Children and Young People, Love, and Partner
  • Astrotext Partner
  • History of Astrology
  • Postmodern Astrology
  • The Composite Chart
  • The Terrorist Attack on the USA
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • and the original French version of astro.com


Nina Joffé (France)

Nina Joffé has created her own company "Milieu du ciel" in 1995 where she offers teaching and consultation. She invites people she appreciates to shaire their knowledge in astrology with her students. She also used to organise seminars in Paris with Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo, Melanie Reinhardt, Karen Hamaker-Zondag and Lynn Bell, but now she concentrates more on small units and workshops. Nina has been interested in astrology since her adolescence.
She can be contacted by

Nina Joffé has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Transits of the Year
  • Personal Horoscope Calendar


Volunteer Translators

Véronique Bonnefoy (France)

Véronique Bonnefoy was born in Paris on may 30, 1975. She has a degree in Literature, she lived in London and Rome for a few years and now lives in France.
Astrology is her main passion (probably due to her moon in aquarius) but she also likes Tarots, psychology and yoga.
Véronique can be contacted by

Véronique Bonnefoy has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology with Tarot
  • How to find your vocation in the horoscope
  • The astrological garden
  • Astrological Chart Rectification
  • Astrology is an Art


Tipram (France / China)

A former diplomat in the United Nations system.
Consultant in Human Development.

Tipram has translated for Astrodienst:

  • several Help topics
  • Multi-composite charts
She may be contacted through Astrodienst.

Volodia Rudinovy (France)

Volodia Rudinovy holds an engineering degree and a PhD in Computer Science. He lives in Grenoble, France where he is working as a research scientist specialized in formal languages and their application to Computer Science. Beyond science and its precious rigor, he is interested in all other paths able to transcend human knowledge, increase his spiritual level, intuition and consciousness. He studied Astrology, the great bibliography by C. G. Jung and practiced the Yi-King for many years, before coming back recently to Astrology, which he considers as the most fascinating symbolic system.
He whishes to contribute to the diffusion of recent advances from American (and English) astrology schools to French speaking communities, and will consider all translation proposals therefore. You can contact him by

Volodia Rudinovy has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Lot or Part of Fortune
  • Harmonics
  • The Oracle and the Family Curse
  • Interview 2001 (Liz Greene)


Christophe Kruppa (France)

Christophe Kruppa has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology and Psychology
  • First Steps in Astrology


Danielle Dupuis (Canada)

Danielle Dupuis has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Chiron, Pholus & Co.
  • Lilith - the Black Moon
  • Precession and Zodiac


Ahmed Djouder (France)

Ahmed Djouder has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Persona Charts
  • Astrology for Lovers


Beba Marantz (Switzerland)

Beba Marantz has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Sungod Apollon


Nicholas Palffy

Nicholas Palffy has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Wounding and the Will to Live


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