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External Cooperations
Translations into Spanish

Professional Translator
Ana I. Zebel (Argentina)

To view Ana's personal page, please click here


Volunteer Translators

Rocío Incera (Mexico)

Rocío Incera Rocío Incera is a Science Writer, journalist and museologer (in interactive museums, mainly for children). She is starting up as an enterpreneur with projects for women from 45 to 60 years (Catarinas, las mujeres realizamos nuestros sueños y los reproducimos). And for Children, in public spaces, to accelerate citizenship and societies based on knowledge and wisdom, stand on constructive criteria and values of this XXI century (collaboration, multi and interdiscipline work... no ego!).

For Rocío - Moring Dew, in Spanish - the boundaries between knowledge and science confronted with spirituality and self-awareness, is more ideological and comes from old institutions from both sides. For her, there are not real boundaries. She loves astrology and acknowledges it as a gift from life for her: a very precise tool. She has been a meditator taking knowledge from different schools for 25 years.

She has two children in their early twenties. She is Mexican and loves Mexico. She enjoys walking and watching films. She feels happy if she can read her newpapers and drink hot coffee.

You can contact her via e-mail

Rocío Incera has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Virgin of Guadalupe
  • Do you Moondance?
  • Sound Horoscope
  • Morin's method of determination


Silvia Alicia Sabo (Argentina)

Silvia Alicia Sabo was born in Avellaneda, Argentina in July 1948. She has got the degrees of English and Spanish teacher, and of Certified Translator at the School of Law, University of Buenos Aires in 1977.
Since she was given her first book of Astrology, at the age of 12, she never gave up studying, reading and diving into the mysteries and wonders of this ancient Art and Science.
She studied Astrology at the School of Astroanalysis of Buenos Aires where she continues attending to seminars and workshops.
She worked as bilingual assistant and translator in foreign enterprises for twenty-eight years, and as free-lance translator of Psychology, Philosophy, Literary and Esoteric matters as well. She has published Per/sona, a book of poetry, and many articles of astrology for a local newspaper.
Silvia thinks of Astrology as an excellent way to self-knowledge and a stimulation to discover and develop our own creativity. She understands the art of translation as a vehicle to unite people by conveying knowledge and information in their own languages.
At present she works as astroanalyst and free-lance translator. She lives in Buenos Aires with her husband and Julio, her 10-year old son.
You can contact Silvia by

Silvia Sabo has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Terrorist Attack on America
  • The Oracle and the Family Curse


Mayte Ruiz Lerma (Spain)

Mayte Ruiz LermaMayte Ruiz Lerma (Valencia 13/3/41) has a degree in Education Sciences and has studied English and French. She is very much interested in psychology and personal relations - so, more than 20 years ago, she fell in love with Astrology because she felt it to be something very useful to understand herself and others, becoming more tolerant. She is also interested in Tarot and I Ching. As an astrologer she has participated in some Radio programs. Practising and teaching yoga for several years, currently she is learning Chi Kung and Taiji Chuan. She is also a Reiki healer. Her hobbies are painting, travelling, reading (especially astrology books, more of the Liz Greene ones), and listening to music.

Mayte Ruiz Lerma has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Transits and Progressions


Jaume Ribera Roca (Spain)

Jaume R. RocaJaume Ribera Roca was born in Lleida - Catalonia- on 14 of December of 1977. He lives in a town called Térmens near Lleida. At the moment he is finishing a degree on Catalan Philology. Since september 2002 he's been on a course on the sanscrit language. Although he does not consider himself an astrologer, he feels very attracted to astrological psychology. He is also interesed in communication and psychology. He is an enthusiastic reader of Jung and his studies about alquimia. In addition, he is fascinated by Joseph Campbell's books, especially The hero with a thousand Faces. He likes very much the mythology of the Greeks and Romans, and medieval literature. He is facinated by international gotic art. In 2000, he discovered Liz Greene's interpretations, and her book on Saturn. In the future, he would like to write a compilation of astrological texts in Catalan, especially of the XII-XVII centuries.  

Jaume Ribera Roca has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Harmonics


Jorge E. Moral H. (Venezuela)

Jorge E. Moral H.Jorge E. Moral H. (October 19, 1952, Maracaibo. Edo. Zulia, Venezuela).
Realized studies: From 1972, astrology, cards of the Egyptian tarot and processes for the spiritual evolution and from 1994, Astronomy. Realized works: From 1980, astrological advice to companies and people; in 1997, translation of English to Spanish of books of spiritual character; in 2002, publication in Spanish of the titled work: Stellar Astrology and periodic publications in Internet (in Spanish and English) related with the stellar astrology or of the constellations.

Jorge E. Moral H. has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Precession and Zodiac
  • Astrotext Youth
  • AstroClick Portrait (text by Robert Hand)


Andrea Minervini de Gravagna (Argentina)

Mrs. Andrea Minervini de Gravagna is a Grapho-analyst. She is the author of a practical guide to Graphology and has published several articles as well as having participated in TV and radio talk shows on the topic. She has taught group and private lessons and seminars on Graphology. As a private counselor, she specializes in personality conflicts and exploration, career choices, partnership compatibility, graphotherapy, and human resources staffing. Her interest in Holistic Medicine includes the practice of Floral- and Aromatherapy, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and Feng Shui. She continues to study related fields like Tarot, Astrology, and C. G. Jung's Analytical Psychology. She is also a Graphic Designer, an English teacher, and works as a freelance translator (English-Spanish) in the field of esoterism. In her leisure time, she enjoys wood and furniture painting, and attending art workshops.
Mrs. Minervini de Gravagna can be reached by

Andrea Minervini de Gravagna has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Sungod Apollon
  • Astrology for Lovers


Lucero Cobo Felgueres (Mexico)

Lucero Cobo FelgueresLucero Cobo Felgueres (Dec. 1956) is a mother of two and also grandmother of two children. She was born in Mexico City and moved to a small town by the sea side of the Mexican Pacific Ocean in 1995. She has two bachelor degrees and a master in social sciences. She worked for ten years at Mexican universities as a teacher and also doing social science research, before she became an artist, creating bronze sculptures. She has been studying astrology for 15 years. She sees it as "a work for her inner self", and enjoys it just as much she enjoys being a mother, a grandmother, a sculpture artist, a woman, and a human being living by the beach, dancing and listening to rock music. She can be contacted by

Lucero C. Felgueres has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Persona Charts


Pablo D. Cura (Argentina)

Pablo D. CuraPablo D. Cura (30.03.1972) has been an astro.com fan since the year 2000, when he was advised by a friend. Nowadays his life lapses between work, study & his friend in Cordoba (a city 700 km away from Buenos Aires). He is in charge of the foreign trade department of an international biotechnology company settled in Buenos Aires for distribution in southern region of Latin America. Currently he is studying marketing & business at Palermo University. He likes to travel around the world, get to know people and learn more about human kind and our connection with the divine. Also attached to animals, pets (he lives with two cats) and very interested in alternative spiritual techniques. Devoted to St. Expeditus, saint of urgent matters, he has created a website in his honor: http://members.tripod.com/sanexpedito 

Pablo D. Cura has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology and Psychology
  • First Steps in Astrology
  • External Cooperations


Juan Esteban Soto (Argentina)

Juan Esteban SotoJuan Esteban Soto was born in Rancagua, Chile on December 18, 1980. Having gotten his English-Spanish translation and liaison interpreting degree, he moved to Argentina and is currently studying Psychology at Universidad de Buenos Aires. At 16 he became passionately interested in Astrology when a book written by François Régis-Bastide, called Zodiaque: Secrets et Sortilèges.
Juan Esteban speaks Spanish, English, French and some German, and now is working as a freelance translator and part-time astrologer.

Juan Esteban Soto has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Mapping the Psyche, Vol. I


Asun Henares (England)

Asun Henares has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Where in the World?
  • The Generation Gap
  • Astrology and Computer
  • The turning of the millenium
  • AstroClick Travel


Nicolay Giraldo

Nicolay Giraldo has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Chiron, Pholus & Co.


Humberto Barrera Orrego

Humberto Barrera Orrego has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Lilith -the Black Moon
  • Vocation in the Horoscope


Jose Antonio Martín Martín

Jose Antonio Martín Martín has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Astrology with Tarot
  • Gladiator - film review
  • The Astrological Garden
  • Astronomical Foundations of the Astrological Houses
  • Chart Rectification
  • The Sun and Moon in Families
  • The Astrology of Midlife and Aging
  • The Progressed Lunation Cycle


Natalia Marchant

Natalia Marchant has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Composit Chart
  • Astrotext Partner
  • AstroClick Partner
  • Harry Potter - A Hero's Journey
  • Do you Moondance?
  • The EON - The 36 Cyclic Aspects Symbolically Depicted
  • Astrology is an Art


Beatriz Alicia Gomez Medina

Beatriz Alicia Gomez Medina has translated for Astrodienst:

  • The Eternal Triangle


Silvia Mercado Vera

Silvia Mercado Vera has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Wounding and the Will to Live


Marga Ibanez

Marga Ibanez has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Interview 2001 (parts 1 and 2)


Fiorella Tirado Bertuccelli

Fiorella Tirado Bertuccelli has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Multi-personal Composite Charts


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