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External Cooperations
Translations into English

Professional Translator
Christine Grimm (Germany)

Christine M. Grimm has translated more than 70 books (including Hajo Banzhaf’s Key Words for Astrology, Secrets of Love and Partnership, and three of his Tarot books) from German into English in her 30 years as a translator. She earned her B.A. in English Literature and Master of Fine Arts with an emphasis on screenwriting from UCLA Theater Arts, and then worked in the Los Angeles film industry. After returning to Germany, she trained at the SDI language institute in Munich and starting working as a freelance translator/editor following the birth of her son in 1984. She has been an accredited member of the American Translators Association since 2001. (Also see www.GrimmsTranslations.com.)
She is also a singer/songwriter and sound therapist with a stage program called Between the Worlds/Zwischen den Welten – a journey between Europe and America, fear and love, trauma and healing (www.ChristinaGrimmMusic.com). After 14 years in Santa Barbara, she now enjoys living near Lake Constance in Germany. Her interests include yoga, biking, and dancing.

Christine Grimm has translated for Astrodienst:

Andrew Clark (Germany)

Andrew Clark (21.07.1969, Alnwick, England) first came across 'serious' astrology in 1988/9 and since that first encounter has spent much of his time studying different aspects of the subject, while also trying to understand its relationship to some of the central themes in philosophy, depth psychology (especially the ideas of C.G. Jung) and modern physics. He has been based in Tübingen, Germany since 1993, though spent much of the time between 1996 and 2001 in London studying at University College London, where he gained a BA followed by an MA in German Studies. One of his main concerns is to promote the cause of serious astrology outside of astrological circles - and he believes that Astrodienst is doing important work towards this end. He is also doing research which he hopes will make a valuable contribution to the growing body of astrological knowledge.

Andrew Clark has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Chiron texts of the Horoscope Calendar
  • Precession and Zodiac
  • Love Horoscope


Volunteer Translators

So far, we haven't got any volunteer translators in English.


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