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External Cooperations
Translations into Danish

Professional Translators
Mette Thomsen (Denmark)

Mette ThomsenMette Thomsen (Aug.3, 1949, Denmark) has been working as a translator of spiritual and psychological literature for Danish publishers since 1988, her first job being the translation of Liz Greene's "The Astrology of Fate". During this period she has also worked for AstroDienst and highly appreciates the works and programs of this company. She is also a self-taught astrologer and co-founder of the Institute of Astrology in Denmark from 1984-91. She graduated as a Danish Mag. Art. in History of Art in 1980. She lives in Denmark and can be reached by

Mette Thomsen has translated for Astrodienst:

  • Psychological Horoscope Analysis
  • Relationship Horoscope
  • Transits of the Year
  • Horoscope Calendar
  • Career and Vocation
  • Love Horoscope
  • Short reports: Portrait, Youth, Love, Partner
  • Astrotext compact: Portrait, Youth, Love, Partner
  • and she is our translator in charge of the maintenance of the Danish version of astro.com.


Jeanne and Otto Moltke-Leth (Denmark)

Jeanne Moltke-LethJeanne (12. aug. 1948, Denmark) was educated at University of Copenhagen in psychology with Jungian psychology as special subject. In 1971 she also started studying astrology. She has practiced astrological counselling since 1984.

Otto (5. apr. 1938, Denmark) graduated as a Danish Mag. Scient. in mathematics in 1964. He has worked as a full-time astrologer and astrological programmer since 1986. He has developed the astrology program Regulus.

Jeanne & Otto Moltke-Leth run an astrological service business in Denmark which, among other activities, resells the Astro*Intelligence horoscopes from Astrodienst. They have especially been inspired by the many excellent books by both Thomas Ring and Liz Greene in their work with astrology. Jeanne and Otto can be reached at their homepage www.astroscan.dk.

Jeanne and Otto Moltke-Leth have translated for Astrodienst:

  • Child's Horoscope


Volunteer Translators

So far we haven't got any volunteer translators in Danish.


Por ser um dos maiores portais de astrologia, a WWW.ASTRO.COM dispõe de vários recursos gratuitos sobre o tema. Com interpretações astrológicas de alta qualidade feitas por alguns dos maiores astrólogos do mundo, como Liz Greene e Robert Hand entre outros, muitos horóscopos gratuitos e uma infinidade de informações sobre astrologia para iniciantes e profissionais, a www.astro.com é o endereço número um em astrologia online.
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