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People at Astrodienst
Webteam & Programmers

With their website www.astro.com, Astrodienst offer one of the largest services of serious astrology and extraordinary horoscope reports. Conception, design, editorial work as well as the coordination of translations are accomplished by a small, efficient web team which consists of five genuine individualists, all of whom have profound knowledge in their specialist fields as well as being well-versed in astrology.

Dr. Alois Treindl
Webmaster, Head of IT Departement, CEO
Dr. Alois Treindl Alois Treindl (March 7, 1950), founder and director of Astrodienst AG, graduated from the ETH Zurich with a doctorate in Physics. Today he is working at advanced astrological computer projects in order to create intelligent chart interpretation programs. He is also well known as the author of PLACALC and SWISS EPHEMERIS, the planetary calculation routines used by most astrological programmers in the world. He has twin daughters and lives in Zurich and Paris.
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Dieter Koch
Software developer, Astrologer
Dieter KochDieter Koch (June 4, 1959), lic.phil., graduated in 1984 from Zurich University with a master's degree in Philosophy, Sanskrit and Classical Greek. He started studying astrology and astronomy intensively in 1988, and programming in 1989. He is a programmer at Astrodienst since 1995. Together with Alois Treindl in 1996-97, he created the Swiss Ephemeris, which is used worldwide by astrological applications developers. He has published books and articles on different topics related to astrology and archaeoastronomy.

Current Publications (some of which available only in German)
Juri Viktor Stork
Web-Design, Marketing, Executive Director

Juri V. StorkJuri V. Stork (November 28, 1962) is an astrologer, web designer, musician, and father of two children. He has worked at Astrodienst since the Spring of 2000. He is responsible for the visual design of the website, for marketing and public relations. Since 2008, he is executive director of Astrodienst.
He is also a practicing astrologer and a "voice coach" in Switzerland. 2009 he has released the CD "Powerchant".


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Karin Hoffmann
Editorial and conceptual work, translation
Karin Hoffmann Karin Hoffmann (19/05/1969) has worked as a (foreign language) editor at Astrodienst since October 2001. She coordinates translations of horoscope reports and the website into its many languages, translates English-German / German-English herself, and adds to the extension of the Understanding Astrology section, also by writing articles such as Astrology and Psychology, Harry Potter - a Hero's Journey, or reviews (The Dark of the Soul).
In her spare time, she offers support for people in processes of personal growth and development, employing different systemic methods as well as horoscope constellations (a technique comparable to family constellations but representing chart factors). For more information see her German website www.wachstumswege.de.
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