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Five days a week we are here for your phone orders or questions about our products (Monday - Friday, 9 - 12am, 2pm - 5pm, Swiss time).
Please have a look at the contact information.

Madlen Walter
Madlen Walter Each day, hundreds of orders from all over the globe reach Astrodienst. Our job is to answer all of your phone calls, emails, letters and faxes, and to make sure you get the product which suits your needs best, and fast.
Edith Schlatter
Edith Schlatter We work as a team of three at Astrodienst. Together we take care of the administration, take turns in answering your phone calls in English, German, French and Italian, and process your e-mail requests. We handle both electronic as well as printed products.
Peter Boos
Peter Boos The production of printed horoscopes is part of our daily routine. Every single step of the process - from taking the order, entering and processing the data for horoscope calculation, printing and binding, right down to packing and posting, takes place in-house at Astrodienst and is monitored very carefully. Your printed horoscope is in the mail the next working day after we have received your order - at the latest.
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25-Oct-2014, 17:07 UT/GMT
Pluto11Capricorn16' 5"
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Astrologer watching the sky through a telescope, by Eugene Ivanov
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