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Saturday 25 January 1997

Liz Greene, Küsnacht: Complexes and Projection in the Horoscope

The idea of the complex is one of depth psychology's most important building-blocks, and it can enhance our astrological interpretations enormously, because complexes are really what we experience as fate. This seminar will explore the complex as it appears in the individual horoscope - what it means and how it works, from both clinical and archetypal perspectives, and as both pathology and inherent destiny.

Saturday 22 March 1997
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: Relationships and how to survive them
Synastry is the astrological technique of assessing dynamics of any relationship through examining the interaction of two charts. This seminar will explore the tools of synastry, both traditional and not so traditional, to shed light not only on "compatibility" but also the deeper levels on which two people enter and affect each other's personalities and lives.

Saturday 28 June 1997
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: Sanity and Madness in the Horoscope

Definitions of sanity and psychological normality change according to the times, and also vary according to the perspective taken. Most people experience altered states of consciousness, however brief, which might be construed as "mad" - even when they are apparently at their most normal. This seminar will explore the condition of "madness" - temporary, permanent, partial, and complete - from several different psychological as well mythological and astrological perspectives.

Saturday 4 October 1997
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: The Generation Gap

In common thinking, a generation is a particular age group determined by the age difference with one's parents or one's children, and it is assumed that there will always be friction between the generations. In astrology, however, generations are not described by parent-child age differences; they are reflected by particular cyclical aspects between the heavy planets from Saturn through Pluto, marking specific groups born under these configurations with certain shared responsibilities, tasks, dreams, conflicts, aspirations, and responses. These shared collective experiences are also triggered by transits at particular times, and specific groups undergo certain challenges, inner and outer, which may not be shared or felt by other age groups in the same way. Understanding the qualities of one's astrological generation can help us to understand not only ourselves but the reasons why we may fall into conflict with parents, grandparents, children, and entire social groups with whom we experience grievances and misunderstandings.

Saturday 1 November 1997
Charles Harvey, London: Money and Astrology I

This introductory seminar on financial astrology will look at the ways in which astrology can help us understand our relationship to Money and our sense of self-worth. We will look at how we can use astrology to optimize our resources and establish a more harmonious and productive relationship with our assets. This Seminar will look at how to discover our main financial strengths and weaknesses. From the point of view of practical investment, it will look at the charts for companies and how to gauge their current and future prospects. Likewise it will look at some ways of applying astrology for assessing dominant trends in financial markets. Finally it will look at a few of the main financial features for 1998.

Saturday 6 December 1997
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: The Eternal Triangle

Rivalry in love - whether in a love relationship, in friendship, or within the family - is one of the most painful of human experiences, yet it is also archetypal. Freud coined the term "Oedipus complex" to describe the original family triangle in which experiences of rivalry and jealousy are constellated in childhood. But there are many kinds of triangles and even the Oedipal triangle may not be quite what Freud envisaged. The creation of triangles in relationship is an innate characteristic of the planet Venus, but it is also reflected by other astrological factors, and some individuals are more predisposed to them than others. What do triangles really mean when they enter our lives? This seminar will explore the astrological, mythological and psychological dimensions of the eternal triangle, which at its core may be a sign neither of pathology nor of unresolved infantile conflicts, but may be one of the most profound ways in which we discover and become ourselves.


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