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Saturday 10 February 1996

Liz Greene, England: The Astrology of Death
The subject of death is an uncomfortable one for the astrologer, not least because astrological tradition was deeply concerned with predicting death and this approach is often confusing or impossible for a psychologically inclined practitioner. This seminar will explore through examples not only the kinds of configuration which occur at the time of death, but also the thorny issue of whether or not death is predictable, and on what level. Additional complications such as suicide will be examined, as well as the moral issues confronting the astrologer who is asked to predict death for a client.

Saturday 23 March 1996
Charles Harvey, England: Polarities -- Keys to Chart Interpretation
Jung said, "The psychology of the individual is the balance of opposites within him". Analysing the birth chart in terms of its different opposites is one of the simplest yet most powerful keys to our own and our clients' self-awareness. This seminar will explore the dynamics, paradoxes and creative resolutions of such polarities as Sun-Moon, Venus-Mars, and Saturn with each of the planets.

Saturday 29 June 1996
Charles Harvey, England: Transits and the Individuation Process
Our journey from the embrace of the Great Mother to the embrace of our own individual soul is a perilous and demanding one. Paradoxically, the cycles of the outer planets which mark out the current developments within the collective consciousness are also the keys and signposts to our own individual growth and self-awareness. This seminar explores how we may better listen to and work with these cycles in "the work" with ourselves and our clients.

Saturday 28 September 1996
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: Uranus and the Art of Stealing Fire
Uranus is usually defined in astrology as "individuality", yet this outer planet has little to do with individual values and development. This seminar will explore the Uranian spirit as a powerful collective force affecting both individuals and groups. We will examine not only the planet's meaning in the individual birth chart, but also in national charts, and historically in its cyclical configurations with other planets and their repercussions in human social, scientific, religious and artistic development.

Saturday 23 November 1996
Liz Greene, Küsnacht: The Transits of Saturn and Uranus
The movements of Saturn and Uranus form a pattern of cyclical development which affects everyone at particular stages in life. Father and son yet eternal enemies in myth, these planets reflect internal needs and drives which pull us in opposite directions. This seminar will explore both planets, in terms of their meaning individually and together as a dynamic pair, in aspect to natal planets and to their own natal positions, to gain greater understanding of certain critical junctures in life

Saturday 30 November 1996
Charles Harvey, England: The Astrology of Death ­ Part 2
Following on Liz Greene's Part 1, Charles will look further at this all important, but usually avoided, dimension of life. Death comes to us all. Part of the traditional astrologer's job was to assess when the terminus vitae would be likely to arrive. Modern astrologers eschew such fatalism. There are many deaths. Dying to our old habits and assumptions, letting go, losing control, facing "the end of the road" in work, family and relationships, can be as difficult as facing the inevitability of the physical end of our own life and our loved ones. Astrology, through transits, progressions and other methods, offers us powerful indications of such Rites of Passage and helps us to think about, and co-operate with, the inevitability of change and Death itself.


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