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Saturday, 3th May 2003, Liz Greene, Zurich
Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust; Exploring the Earthy Houses (fully booked!)
The earthy houses are traditionally associated with worldly matters suEarthy Housesch as money, health and career, and as such have not been accorded the deeper importance and value they deserve. When we want to know whether we will be successful, or whether we will fall ill, we consider planets in these houses; but otherwise they are not viewed psychologically, nor do we explore links such as the relationship between mother and vocation, or the equation of the physical body with self-value, or the nature of illness as a reflection of inner conflicts. Although psychological astrologers perceive everything in the horoscope as symbolic, nevertheless there is a tendency to interpret planets in these houses literally, missing their more profound significance and the spheres of the inner life of which the body and its worldly expressions are a metaphor.
This seminar will explore the many subtle levels of the earthy houses, and the deeper meaning of planets placed there, natally and by transit and progression. These houses, which include the MC as the cusp of the 10th, are a reflection of how we need to shape and embody what we are, and ultimately it is these houses which decide how able we are to incarnate the individual identity with which we are born.

Saturday, 25th Januar 2003, Liz Greene, Zurich
What goes around comes around - the moon and childhood (Fully booked!) What goes around, comes around....
The deeply ingrained patterns reflected by the Moon in the birth chart reflect not only our maternal inheritance, but also our capacity to interact on an emotional level with other people and with life. Natal aspects to the Moon, even more than its sign and house placement, can be viewed as a vivid picture of what we encounter in the first ten months of life and how we react to it, shaping our responses and colouring our perceptions of other people.
This seminar will explore the Moon‘s natal position, particularly its applying and separating aspects, not only in terms of the psychological inheritance from and perception of the personal mother, but also in terms of the early and permanent shaping of our inner nature. Many conflicts and problems in both relationships and in health matters are related to lunar aspects, and insight can help to release energy and alter and enrich the level if not the meaning of the Moon‘s expression in the birth chart.
Students are invited to bring their natal chart on transparency, and also if possible the chart of the personal mother, to explore the relationship between the natal Moon and the person with whom we form our first emotional bond.

Saturday, 15th March 2003, Liz Greene, Zurich
The Transit of Uranus into Pisces: Redefining God
(Fully booked!)

In March 2003, Uranus leaves its seven-year passage through Aquarius and enters Pisces for the first time in 84 years. At the same time, it will be forming a trine to transiting Saturn in Cancer, a critical phase of the Saturn-Uranus cycle which began in 1989. Although Uranus moves back into Aquarius for a while, major changes will begin to occur, not only in the collective psyche, but also in those individuals with planets in the early part of the mutable signs. Uranus in Pisces...
This seminar will explore the possibilities of the forthcoming transit, historically, in terms of national charts, as a reflection of profound changes in the collective psyche, and, most importantly for the astrological student, in terms the meaning and psychological impact of this Uranus transit to individuals with natal planets or angles at the beginning of Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and

Saturday, 8th November 2003, Liz Greene, Zurich
How to be a Fly on the Wall: Exploring the Air Houses (fully booked!)¨
The air houses are generally known as houses of "relationship", yet they do not pertain to human feeling. They are also sometimes Airfly called the "social" houses, yet they are not concerned with emotional interaction between human beings. What, then, are they really about? What do we mean when we use terms such as "communication" and "education" in relation to the 3rd house? What role do siblings play in our psychological development? What is an 11th house "group", and who gets invited to join? And when we describe the 7th house as "partners", who is really described by planets placed at this angle of the birth chart? The air houses, like the element they represent, are subtle and elusive, and those with planets placed here have particular gifts they need to develop and particular difficulties in making peace with the world as it is. This seminar will examine the meaning of the air houses and the planets in them, natally and in transit and progression, through myth, psychological patterns and individual case material. Seminar participants are welcome to bring their own charts on transparency.

Saturday, 6th December 2003, Liz Greene, Zurich
Under a different heaven: A psychological exploration of
Relocation ChartsRelocation Charts
Different places, like different people, bring out different facets of our personalities. Although our birth horoscope reflects our essential self, even a short stay in a new location can heighten certain dimensions of our character, sometimes with happy results and sometimes with uncomfortable ones. The study of relocation charts is fascinating, and increasingly relevant as the world¹s population becomes more and more mobile, but these charts are not often dealt with on a deeper psychological level. This seminar will explore how changes in place can shift the angles and house cusps of the birth chart, so that the planetary patterns which reflect our innate character and development process are expressed on different levels and in different ways in different places. Participants are welcome to bring relevant charts on transparencies for the overhead projector.


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