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Saturday 22 January 2000
Liz Greene, Zürich: How to survive Neptune Transits
The peculiarly subtle, "altered state" experience of Neptune transits often conceals the real meaning of the transit until a long time later, and we may blunder through a time of great confusion and suffering, or believe that we have finally found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. This seminar will explore what "happens" to us when natal chart placements receive transits from Neptune, and how we might be able to work with them with greater insight at the same time as being able to honour on non-rational levels the inner process which is occurring. At the best of times we cannot dictate the course of outer planet transits, but we may be able to understand more about what is required of us, based on Neptune's natal placement as well as its archetypal meaning.

Saturday 4 March 2000
Liz Greene, Zürich: A Psychological Approach to Hard Aspects
There are many approaches to the interpretation of hard aspects, and modern astrologers are less inclined to attribute malefic qualities to them and more willing to recognise their potential for creative energy and motivation. However, even with this enlightened attitude, we still complain about natal squares and oppositions, and fear the upcoming "bad" Pluto or Saturn transit. Perhaps we need to look more deeply and with greater realism as well as optimism at the real psychological dynamics and underlying meaning of this group of aspects ­ from the perspective of individual character, heredity, and teleology.

Saturday 18 March 2000
Liz Greene, Zürich: Jupiter: Con Artist or Giver of Gifts?

This seminar will explore the enigmatic Jupiter, who is often interpreted as a "benefic" yet may be seen in the birth chart allied with serious inner and outer difficulties and conflicts, and may equally be spotted in transit accompanying many of life's most difficult experiences. We will approach the meaning of this planet from mythological, psychological, and mundane perspectives, in the birth chart and in transits and progressions, attempting to link together the vast spectrum of experiences, perceptions, and behaviour associated with this most theatrical and volatile image in the planetary pantheon.

Saturday 28 October 2000
Liz Greene, Zürich: The Astrologer, The Counsellor and The Priest
Most astrologers with any degree of psychological insight understand the enormous value of astrology in counselling those in difficulty. The astrological reading can provide access to many deeper areas of the client's psyche, and can be profoundly helpful and healing on many levels. However, it can also prove ineffective or even downright destructive to both astrologer and client. There is often confusion if not outright ignorance about just what happens in an astrological session, on both practical and subtle levels, and astrologers may not fully understand their own motives or what is triggered unconsciously between them and the client. This seminar will explore approaches to counselling using astrological symbolism; ways of interpreting configurations and dealing with difficult questions; moral and philosophical issues, including what a chart can and cannot reveal and where the limits of the astrologer lie; transference and countertransference between astrologer and client, including the synastry between the two charts; practical considerations in terms of boundaries; and communication skills and dilemmas. The seminar is intended not only for professional astrologers but for all those interested in the interface between astrological symbolism and the therapeutic process.

Saturday 25 November 2000
Liz Greene, Zürich: Mars: The Warrior and the Thug
This seminar will explore the many facets of the "red planet", once deemed a malefic but now understood to be at the root of many inner and outer difficulties if it is not acknowledged and expressed. Mars may be linked with some of the worst human excesses of violence and brutality, but the aggressive instinct is vitally necessary for ego formation and any individual's capacity to develop character potentials; and the desire nature, if thwarted in blind or negative ways, can undermine the entire personality structure. Through myth, psychological patterns, and astrological placements by sign, house, and aspect, we will examine both the pathologies and the gifts of Mars, its power in relationships, its links with creative expression and with physical health and illness, the ways in which it is often blocked both individually and collectively, and possible avenues of positive expression which can help the individual to feel more comfortable with Martial energy in an age when it is, even at best, deemed politically incorrect.

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