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Karin Hoffmann
Astrologer and Author
Karin Hoffmann Karin Hoffmann (19/05/1969) has worked as a (foreign language) editor at Astrodienst from October 2001 till May 2010. She coordinated translations of horoscope reports and the website into its many languages and contributed own translations. She also enhanced the Understanding Astrology section by writing articles such as Astrology and Psychology, Harry Potter - a Hero's Journey, or reviews (The Dark of the Soul).
Since she left Astrodienst, she takes care of her little daughter who is making her first steps into life and she offers people in processes of personal growth and development her support employing techniques such as horoscope constellations (comparable to family constellations but representing chart factors) and systemic sculpture work.
Current Planets
24-Oct-2014, 20:50 UT/GMT
Venus1Scorpio15' 4"
TrueNode19Libra17' 7"r
Chiron13Pisces31' 6"r
Explanations of the symbols
Chart of the moment
Astrologer watching the sky through a telescope, by Eugene Ivanov
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