Authors at Astrodienst

Liz Greene

The Astrologer's Astrologer
Liz GreeneLiz Greene is held in high esteem by astrologers all over the world, professional and non-professional alike. She is a prolific author of books and various publications and has been instrumental in shaping modern psychological astrology.

Robert Hand

Astrologer, Philosopher and Historian
Robert HandRobert Hand is one of the world's most famous and renowned astrologers. He takes a special interest in the philosophical dimensions of astrology and is quite dedicated to computer programming. Currently he is fully engaged for Arhat Media as an editor, translator and publisher of ancient astrological writings. Rob Hand lives in Virginia, USA.

Mona Riegger

Astrologer of Relationship
Mona RieggerMona Riegger is a professional astrologer, astrology instructor (Astrologie-in-Berlin), active and certified member of the Deutscher Astrologen-Verband/DAV, author.