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South Africa has a long and turbulent history and many critical "births", beginning with the first European settlement at Table Bay in 1652. The Union of South Africa occurred on 31 May 1910, but this "incarnation" of the nation was not yet truly independent, nor did it reflect the will of the majority of its people. On 27 April 1994, under a powerful opposition between the Sun in earthy, tenacious Taurus and Jupiter in intense, passionate Scorpio, the new multi-racial constitution came into effect, promising an end to nearly four centuries of suffering, violence, inequality, and exploitation.

This birth horoscope, with its conjunction of the Moon and Pluto in Scorpio, subtly portrays the dark inheritance of the past, which at the same time contains enormous possibilities for transformation and renewal. For some time the transits of Uranus and Neptune, making difficult aspects to these planets placed in Taurus and Scorpio in the national chart, have described a situation of both extreme tension and enormous creative possibilities.

Pluto, moving through Sagittarius and making challenging aspects to the national Saturn (the entrenched, defensive elements within the country) and the national Mars (the aggressive and progressive energies within the national psyche), reflects a life-or-death struggle and a sometimes violent release of the poisons of the past. This astrological picture defines what has been, in effect, a long labour and a difficult, dangerous birth, and the tensions symbolised by these aspects are likely to continue on political, social and economic levels for some time.

However, over the next few years Uranus, moving into the inclusive and visionary sign of Pisces, makes extremely positive aspects to all these planets, suggesting that tolerance, understanding, and a truly democratic vision of the future will ultimately ensure a harmonising of conflicting elements and a willingness to relinquish the bitterness of the past.

Whatever your personal views on the present tension in South Africa, this nation, both old and new at the same time, has a phoenix-like capacity to rise triumphantly from the ashes of its long turmoil.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 27 April 1994, 10.59 am GMT, Pretoria)

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