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The independent nation of Paraguay was inaugurated in 1811, under the steady, subtly powerful, earthy sign of Taurus. There are many innate contradictions in this quietly forceful national horoscope which reflect inner tensions and conflicts between a fundamental earthiness and conservative love of the land and tradition, and a progressive, forward-looking spirit which strives toward social and intellectual freedom.

Over the next few years, Uranus, moving through Aquarius, passes over the nation's Sun, activating Paraguay's revolutionary spirit and challenging many entrenched attitudes from the past. Meanwhile, Pluto, moving through Sagittarius, passes over three important planets in this natal horoscope which are related to the style of government and the nation's image in the outer world, suggesting that major changes are on the way which may result in a more open, democratic style and some radical shifts in political and economic policy.

This time is likely to prove exciting, sometimes unstable, and ultimately highly positive for Paraguay as she moves slowly but surely toward an integration of the disparate elements in the national chart, promising a future which honours the earthy base on which the country is built but also encompasses a greater transparency and equality on all levels of society. Whether or not you are personally in accord with these changes, they describe a major shift which aligns Paraguay more closely with the global Aquarian ideals of the future.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 15 May 1811, 00.00 am LMT, Asuncion)

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