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The federation of Malaysia was formed in 1963, under the conscientious, subtle and ingenious sign of Virgo. Beneath the apparently adaptable surface, there is a powerful innate drive in this horoscope toward constant self-renewal and transformation. M

alaysia has never been what she appears to be in the outer world. Over the next few years this nation is likely to experience profound internal changes, particularly in regard to her sense of roots and affiliations with neighbouring countries. A strong sense of independence and self-assertion, arising from within, is likely to inaugurate major political and economic changes, reflecting the transit of Pluto forming strong aspects to the country's Sun placed in the house of roots and origins. In addition, the revolutionary qualities of Uranus, passing through Aquarius and moving over the point in Malaysia's horoscope which describes its image and role in the outer world, suggests that many changes may occur in the structure of government which create a freer, more equal society.

The innate aspiration toward free thinking and an open, tolerant, friendly interchange with the world may be expressed in important social reforms and a renovation of attitudes and laws regarding work, employment, and the relationship between the people and the government. This could be an exciting, dynamic, and sometimes unstable time for Malaysia as the very basis on which the country was formed, and its innate, instinctive style of government, are subjected to Pluto's transformative energies. Whether or not you are personally in accord with the changes described, this is, for Malaysia, truly the beginning of a new era.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 16 Sep 1963, 00.00 am JVT, Kuala Lumpur)

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