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Luxembourg became an independent state in 1839, when the Sun was in the innovative, dynamic fire sign of Aries. Born with the Sun and Pluto together, this small state, despite its fiery heart, has always maintained a low profile, but the horoscope describes a nation which wields considerable power and influence behind the scenes.

The movements of the outer planets through this chart over the next few years are quiet and benign. But two very important planetary cycles complete themselves in the horoscope of Luxembourg: Uranus returns to its natal place in Pisces, and Neptune returns to its place in Aquarius. This suggests that Luxembourg has completed a full cycle in its development, and will enter the new century ready to begin an entirely new phase in its life.

Neptune moving through Aquarius, coming back to where it was placed when the nation was born, emphasises Luxembourg's openness to involvement with, and service to, a global culture and economy, for this nation is particularly attuned to the Aquarian world-view which is increasingly changing our outlook on life. Uranus moving through Pisces, also coming back to where it was placed at Luxembourg's birth and forming a challenging aspect to Saturn, activates a tension between old and new, traditional and innovative, conservative and liberal, which is inherent in this horoscope, suggesting that conflict- particularly in religious and legal spheres - can lead to new creative thinking which can ensure Luxembourg's continuing influence as a "power behind the throne" in Europe.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 18 April 1839, 12.00 pm LMT, Luxembourg)

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