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In October 1989 a new Hungary was born, free of the Soviet yoke. The new democratic nation emerged under the intense, passionate, tenacious sign of Scorpio. Over the next few years the movements of the outer planets in this chart are low-key but benign, giving Hungary a chance to find her feet and define her values and identity as a nation.

Pluto, moving through Sagittarius, will move over the nation's Venus in the area of the chart concerned with relations with fellow nations, and this suggests that Hungary's efforts to enter and benefit from the European Union will, sooner or later, meet with success. Uranus, moving through Aquarius in the area of the chart concerned with material foundations and stability, will create a challenging aspect to the nation's Moon in proud, self-expressive Leo, suggesting that certain necessary adjustments will have to be made regarding the economic and political structures on which Hungary's future is built.

The Moon in Leo describes an inherent sense of individuality which is by nature opposed to too great a dominance by any central government or party. These adjustments may create some dissatisfaction and internal friction for a time, but as this aspect moves off, Uranus, shifting into the sign of Pisces, will then make many benign aspects to the nation's chart, suggesting that ultimately this strong, proud, determined and passionate nation, with a thousand years of history behind it, will regain its rightful place in Europe.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 23 October 1989, 12.00 pm CET, Budapest)

Current Planets
23-Oct-2014, 15:54 UT/GMT
Mars27Sagittarius57' 0"
Jupiter19Leo24' 5"
Saturn22Scorpio55' 0"
Uranus13Aries53' 7"r
Neptune4Pisces57' 8"r
Pluto11Capricorn14' 8"
TrueNode19Libra18' 1"r
Chiron13Pisces33' 6"r
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