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France has many birth charts, each reflecting the dynamic political and social changes which have occurred in this country over the centuries. The current horoscope for France is that of the Fifth Republic, born in 1958 under the artistic, intellectually astute, and civilised sign of Libra.

The movement of Uranus and Neptune through the sign of Aquarius promises many artistic and scientific breakthroughs which express the great creativity of this country. The harmonious aspects of both these planets may also provide a channel through which the spirit of service to others - a strong factor in this horoscope - can be employed in positive and inspirational ways. It would seem that involvement in the European Union promises to be a dynamic, creative, and, with occasional exceptions, harmonious expression of France's natural need to form alliances with other countries, reflected by the Sun and Venus in Libra.

Pluto, moving through Sagittarius, will bring its slow but inexorable transformation to the sphere of law, religion, and social ideology, and this promises to break down many entrenched prejudices and belief-systems which have caused frustration to many people in the past. Pluto moving through fiery, free-thinking Sagittarius, passing over the nation's natal Saturn, may raise the important issue of tolerance - religious, social, and political - and bring into the open those areas where rigidity of thinking has created blocks for both the French themselves and the other countries with whom they are involved.

However, these challenges are likely to be met, in the main, with enthusiasm rather than resistance, and the combined picture of the movements of all three outer planets in the French horoscope is primarily positive, inspiring, and conducive to a real creative renaissance over the next decade. Whether or not you are able to take advantage of this time of inspiration depends on you.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 6 Oct 1958, 6.30 pm CET, Paris)

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