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Spain's long and fascinating history can be traced back to the Kingdom of the Visigoths, and the creation of the nation itself was effected in 1479 with the marriage of Prince Ferdinand of Aragon and Princess Isabella of Castille.

However, the horoscope which is generally used for modern Spain is based on the inauguration of King Juan Carlos on 22 November 1975, when the Sun was in the deep, passionate, transformative sign of Scorpio. This national horoscope, with Aquarius on the Ascendant, portrays a nation full of creative contradictions: liberal and free-thinking yet rooted in a deeply traditional past and in the mystery of the land itself; progressive and innovative in its vision of the future yet, with Saturn placed in the house of relationships, wary of interference from fellow nations.

Neptune's movement through Aquarius, passing over Spain's Ascendant, along with Pluto in Sagittarius moving across Neptune in the nation's horoscope, is likely to stir up some of these contradictions, especially the issue of just how close a bond Spain really wants and needs with its fellow European states. Idealism may collide with a growing realism about human limits, and natural tolerance and generosity may vie with national pride and a need to retain an independent identity. Some disillusionment over disappointed political, social, and economic ideals may create confusion around Spain's role in Europe and in the world, although this confusion is not likely to be expressed through serious unrest.

However, the tension generated by these transits of Neptune and Pluto over the next few years gradually gives way to the exciting movement of Uranus through Pisces, making benign aspects to the Sun and Mercury in the national horoscope. This seems to reflect a kind of Renaissance, a freeing of intellectual and artistic energy and a renewed pride in the nation's ability to make her mark on the world. It is likely that you, along with anyone else deeply concerned with Spain's future, will find that this creative renewal is well worth waiting for.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 22 November 1975, 12.45 pm CET, Madrid)

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