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It is not possible to establish a date for the beginning of the Danish Kingdom, which emerged during the 10th century and achieved the status of a great European power. The current Danish horoscope is that of the foundation of the liberal constitution with its constitutional monarchy and parliamentary government, which occurred in 1849 under the versatile, communicative, and intellectually far-ranging sign of Gemini. This birth chart reflects a strong commitment to spiritual and social ideals, a powerful work ethic, and a deep dedication to public service, sometimes at odds with the freedom-loving and fiercely independent emotional life of the people.

The movement of Pluto through Sagittarius is already bringing about many changes in Denmark's fundamental religious, political, and social ideals, and throughout the next decade, a new spirit of freedom and expansion is likely to continually and increasingly challenge certain intellectually based precepts and ideological perspectives which have dominated in the past. Pluto also moves over that area of the horoscope concerned with roots and the past, and this may require some real soul-searching and re-evaluation of old beliefs and attitudes that have been taken for granted but are now past their sell-by date.

The European Union may pose many challenges for Denmark, because although Gemini is an adaptable and socially equable sign, it is also fiercely independent and resistant to too many rules imposed from outside. Rules may be accepted from within, but not when they are imported from elsewhere. Virgo on the Ascendant in Denmark's horoscope, and Saturn placed in the house of relationships with other countries, also reflect a strong need for autonomy, privacy, and self-sufficiency.

Whether or not you personally are in sympathy with such attitides, the country as a whole is inclined to fiercely resist interference from other countries, and in a time when "global" is the operative word, this emphasises the caution with which present political change is likely to be met. The flexibility, ingenuity, and generosity of spirit reflected in this chart guarantee, however, that such changes will ultimately be acceptable and prove positive and creative on all levels of Danish life.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 5 June 1849, 12.15 pm LMT, Copenhagen)

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