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In the horoscope of the united Germany, Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, is likely to express its cleansing and transformative qualities through many challenges to the nation's definition of itself.

The birth chart of the new Germany occurred under the disruptive and innovative energy of the great cyclical conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in 1990, and this birth was therefore bound to be both difficult and full of immense creative potential. In some ways this period, while Pluto moves across the great conjunction in the natal chart and squares the national Sun, reflects a grounding of the dreams on which the new nation was built. That inevitably involves a weeding out of those dreams which have proven to be unworkable as well as a strengthening of those dreams which have a solid and realistic core. There may need to be changes in both government structures and in the ways in which the government deals with the people; there may also be profound shifts in the attitude toward work, health care, and other spheres where ongoing conflicts and difficulties have continued to erupt since the re-unification.

This is a challenging, disturbing, and potentially enormously positive and creative time. But it is not likely to be an easy one. Pluto tends to throw light on all those spheres where mistakes have been made and then hidden, and where the need for honesty and transparency have been superseded by the need of authorities to maintain their position. Neptune moving through Pisces during this time highlights the nation's Moon, emphasising the people's need to find a greater spiritual or philosophical meaning in their lives and in the policies of the nation. This could prove immensely helpful in terms of the new directions taken by the government.

Whether or not you favour these changes personally, it would seem that a time has arrived when ongoing conflicts emerging out of the idealism and emotionality of the time of re-unification can be faced and worked through, and when a greater sense of inner unity can reflect the political unity on which so many hopes were built.

Liz Greene, 2005

(Data used: Oct 3 1990, 00.00 am CET, Berlin)

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