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In the horoscope of the united Germany, Pluto, as it moves through Sagittarius, will express its cleansing and transformative qualities through that area of the chart concerned with Germany's relations with other nations - in particular its "friends", which suggests those countries with whom Germany is linked economically and politically. Here there may be conflicts and rivalries which, for a time, create a certain tension and conflict, possibly leading to changes in certain laws and a need for the government to deal with emotional issues and demands on the part of the people - issues that cannot be "legislated" out of existence.

Meanwhile Neptune, planet of dreams and disillusionment, is likely to demonstrate both its idealism and its tendency to unrealistic expectations through pacts and partnerships. Here once again is a suggestion that there are likely to be many complex issues that need to be resolved between Germany and its fellow European nations throughout the time of the Millennium and in the years immediately afterward. Although the essential core of the chart, the Sun, remains stable and unaffected, there is likely to be considerable emotional pressure and disturbance on the popular level, exacerbated by the fact that Uranus, planet of change and disruption, passes over Germany's Moon and may reflect some disruption caused by popular movements.

Because the birth chart of the new Germany reflects a deep innate idealism, the time of the Millennium is likely to require a grounding of those high ideals which impelled the unification of the country and the strong emphasis on a united Europe. And such grounding will indeed happen - but not without the necessity of dealing with ordinary people's emotional anxieties and grievances, and compromising certain dreams so that they can be anchored in reality.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 3 October 1990, 0:00 MEZ, Berlin)

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