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2008 - 2024

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In the horoscope for Switzerland, Pluto, as it moves through Capricorn, forms benign and supportive aspects to the national Sun, reflecting a renewed sense of strength and a greater feeling of national confidence and self-sufficiency. This period, following a time of many crises and conflicts involving national identity, is likely to be a highly productive one, generating a collective feeling that it is possible to be both independent and involved, both self-sufficient and able to form open and useful relationships with other nations and cultures.

During much of this time, Neptune will also be strongly affecting the national chart, moving across the national Moon in Pisces and opposing the national Sun. This reflects a greater openness to the imaginal realm, perhaps coinciding with a time of greater creative and artistic contribution and an increased trust in life and in the eventual progress and greater enlightenment of the global community.

Although some cherished areas of autonomy and structure from the past may have to be relinquished in order for this new openness and involvement to find its best expression, this time is likely to be felt as a peaceful and highly productive one, rather than a time of frustration and gloom. It is rather like the calm after the storm, although the shape and nature of the national entity will have changed radically.

Whether or not you favour these changes personally, it would seem that a time has arrived when the collective comes to terms with the necessary changes that have preceded this Pluto transit, and the rewards of the willingness to embrace change can be felt by everyone.

Liz Greene, 2005

(Data used: 12 September 1848, 11.12 am LMT, Bern)

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