The national chart of Switzerland
till 2007

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In the horoscope for Switzerland, Pluto, as it moves through Sagittarius, will reflect extremely important shifts in the nature of the structure of government and the role the country plays in the world.

This may be reflected in an increased involvement with the European Union, which, if it occurred, would inevitably involve major changes in many areas of Swiss life. Whether or not you favour these changes personally, they are a reflection of a larger global trend toward broader horizons and increased communication and interaction between nations as well as between individuals. The ultimate results are likely to be extremely positive, although some conflict and resistance are probably inevitable.

Switzerland's Sun is placed in the versatile, shrewd, orderly, and cautious earth sign Virgo. The dynamic energies of Neptune and Uranus moving through socially innovative Aquarius and Pluto through visionary Sagittarius are likely to be met initially with some anxiety and mistrust. Yet although some of the changes may seem to fly in the face of tradition and the values of the past - for Pluto also affects that aspect of the Swiss chart concerned with security and stability rooted in the structures of the past - it may be that the time has arrived for renewal and a moving toward the future with optimism rather than a sense of victimisation or oppression. And as Uranus moves through Pisces the immensely imaginative and creative qualities of the Swiss may be expressed through new artistic channels which are increasingly made available to a world community.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 12 September 1848, 11.12 am LMT, Bern)

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