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The Dominion of Canada came into existence in July 1867, under the sensitive, introverted, and imaginative sign of Cancer. Although Canadian sovereignty was not officially declared until 1982, Canada already possessed full effective independence from the time that the Dominion was declared as an entity.

Born with the Sun together with Uranus in that area of the horoscope concerned with roots, ancestry, and the mystery of the land itself, this indrawn, quietly unconventional and essentially visionary nation does not place all its wares in the shop window. Those attempting to penetrate beneath the surface - perhaps even Canadians themselves! - may find it difficult to grasp the heart of this country's deepest dreams and aspirations, which are always kept protected from interference from the outside.

The movements of the outer planets through this chart over the next few years are quiet and largely benign; it is unlikely that any major changes will occur in the essential structure of the nation for a long time. But Pluto, moving through Sagittarius and creating tension in the sector of the birth chart concerned with wealth and resources, suggests that Canada may need to rethink her role economically, placing less emphasis on those products and values which have, in the past, proven successful, and finding new values and resources with which to compete on the world's stage. This may lie in the area of education and the arts, both of which are strongly emphasised in the birth chart - a powerful emphasis on learning, exploration, and aesthetics is reflected here and this may gradually come to the fore as other emphases prove less viable.

In the course of time, when Pluto eventually enters Capricorn and challenges the Sun in Canada's birth chart, certain internal political dilemmas may finally come to a head and demand resolution. In the meantime, this nation has, perhaps, not yet woken up to its full creative and cultural potential. It is likely that over the next few years this is where the energy will flow in the national psyche. Whether or not you take advantage of this trend, and participate in what could prove a real cultural renaissance, is up to you.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 1 July 1867, 00.00 am LMT, Ottawa)

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