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Belgium formally proclaimed its existence as an independent state on 4 October 1830, under the aesthetically sensitive, diplomatic, clear-thinking sign of Libra. With a powerful aspect between the Sun and Pluto in the national horoscope, Belgium is never quite what it seems; for although geographically small and without military might, this nation has the capacity to wield tremendous power from behind the scenes.

The Moon in the national chart is placed in the pleasure-loving, earthy sign of Taurus, reflecting another important quality in the collective psyche of this nation. Recently the country has enjoyed what is known astrologically as its "Uranus return", when Uranus, moving through early Aquarius, reached its own place in the country's birth horoscope, also making an extremely positive aspect to the national Sun. This has reflected, in part, the culmination of European union and the fulfillment of many political and social ideals of equality which have always been so much part of Belgium's vision of how the world could be.

Now Neptune, moving through Aquarius, will, over the next few years, also make an extremely positive aspect to the Sun in the national horoscope. This reflects a time when even more progress is made in social and economic reform, and a true sense of being part of a much larger, harmoniously functioning whole can offer a sense of enormous well-being to the country. There is little tension or conflict shown in the planetary movements coming up, with the exception of two difficult aspects.

Uranus, moving into the last part of Aquarius, will challenge Saturn in the national chart, suggesting that the more defensive, proud, entrenched elements in the nation's psyche are likely to be shaken up and transformed. There is also a challenging configuration from Neptune to the Moon in the nation's horoscope. This suggests that there is a price to be paid for the fulfillment of ideals ­ a need to relinquish some of the more earthbound, prosaic qualities which have, at times, caused a resistance to change which has proved problematic. H

owever, this is likely to occur without great inner tension, and the sacrifice will undoubtedly seem worthwhile, to you and most others, because of the relatively trouble-free, tranquil, serene vision of the future which is now opening up to the Belgian people.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 4 October 1830, 12.00 pm LMT, Brussels)

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