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Argentina formally declared its independence as a nation state in 1816, under the sensitive, intuitive sign of Cancer. This country was born under a full Moon, and therefore whatever changes take place in the fabric of the nation tend to occur with drama, intensity, and whole-hearted emotional commitment. An inherent tension between Argentina's need for global involvement and a naturally inward-looking, conservative and self-sufficient quality in the people themselves leads to a constantly changing society which always seeks new and better ways of living and interacting.

Uranus, transiting through Aquarius over the next few years, will move across Saturn in the Argentinian chart, and Pluto, transiting through Sagittarius, will move across Neptune - both transits suggesting that challenges in the economic and financial structures of the country will require a rethinking of the use of natural resources and an increased effort at establishing greater openness in political and financial dealings both within the country and with Argentina's neighbours. The movements of these two outer planets may be reflected in a certain amount of economic difficulty for a time, but the meaning and end result are likely to be extremely positive and involve a more realistic and flexible spirit which can help to improve the material and social conditions of everyone living within the country's borders.

A little later, when Uranus moves into Pisces, it will form a happy and dynamic aspect to Argentina's Sun, suggesting that the period of difficulty and readjustment will be followed by a time of optimism, buoyancy, and creative inspiration. Argentina's Sun forms a dynamic aspect to Pluto in the country's birth chart, suggesting that this nation has been through many incarnations and will have many more, always rising from its internal crises to renew its strength and surprise the world yet again. The next few years are likely to reflect such a period of tension and rebirth.

Liz Greene, 1999

(Data used: 9 July 1816, 12.00 pm LMT, Tucuman)

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