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Mapping the Psyche Vol. II

An Introduction to Psychological Astrology, by Clare Martin

Volume II: The Planetary Aspects and the Houses of the Horoscope

The T-square

Maria:I have a T-square in my chart. What does that mean?


Clare: The T-square is one of the major aspect patterns that can be found in the birth chart. A T-square is formed when there are two planets in opposition and one planet square to the opposition. Once again, T-squares are likely to be either cardinal, fixed or mutable. The planet at the apex, which squares both ends of the opposition, functions as the catalyst, mediating between the planets in opposition. This is an open, unstable, stressful aspect pattern but, like all aspects in the 'two' series, it is often extremely effective and dynamic. Let's have a look at your T-square. Would you like to describe it?

Maria:It is a really horrible one. I have Uranus in Leo in the 8th house, opposite Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd house, and both are square to Moon in Taurus in the 5th house.

Clare: Before we go into the details, what kind of story are we looking for, with a Moon-Venus-Uranus cast of characters?

Audience: We have the two feminine planets at war with each other in some way, since they are square to each other, and Uranus makes the whole thing more edgy and unpredictable.

Clare: Yes, the square between the Moon and Venus is always interesting, because it describes some kind of tension between our basic security needs and our adult desires. In a woman's chart, this often seems to manifest as competition between mother and daughter, the grown woman (Venus) and the young girl (Moon).

Chart of Maria

Chart data omitted for reasons of confidentiality

This square seems to be particularly powerful during adolescence, when Venus becomes active and the girl begins to grow into her womanhood, which can be seen as a threat to the mother. The presence of Uranus in this picture suggests that one, if not both, of these aspects of the feminine may well be cut off, in an effort to avoid confrontation. If this is the case, then Uranus is likely to wreak havoc from the unconscious, creating all kinds of emotional chaos. But first of all, let's find out more about these two aspects of the feminine. Can you think of some images for Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd house?

Audience: Is this a love of ideals?

Audience: I think it is objective and friendly. I would imagine that Maria values honesty, and that she values her friends.

Clare: Yes, this is a very rational, fair-minded, intellectual, objective and adult Venus. I would imagine that you value quite a bit of personal space and autonomy.


Clare: What does Moon in Taurus in the 5th house need?

Audience: Security and the time to do what one wants.

Clare: Yes, this is a fixed square, and the tension is between the elements of air and earth, between thinking and doing. Does that describe your relationship with your mother in any way?

Maria:Well, actually, I find her rather mad. She seems to be completely cut off from her feelings, and she is very unpredictable. She has had loads of relationships, but none of them have worked out. I am afraid I am going to end up like her.

Clare: All right, we now have Uranus in the picture, and it looks as if you are living out the Moon in Taurus and she is living out what appears to be a negative expression of the Venus-Uranus opposition. Does that seem likely?

Maria:That's certainly how it feels. I have always felt as if it was my job to look after her and to provide some kind of security and stability in her life. So I can definitely relate to the Moon in Taurus. In fact I think I have always played the role of mother in our relationship.

Clare: So you find yourself holding the apex planet in this T-square, in order to provide an element of stability for your mother. This is a very graphic picture, and the challenge is to find some kind of positive relationship between these three planets for yourself and in your own life.

Maria:But I really don't believe in the way she conducts her relationships. She has always been very promiscuous, and I believe strongly in commitment and in having a stable family life.

Clare: I can hear both your Venus in Aquarius speaking here, in terms of your beliefs and ideals, and also your Moon in Taurus, in terms of your need for a stable family life. But I can't hear Uranus, which is perhaps not surprising, since it is buried in the 8th house and most likely to be projected onto others. You may experience others as unstable and unpredictable, rather than seeing this as part of your own nature. I don't mean to say that you are either unstable or unpredictable, of course, but you may not be recognising your own need for space and freedom and autonomy, so you will be confronted by this kind of behaviour in its negative manifestation in people who are close to you.

Maria:That's what I mean about this being a horrible T-square. I thought I had managed to create a stable family life of my own, but then my husband just upped and left, so I have been a single mum for years. And I haven't been able to find a stable relationship since, which is why I am afraid I will end up like my mum.

Clare: Well, fixed T-squares are never going to be easy, but no doubt you have found great fulfilment in your role as mother, and I would imagine, with Moon in Taurus in the 5th house, your children have grown up feeling very safe and secure. Perhaps you will soon have some more space and time for yourself. A Taurus Moon in the 5th house can be very creative, and you could get great pleasure from gardening, singing, sculpting, or any other kind of Taurean pursuit.

Maria:I really hope so. Thank you for that, it was very helpful.

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The Book "Mapping the Psyche, Volume 2"

First published 2007 by the CPA Press, BCM Box 1815, London WC1N 3XX, Copyright © 2007 by Clare Martin.
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