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Mapping the Psyche Vol. II

An Introduction to Psychological Astrology, by Clare Martin

Volume II: The Planetary Aspects and the Houses of the Horoscope

Table of Contents

Lesson One:An Introduction to the Houses / Jan 15 2009

  • Incarnation and the angles
    • The east-west horizon: Ascendant/Descendant axis
    • The south-north meridian: MC/IC axis
    • About house systems
  • The twelve houses
    • Nature and nurture
    • Time and space
  • Chart shapes
    • North-south hemispheres
    • East-west hemispheres
    • Three phases of relationship
    • Quadrants

Lesson Two: Houses 1 to 6 / Jan 28 2009

  • 1st house: emerging
    • Aries Ascendant
    • Taurus Ascendant
    • Gemini Ascendant
    • Cancer Ascendant.
    • Leo Ascendant
    • Virgo Ascendant
    • Libra Ascendant
    • Scorpio Ascendant.
    • Sagittarius Ascendant
    • Capricorn Ascendant
    • Aquarius Ascendant
    • Pisces Ascendant
  • Houses 2 to 6
    • 2nd house: establishing
    • 3rd house: learning
    • 4th house: belonging
    • 5th house: creating
    • 6th house: perfecting

Lesson Three: Houses 7 to 12 / Feb 16 2009

Lesson Four: Polarity and the Angles / Feb 26 2009

Lesson Five: The Nodes of the Moon / March 12 2009

  • The collective nature of the nodal axis
  • The personal nature of the nodal axis
    • The angles and the nodal axis
    • The Sun and the nodal axis
    • The Moon and the nodal axis
    • Mercury and the nodal axis
    • Venus and the nodal axis
    • Mars and the nodal axis
    • Jupiter and the nodal axis
    • Saturn and the nodal axis
    • Chiron and the nodal axis
    • The outer planets and the nodal axis
  • The nodal axis in the houses
    • Nodal axis in the 1st and 7th houses
    • Nodal axis in the 2nd and 8th houses
    • Nodal axis in the 3rd and 9th houses
    • Nodal axis in the 4th and 10th houses
    • Nodal axis in the 5th and 11th houses
    • Nodal axis in the 6th and 12th houses

Lesson Six: Introduction to the Aspects, Part One / March 25 2009

Lesson Seven: Introduction to the Aspects, Part Two / April 14 2009

Lesson Eight: Introduction to the Aspects, Part Three / May 13 2009

Lesson Nine: Chart Imbalances

Lesson Ten: Whole Chart Interpretation


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The Book"Mapping the Psyche, Volume 2"

First published 2007 by the CPA Press, BCM Box 1815, London WC1N 3XX,
Copyright © 2007 by Clare Martin.
More Information about the Book.

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