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Mapping the Psyche

An Introduction to Psychological Astrology, by Clare Martin

Lesson Seven: Constructing the Zodiac

Number Symbolism

The symbolism of number enables us to devise a comprehensive and coherent interrelated system in which science, religion, art and philosophy define and explore specific aspects of the whole without ever losing sight of each other. [31]

We have already seen the symmetrical distribution of the planetary rulers of the zodiac signs. The twelve-fold structure of the zodiac is a model of the universe (the macrocosm) and of each individual human being (the microcosm), which is also symmetrically balanced, harmonious and extraordinarily comprehensive. It is in this ordered symmetry that we can find the core meaning of each of the signs of the Zodiac, and I want to describe to you how the Zodiac is constructed in terms of the number symbolism which runs right through astrology and without which astrology cannot be truly understood. Number symbolism provides the central clue not only to the interpretation of the astrological signs, but also to the understanding and interpretation of the planets, houses and aspects, as well as a host of other astrological techniques. It is the door and the key to the door into a true understanding of the astrological world of the psyche. As Jung discovered, number symbolism is not only fundamental to astrology and to alchemy but can also be defined psychologically as an 'archetype of order which has become conscious'. [32]

Although the 360º circle and the twelve 30º divisions of the circle were originally devised by the Mesopotamian priest-astrologers from the 2nd millenium BCE onwards, we owe the construction of the astrological chart as it is used today to the symbolic mathematics of the ancient Greek philosopher-mathematicians who, from the 7th century BCE, made leaps and bounds in the development of the science, art and craft of astrology. The ancient Greeks believed that truth was, by its very nature, good, harmonious and beautiful, and they created a symmetrical and well-balanced model of the universe, and of the horoscope which, for the first time, they started applying not only to leaders and kings, as personifications of their countries, but also to individual human beings.

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The Book"Mapping the Psyche"

First published 2005 by the CPA Press, BCM Box 1815, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom, www.cpalondon.com.
Copyright ©2005 by Clare Martin.
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