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"Little Man Can't Get Out!"

What is reincarnation? A hobby for esoteric freaks with spare time and no fun in their own lives? Not if we look at the sometimes strange coincidences related to the suspicion of a reincarnation – as in the case of James Madison Leininger, Aries-Sun in 7 with Libra-Moon in 1. The nightmares started when he was two years old and Pluto and Chiron were exactly in the square to his natal chart nodes in 6/12. The small child suddenly woke up almost every night and screamed: "Airplane, water! Little man can't get out!" The second article of our series on reincarnation tells his very unusual story. It involves a connection that extends beyond death, of James II and James III: the pilot and the little boy from California.

With his adventurous Aries-Mars in 8, James was already crazy about airplanes at a time when he could hardly walk. He knew a lot about them, even though he was from a family come that did not have the slightest interest in aviation or the military. They were all exasperated. Whenever someone said "flying," these words burst from the boy: "Airplane crash because of fire!" Nothing could dissuade him from his quirk. Then he suddenly also started calling himself James III (see illustration above). When his father Bruce asked him what this is all about, his little son responded that he is actually James the Third. Which was incorrect because there was no James tradition in this family.

Jupiter now stood in the square to the nodes in 6/12, and "James III" was suddenly absolutely flooded with memories: He once had a "Corsair" and was later shot down. By the Japanese. He painted red suns and crashes above the clouds. Corsair, Japanese? What was the little child talking about? The parents became nervous since James did not stop there. The mundane node axis was now running through the square to the boy's Aries stellium and Jupiter then went into a tension with the birth Jupiter, Pisces, in 6. The strong perception axis of the toddler, with the signs and house reversed.

Daddy Bruce – a convinced Christian who considered reincarnation to be a heathen fairy tale – obsessively tried to find evidence to the contrary, but his wife Andrea finally spoke with a reincarnation expert. She worked with children who "remember" on their own. Following her advice, the mother told the boy that all of this did not happen when he was the person who he now was. The tormenting nightmares stopped immediately. Instead, James III now spoke about how "his" aircraft carrier that was called the "Natoma." Bruce Leininger did more research with a sense of annoyance so that there would finally be an end to this humbug. Instead, he came across a man who was shot down on March 3, 1945 in the vicinity of Chichi-jima, the "Father Island" of the Japanese: James Huston, US pilot. He had a horoscope that was as similar as a blueprint to the birth picture of James III.

synastry James 3 and James 2Bruce Leininger still seems surprised today at how unsuccessful his campaign against the topic of reincarnation was. He could not and did not want to be involved with it, but his meticulous search for evidence that his son was just imagining the details proved to be a grand failure. James McCready Huston was born 75 years before James Leininger. He became an enthusiastic pilot and one of the few Corsair testers during that phase of the war. His father was also named James, which is why he was already James II and clarified the issue of why there would be James III.

The astrological comparison of the horoscope reveals something astonishing: While James II had a Sun-Saturn conjunction with Mercury and Mars in Libra, James III – who remembers the other man's life – has a Sun-Saturn-conjunction and Mars plus Mercury in opposition in Aries. The negative of the pilot's natal chart.

In addition, the first James had the Moon in the Sun sign of the second and the second James has this reversed as the Moon in the Sun sign of the first. As already mentioned in the first article of this Loop! series (The Boy Who Was His Dead Uncle), such transferences of special positions to the horoscope of the possible "successor" are frequent. This is similar to how the Sun-Neptune or Mercury-Neptune (penetration, merging, and superimposition) – even doubled – can be typical as intermediate aspects. Just as this can also be seen once again in the case of James II and III as a double whammy of the Sun-Neptune.

JamesTo top it all, the natal chart comparison of the two James reveals an especially unusual factor: the exact same degree of the Moon's Nodes axis, which often has the "karmic" symbolic effect attributed to it. Precisely at the time when the airplane was shot down, Uranus was moving into the square – just as Chiron, the wounded and the healer, stood almost exactly on the AC of the as yet unborn boy by the name of James Madison. And even more fascinating: His memories only really broke loose when the node position of Huston's crash in Cancer was exactly repeated for the first time after James' birth.

Once again, we see the familiar Mercurial position of the Moon (which are frequently Gemini moons) for him (not just in terms of synastry) that has already been experienced in similar cases. Horoscopes of the "successors" usually show this emphasis – which allows them to not only express the "approaching" memories but also mentally master them without suffering too much damage.

James III has a close Mercury-Moon opposition, plus the Moon in an air sign. James II had his Mercury in an appropriate location for this tension. The emotional perception is "mutual," which means closely coupled with the spiritual level; as a result, Mercury has not only its own effect but has an influence together with the Moon –which communicates strong contents – in the early childhood phase (Moon). And Saturn – Ruler of the Passage of Time – is also involved in its own way: As the IC-Lord (origin) for James III, it is both the standing leg of the cardinal cluster and in polar antiscion to the respective other. In addition, the pilot's sun is exactly on Cusp 2 of the boy and therefore marks the gateway for his talents and the basic substance of how he experiences his own nature today.

crashAlready in November 2000, even before James Huston appears in their life, James III told his father where "he" was shot down by pointing to a map. In a book that Bruce was scouring for explanations about the peculiar statements by his son. The father could hardly fathom how James could be this certain at an age where others are just learning to use the potty.

Sometime after that, the child informed him that Corsairs usually have a left twist – something that was impossible for him to know. When he ate meatloaf for the first time, James said that he unfortunately had always been served it on the Natoma. All of this is correct. But the parents did not even suspect this yet. 

The boy called three of his playing pieces Leon, Walter, and Billy – which later turn out to be the names of three men from Huston's aviation squadron. When Bruce wanted to know why he has given them these names, James III said drily: "Because they welcomed me when I got to heaven!" No matter what we may think of this idea, these three men died shortly before James II in the war. The boy firmly and adamantly claimed that the Japanese flak had been targeted into "his" engine and then fire broke out. No matter where he was for years after that, he always worried about whether there were fire extinguishers everywhere. Otherwise, he continued to play crash with his little fleet of airplanes – from the chairs and tables. His Aries cluster with Saturn (Lord IC) simply could not break away from the past. Bruce dug through the archives and found more and more information.  

It was a while later, in 2003, that the story about the engine fire could finally be confirmed following a lengthy search in the archives as Bruce came into contact with many people who had known Huston. Piece by piece, the puzzle became more complete. Individual veterans reported that the plane of James II had actually been hit in the engine and exploded. In any case: In the aftermath, almost all of the statements by James III turned out to be a precision landing in terms of the military files and eyewitnesses. Until even the father was also convinced. Even if he had wished for the opposite. The stories from his son did not at all fit into his pious image of the world that does not allow for reincarnation.

nodesThe pilot's sister – Anne Huston Barron, who had also moved to California in the meantime – responded in a completely different way. When the family of James III found her and wrote her after there were more and more indications that James may actually be "remembering" Huston's life – for whatever reasons this may be – they met each other. "I don't know how this can be, but he is somehow a part of my brother," the woman who was far older than 80 said right away. The little boy immediately started treating her like his sister.

James III, who perhaps had already been James II, is more interested in Star Wars than airplanes now that he is almost 16 years old. He thinks that his story is quite normal. How much truth there is in all of this obviously cannot be decided by astrology. Even though there are very strong indications of a special, dominant contact between the horoscopes. This much is clear: Such special comparable factors in birth pictures are seen time and again for children who are undeniably reminded of another life at a very early point and entirely without any urging by parents with neuroses due to self-image issues. They usually insist on their experience, which is as real for them as their "new" life, and tell their story over and over again. With many details. Wherever they may come from. Perhaps we do not even need to know more – as an event, an experience, or recognition of a phenomenon that people call reincarnation. The secret always remains in the end. This magic of the possible, which does not want to be reckoned. And things are also good like this.

The Loop! series on special cases of reincarnation will be continued. More on the topic: 

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