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Crash: Tragedy of the Gemini Pilots

crashIt does not exist – the sole astrological marker for airplane crashes. However, there have repeatedly been entangled mundane triggers that closely touch the horoscopes of the crash machines and victims. But what happened this time in Russia is so striking due to a special constellation of both pilots that it makes our hair stand on end. As flight U9 363 of the Tatarstan line exploded while landing at the Kazan Airport on Sunday around 7:20 p.m. – the full moon had just passed two arc minutes – Neptune stood on the MC and cusp 11 at Aries-Uranus.

Just a few minutes before, the descendent had once again triggered Venus-Pluto, the two rulers of the zodiac's survival that are moving slowly out of the conjunction in Capricorn. The problematic mundane square therefore has a strong tension in the natal chart of the crash and is activated by Cusp 11, Uranus' "natural" house. 50 people died in the tragedy.

Two of them: Rustem Salikhov Gabrakhmanovich, the pilot, and Victor Huzul Nikiforovich, his co-pilot. The first was born on the 11th and the other on the 12th of June 1966. Two Gemini-Suns with Mercury-Jupiter in Cancer, in connection with the mundane triggers. Such contacts in the involved horoscopes are not rare but legendary. After all, strong linkages are what distinguish the event in astrological terms. Another passenger on board the 23-year-old Boeing 737-500 is Irek, the 24-year-old son of Tatarstan's President Minnikhanov, who was on his way home. His first child is due in December. And then there is also Alexander Antonov, the head of the state's Federal Security Service. He had the same Aries-Mars position as the first flight natal chart of the Boeing (affected by Uranus-Pluto and the accident houses) and a Capricorn-Sun at the DC trigger axis. Where Irek has a Saturn-Neptune-Uranus conjunction in Capricorn. Another conspicuous factor for the young man is also the Full Moon at Taurus-Mars with Jupiter. Unfortunately, such transits by the victims are not uncommon in fatal accidents.

Patterns always result that interact; but because of the very special interplay, this is generally not related to the overall occurrence but can just specifically be predicted as risky. Astrology definitely makes it easier to give a warning in the individual case. Above all, this applies when there is an increased risk for specific places on certain days under difficult transits (triggered during the respective flight time). A constellation (such as Venus-Pluto-Uranus to the Full Moon in this case) then usually "finds" its protagonists with the appropriate trigger clusters in the natal chart. 

pilotTwo of the astrological risk-bearers who could also become victims in Kazan under the corresponding triggers were the pilot (natal chart without time on left) and his co-pilot, who were born with almost the same planet positions. One example is this close Cancer-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction that has also gotten its share from Uranus-Pluto in recent years. Furthermore, the co-pilot is still subject to the last transition of the Uranus-Square and therefore also directly affected by the trigger above Cusp 11. But unfortunately, the mundane square is antiscion to both over 0° Aries as the beginning of all appearances precisely on the Gemini-Sun; as a result, it is also triggered by Uranus/Cusp 11 and the Venus-Pluto DC. Since it has a Chiron and Saturn square in its disposition, this usually looks less fortunate.

To top it off, Mars just moving into the square to both Suns and the Full Moon is located at their Dragon Axis. This is not a good omen when we think in classic terms of fate. On the whole, this was a really black day – and not just for these two men. Jupiter with its flying arrows and Uranus as the symbol of the heavens both have connections to all flight events and like to show themselves combined on various levels as a marker for problematic times in technical and flying matters. In the crash horoscope of Kazan, a Jupiter-Uranus, doubled, is also conspicuous; but this only becomes apparent when taking a close look at the level of the houses. Among other things, this contact can be translated as the "magnification of breaks/accidents," especially with Mars in the rucksack. Consequently, Uranus as Lord 9 ignites the 11th field of Aries in Kazan while its sign ruler of Mars – also Lord 11 – moves into the sextile to Jupiter in 1.

Of all things, the two countries that have held the top positions in the crash statistics of civilian machines for decades – America and Russia – also display precisely this Jupiter-Uranus in their state horoscope through the fields (which means as its realization). The American country horoscope has Jupiter Lord 1 (the Mars components) with the Sun, Lord 9, and Venus, Lord 11, in a stellium. Modern Russia (*12/25/1991) shows the Lord 11, Mercury in Sagittarius, with Mars as Lord 9, in 8° conjunction, even more clearly. The natal chart for the first flight of Kazan's disaster Boeing looks very similar. It shows Jupiter-Chiron in opposition to Uranus-Neptune in Capricorn, which was triggered yesterday during the accident directly above the axis-activated square of Uranus-Pluto. 

Illustrations of the networks that the horoscopes of those involved form in similar tragedies with several natal chart pictures placed on top of each other are at the bottom right: In the middle of the crash time, which has been identified as between 7:20 and 7:25 p.m. The airplane had problems during the entire landing approach. This is illustrated in the second circle of the chart for the first flight of the Boeing (*6/18/1990, calculated for Paris since it was operated by a French airline). The third circle shows the president's son Irek (*3/4/1989) and the outer circle represents Alexander Antonov (*1/1/1957).  

crashRoman Skvorzov, a well-known Russian sports moderator, twittered that night: "Why should I continue to live?" His little step-daughter and his wife Ellina both sat in the plane. The mundane square is antiscion – as for the two pilots – for the woman to her Gemini-Sun and activates her Libra-Pluto in a close and direct manner. Her child, Daria, is just eleven years old, as Pluto-Uranus ticks her Mercury at 10° Libra, at the mother's Pluto.

Both of them died, like everyone else who is sitting in the plane. Many are still young and many have cardinal positions in the close sphere of influence of the conflict square.

Despite all of this, it is hard to believe the following: This same Boeing that now was shattered in Kazan had already experienced a near-crash at the same airport in 2012, which also occurred in November. Jupiter with a close Chiron conjunction and opposition to Uranus-Neptune are obviously in the first flight's natal chart (which responds wonderfully as an airplane horoscope, even if – as is almost always the case – the date of its completion is not known), which is not exactly a guarantee for a safe flight – especially since the tension is found in the close square to Aries-Mars here. 

According to the statistics of the Aviation Safety Net, we have still been experiencing an unusually safe aeronautical phase for the past two years: The crashes of civil aviation have been slowly decreasing by almost two-thirds in recent decades. There were "just" 23 major flight accidents last year, and the total to date for this year is 24. This may have a somewhat calming effect, but ultimately does not remove the risks of the Uranian (the sky, flying, and technology). The worst international crash years were (the number of accidents is in parentheses):

  • 1948 (84): mundane Jupiter-Uranus oppositions (Jupiter Sagittarius)
  • 1970 (78): mundane Jupiter-Saturn oppositions (Jupiter in Scorpio); Neptune follows Sagittarius
  • 1979 (74): mundane Jupiter-Uranus square (Jupiter Leo)
  • 1947 (72): mundane Jupiter antiscion Pluto-Saturn, Uranus antiscion square Neptune (Jupiter Scorpio)
  • 1972 (70): mundane Saturn-Neptune opposition (Jupiter Sagittarius)
  • 1969 (70): mundane Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (Jupiter Libra)
  • 1962 (70): mundane Jupiter-Uranus and Jupiter-Pluto opposition (Jupiter Aquarius)
  • 1973 (67): mundane Jupiter-Uranus square (Jupiter Capricorn)
  • 1989 (65): mundane Jupiter-Uranus oppositions (Jupiter Cancer)

That six of the ten accident years show Jupiter-Uranus in tension is not especially significant in purely statistical terms since there were far more conflict aspects between the lords of the large (Jupiter) breaks (Uranus) in the decades since 1948. Yet, this mundane overlapping is astrologically conspicuous, especially since Jupiter was constantly in its own sign – either fixed or cardinal – during these phases. But even this does not necessarily mean more than that it has a standard role in the (also sad) record statistics.

kasanThings look different in the overlapping of special flight data, technical horoscopes, and those of the personnel. The airlines should be seriously advised to not only start thoroughly examining their planes in terms of their functioning (what had apparently not been done for the old Boeing once again), but also at least consider the idea that astrology could work. An analysis of first flight data that shows the technically problematic dispositions (such as Mars-Uranus-Jupiter-Neptune for the Boeing) and their transits are predetermined breaking points. Be that as it may, this proves to be practical.

When pilots with difficult transits plus their trigger constellations simultaneously come with additional incoming fast-runners, it would be wise to revise the respective operational plans. In terms of the synastry, both pilots already had Mercury-Mars in the disposition with precisely this plane. The plane's Uranus was also in a close opposition to both of their two Mercury-Jupiter conjunctions. There is restlessness at the control stick in every case here. Which is bitter.

But this says nothing at all about the cause after all. Or that astrology would even have some type of effect. It is just the reader for fields that would also break against each other in conflict without it. Whether the modern age wants to grasp this or not. They collide anyway. The "event wish" in birth pictures always finds its event and vice versa. 

PS -> But what should we do when we fly to avoid astrological risks, in so far as this is possible? We do not have the first flight horoscopes, which also applies to the natal chart pictures of the pilots. But we are familiar with our own chart. This certainly does not mean that we need to be overly cautious. But whenever difficult natal chart constellations are contained in an extremely tense aspect per transit, which are also mundanely activated through the planets and axes (or difficult house triggers) at the time of the flight, it is actually not a stupid idea to sometimes change a date. This is especially true when this involves connections to the first squares of the natal chart. This does not occur as often as we may think it does. And therefore also rarely necessary. But it makes more sense than flying into the middle of danger with our eyes open – in the "coincidental" company of a group affected by this transit. 

More on the topic of aviation disasters at Loop!

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Author: Susanne Riedel Plenio

Translated into English by Christine Grimm

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