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Countdown: God Save The Baby!

The royal babyThe Windsors simply have a topic related to the “zeroth" degrees of the Zodiac. Right where everything always begins is also the radix challenge cup that has been passed on among the rulers of the island for generations. So the Royal Baby should absolutely get ready to go, even if predicting its approaching birth does not necessarily require being an astrologer. However, Mars is just about to change into Cancer where the aforementioned 0 degrees of the Sun of the princely father – called Wills Wombat – lodges, just behind grandpa Charles of Wales' Jupiter-Uranus opposition (just barely still in Sagittarius-Gemini) and directly ahead of great-grandma the Queen's axis 6-12 of the bread-and-butter job and services to the British people. In addition, the combine-Mercury of the parents is also romping at 0 degrees Aries. All of this fits in so well with the cosmic impulse-giver that is now mundanely moving into the sign of giving birth, of mothers and children, and pushes the countdown. The Western world is waiting for Baby Jesus. England no longer wants to be pregnant and it is also lovely and festive every once in a while to welcome a new, youthful king in the cosmos. Even if regents are unmodern and also no longer have much to say. 

If the child wants to do a favor for its royal ancestors, it will also in some form occupy 0 degrees Taurus-Scorpio or Leo-Aquarius, with which three of its direct (throne) predecessors are already blessed through Jupiter, the Moon, and the Sun. But you cannot have it all. So we would even be very content with an astrologically punctual arrival at a rather fresh cardinal impulse (Mars). We can simply wait to see whether the Sun above the DC of the Queen may perhaps already bring good news. With such an abundant fatherly line of ancestors, we obviously also must ask: Despite all of the royal genealogical fuss, what about the mother-to-be? She is ultimately the person who now has the biggest load to carry. Kate, Princess Perfect, the married Duchess of Cambridge.

The Stars and the CrownYes, she currently has Saturn in a strong tension to the Aquarius planets (Walk with a straight back! Keep your chin up! Smile!) and some additional complications. Unfortunately, there is naturally much less precise astrological data recorded for the Middletons than the Windsors. Which also means that the young mother is not only at a disadvantage in the matters of the crown but that not even her ascendant (and with it the precise position of the Cancer Moon) is available. Ah, if you had just looked at the clock, Desdemona! Yet, there is a suspicion that the life of the Duchess is turning sour right now. Like her young husband, she is still enduring the mutual, really unpleasant transit of Pluto-Uranus in the square and opposition to both Libra-Mars in a sublimely upstanding and zealous manner. If they were commoners, we would assume that they feel quite helpless being at the mercy of a higher power – both as a couple and as individuals – right now, but we cannot really know this in the case of a king. The higher powers can also create pressure from the vicious compulsion and pressure of the royal demands towards the public when someone would actually very much prefer to sit at home in an unstructured fluffy and private way, stroking the pregnant belly without anyone watching. Nobility or not, such a transit is far-reaching, probing/existential, and more vehement than is usually found in life. Also enduring a birth has little in common with the picture-book scenarios. Even if the events will take place in the high-security wing called the luxury delivery room and – thank God – without the previously customary court envoy. I hope that all of this goes well. God Save the Baby!

synastry Queen, Charles and WilliamThe child at whom the island is looking (left: great-grandmother Queen on the inside, Charles at the center and William on the outside), even though it is still not even here yet, also brings much good with it from the female line: From grandma Lady Diana, who would now have been 51 years old and at the moment would have Pluto opposition Sun, presumably Mercury in retrograde, and the entire remaining package of factors in Cancer. After all, she passed her emotional cosmos on to William through her Sun and he has handed it down in turn via the Sun and Moon (together with Kate's Moon) to the baby. So we have three sensing and feeling dramatists in a direct sequence, all of which had to more or less deal with the necessity of exhibiting their Saturnian aspects for the crown and the empire.

The Queen with Saturn at Scorpio-MC has demonstrated that Charles – although he speaks with flowers and does other occult things as a Scorpio – is otherwise very much an obedient son (with Virgo-Saturn in the 2nd House and the Sun under the thumb of mother's Saturn), passes on the staff of subordination. William with Mars-Saturn also knows how to moderate his Sagittarius-AC to the point that he always puts his obligations ahead of the emotional program. Lord 1 (Jupiter) at the MC is the self that becomes the scale and follows the task when the task calls. Which means always. Incidentally, this is a royal challenge cup as well: Elizabeth also has this ruler constellation; in turn, her father George also has Jupiter at the MC and so does his father, the previous George. After all, noblesse oblige to greatness. Even when it does not always work out. But it actually does quite well in the little island kingdom. If not, the person is simply kicked out (see Lady Di).

Kate MiddletonWhen the water trine now forms tighter and tighter and the birth takes place at the royally tuned St. Mary’s Hospital where Diana delivered her children, Great Britain should get one more genuine great hope for Buckingham Palace delivered to its doorstep at no cost. A horoscope can hardly contribute a more intensive feeling than with this special constellation. Perhaps such a child will be a bit lazy, perhaps even somewhat clairvoyant, but – just like Prince William – it will ensure that the conservative hunger for structure and the conventional vein of the super-Capricorn United Kingdom (Sun at the Saturnian IC) will be balanced against the emotional compensations.

However, England currently also has a Uranus-Pluto – and this is where we could ask whether there will be a follow-up to this: more existential and dramatic stories, confusions, twists, and transformations that were previously still completely drowned out in the intoxication and craziness related to Kate Middleton's pregnancy. Although both young parents are so closely bound to this British birth constellation through their Mars dispositions and even square with it, they appear to be bracing against the challenges with both hands and maintaining their love in a normal form. But the combine-Sun presumably stands at 11 degrees Aries and therefore also continues to be in the focus of the Uranus-Pluto square. Unfortunately, all of this is not as simple as it looks. Even if Kate initially becomes lighter on the physical level, this is simply because she is freed of the weight and other burdens (Saturn transits). Of namely producing something that as a factor is intended to be more useful to a country than bringing joy to its mommy. The baby would actually have "fit" well around the new moon (or even at the next full moon) since both parents were born around special moon phases. But on the whole, the time signum is also outstanding right now for the family heir.

United KingdomWhen Mars-Pluto was in the square to the parent's Mars position in Libra and on England’s IC Sun (left), the announcement about Kate's pregnancy was made. The "progenitor" planet has now almost completed half of the circle in the Zodiac and is currently entering the opposing sign. Where it would classically signal danger, we would now whitewash it in psychologically modern way to say that it expresses a "challenge" when states of birth are connected with it or it runs in the transits. On William's Sun, it can symbolize the opportunity of establishing himself in the world as a father but it could also definitely mean a son, who would then obviously be named Alexander. And Alexandra is the name that the most British are betting on. Because the island is actually assuming that it will be a girl.

But seriously: Mars or Pluto positions between children and parents (on important personal factors) always show strong movements and frequently also indicate the course of greater difficulties. As wonderful, fantastic, and fascinating the fairytales of the king may sound from the outside – Pluto and Saturn do not leave one brick standing on top of the other if their message is refused. With a great many other, positively comparable factors, Lady Di also had a Sun-Mars and Mars-Uranus square with Will. Since the prince's first child will be born under the mundane repetition aspect of Mars-Sun as a conjunction, it is also possible that the fear will emerge again. The tension-filled feeling towards the mother, with which he was already downright charged and traumatized before her death as he witnessed how unhappy she was.

We can therefore just cross our fingers that in the systemic things – such as those that occurred after the births of William and Harry with Charles and Diana due to the suppressed, extreme emotional entanglements. All of this continued in the following years and created so much drama until the Queen even saw the monarchy threatened and only slightly relinquished her iron attitude, yielded to the modern age, and softened her tone after Diana's death. After all, every astrological factor learns from its following sign: Taurus Elizabeth must become more flexible like a Gemini; William – the modest, private Cancer – must literally develop into the Leo (and play the king); Kate and England, the Capricorns, must turn into Aquarians (become free); and, above all, the two conforming Libra-Mars positions of the young heir apparent couple should now take a more Scorpionic approach to their own concepts and an ethic that does not just correspond with the prevailing morals and eventually assert their own perceptions. If things turn out this way, then it will all be fine. Then a Pluto-Mars transit of such intensity can also succeed through a deep, emotional transformation instead of the otherwise frequently occurring fateful corrections. We should very much wish this upon Kate, William and their first child. Whenever it may come. If not now at the Mars change, then it would be best at the full moon – once again at 0 degrees, only in the Aquarius-Leo, in the square to great-grandma's Sun.

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