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Data Protection Policy
of www.astro.com and Astrodienst AG

About the information you give us
Astrodienst has been serving its customers around the world since 1980. Those customers entrust us with information which they expect to remain confidential. We take that trust seriously. The information you provide to Astrodienst is not made available to any other company or individual. It is used internally to process the orders you place with us, whether for a free service or when you are making a purchase.

Protection of personal data
Astrodienst owns and maintains its own servers, including the secure shopping cart features. Nobody outside Astrodienst has access to our software or data.

Collection of personal data
If Astrodienst requires any of your personal data, you will be asked to confirm the submission of your data. By submitting your data you agree that Astrodienst collects and records these data. Generally, these data are required when you generate a horoscope or chart online, create a registered user profile, or acquire a product in the AstroShop.

Use of personal data
Your personal data will be used for the following purposes:

  1. to facilitate the use of this website: You have to enter your data only once.
  2. to deliver or give access to a product you have acquired.
  3. to ensure that you are the only person to have access to your horoscope data and personalised online services.

Occasionally, Astrodienst will contact you by E-mail to inform you, for example, about the delivery status of a product you have ordered, about an update of an online service you have acquired, or about a website update. It is not possible to cancel these E-mails and to continue utilising the services of www.astro.com at the same time. The E-mails are considered an integral part of the service you wish to use. Your E-mail address will be treated confidentially. If you do not wish to receive E-mails from Astrodienst AG, you need to delete your "My Astro" profile.

Use of cookies
If your browser settings do not allow the website "www.astro.com" to set cookies, you will still be able to use our services; but we cannot guarantee that you will continue to have access to data you entered at an earlier point of time. You can find more information on cookies in our FAQ.

Update of Legal Information
This page is updated and modified from time to time. Last Update: 1st September 2004. By visiting www.astro.com and by using its services, you declare that you accept our Data Protection Policy and Terms of Use .

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