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Astrodienst Online Feedback Area Archive May 2003

Hoi AstroCrew,

für mich - ich versuche seit ca. 1,5 jahren, tiefer in die AstroGeschichten ein zu steigen - ist eure hp mit das qualitativ hochwertigste zum thema im net. und ich denke, das preis- leistungsverhältnis des online-abos für die transite ist ok. eine einzelne papieranalayse kommt dagegen inhaltlich nicht an die online-analysen ran. und das abo bietet doch die möglichkeit, mehrere und verschiedene koordinaten zu betrachten, oder?

ich werde mir das nochmal genau anschauen, aber falls ihr mir ne antwort darauf geben wollt ... auch nicht verkehrt (lazy lionsun) ... -))


BaWü, Germany --- Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 07:43 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


[...] [very personal information deleted]


DEB CASE [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Cedar Rapids, USA --- Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 05:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I think its ridiculous that you have to pay for a subscription in order to see the other transits in the personal daily horoscope. This site isnt cool as it used to be.

Lilbitahsnshine [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
gainesville, usa --- Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 03:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hey !

Wie heißt es so schön: Zuerst kommt das Geld und dann der Mensch !
Oder Wie ?

Ist bzw. liegt - finanziell so am Boden ?
Siehe neuerdings - Kostenpflichtige Tageshoroskop - Erweiterung !

Es lebe der Materialismus und die Profitgier ! ? !

Tschüß :-)))

Dresden, Deutschland --- Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 03:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

a very good reading of my chart which i have had read 3 times previously, thank you.

sean wuyts [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
brighton, england --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 22:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hola!Respetables señores, soy una adolescente de 18 años, proxima a cumplir 19 años, actualmente estudio psicologia en una universidad peruana, pero debo confesarle que siempre me atrayeron los misterios ocultos,pienso que cada persona nace con un destino marcado, claro que en cierta manera puede variar, pero el destino se cumplira al fin y al cabo.Se que lo que les pueda decir les parecera algo tonto, yo no manejo el tema, pero como les dije al principio, me atrae mucho.Conocer las verdades de la vida y del mundo, sobre todo lo que ocultamente el mundo nos trata de decir dia a dia.Espero que de alguna manera puedan ayudarme a saciar un poco el interes que tengo por aprender, parte del trabajo que ustedes realizan y que yo admmiro.Lo que mas me llama la atencion son los gemelos astrales, tal vez de alguna manera podria tener algun dato que me lleve a mi gemelo astral.....tal vez para conocerlo y saber un poco mas de el.....Seria algo muy interesante y maravilloso.Ojala y pudieran hacerme llegar informacion o un poco mas de explicacion sobre astrologia, ya que en mi pais esta materia no esta muy desarrollada.Gracias de antemano por su comprension y su colaboracion, mis mejores deseos para ustedes y mis felicitaciones.Espero recibir pronto noticias suyas.Hasta Pronto.


Cyntia Melisse Capa Peralta [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Trujillo, Peru --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 22:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Was für eine Riesenenttäuschung! War es nicht so, dass das Tolle am Internet war, dass es umsonst zugänglich war? Und habt ihr denn nicht ohnehin bereits an Werbung und Einzelhoroskopen auf Bestellung verdient?? Shame on you, this is the last time I have visited your so called service, and I will tell all the people I recommended to visit you, about your disappointing business turn, to cancel as well. Sorry folks, bad idea, or as we in german say: Abgestraft. By a plutonian...think about what you´re doing. M.

--- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 18:48 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Karin adds: We have done that already. Please find the results by clicking on the "Why" link below the Daily Horoscope.

thank you ever so much for allowing us to use so many tools online for free.
yours is the best website on astrology EVER!

maya [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
firenze, italia --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 16:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Can some one tell me what is the Lunitidal Interval of the city Tel Aviv in Israel?

Or [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Ramat Gan, Israel --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 13:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodiesnt,

I thought i had to comment on the freebies that this website offers. I have searched the whole web looking for astrology sites and in my search i havnt found a site which offers not only good and quite accurate information, but also a copy of various charts. Even though i am not a subscriber, i have beniftied from all the free readings your site offers, it may sound silly but it has sort of helped me discover more about myself and relationships with others. Although i thought i knew everything about myself i now feel after reading some of the things you wrote there is sooooo much more to learn about myself...and other people.

Thanks for the help in my journey to discovery!


Rupa [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
london, england --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 10:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I got my bill today but i still don't know what the difference is in 'extended' vs. 'regular' daily horoscopes. I was able to view the aspects before i subscribed. Was that a glitch? Some direction, please! I feel there is a lot on this site, the quality is better than any US site I've seen. But I don't know what I'm supposed to get for my subscription money. HELLO! HELP!

Victoria Stevens
Chicago, usa --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 07:12 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I was moved at first about your charging for the extended transits but felt that you have provided a tremendous service over the years and I wished to be supportive and appreciative of the costs and demands of your site. You offer an amazing service and are the number one site that I recommend for charts and transits. The work that you’ve put in to translation and the availability of Robert Hands transits in various languages is very generous. Since I subscribed the other day I was pleasantly surprised to find the extended transits were available not only for me but for all the people that I have on my list. I think that you have been more than generous and that your fees are very reasonable.

I've observed over the years that people will pay for most anything but surprisingly when it comes to Astrology they somehow think that everything should be free and that one’s time and good work are not of value. I value and appreciate astrology and all the excellent work that you are doing. You are real professionals and deserve fair compensation for your efforts. Thank you and keep up the good work.

William Fairbank
Guadalajara, Mexico --- Friday, May 30, 2003 at 03:16 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I too was surprised one day when I saw that the additional information regarding transits were now only available by subscription. Your site is amazing and as far as I know, the only one of its kind. I wrote a short note to express my sadness over the change and left it at that. Later, I somehow found the notice regarding the reasons for the recent change from free and I immediately understood of course you have expenses.
So, I thought about it some more and then decided that yes, I would gladly pay the subscription fee -- not only because I find the information you provide so valuable, but also because it would sadden me even more if you were forced to go away altogether.
I understand that there are many struggling today to survive, but as so many others have pointed out it's partially at least, a matter of perception. I learned a long time ago, as far as money goes, -- when we give ourselves permission for a thing often the money issues magically disappear.
And I will hope, that for those truly without resources, sometime in the near future, a provision might be created to help them have access. Maybe a qtrly lottery for the general user public?
Good luck with all of this and thank you for this wonderful site.

--- Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 15:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear mr. Alois:

I do have another to submit to your kind atention sir.

Is there, i mean in, a section -besides the astrotravel one- wher i could check the criteria you are using to fix the exact latitude and length for an exact point in the face of the earth?

Tahnk you very much, again, for your time and atention to my quetions.

Carlos Arias [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Villahermosa, Tabasco, México --- Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 03:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear mr. Alois:

I'm puzzled about the way the city of Puebla, Puebla, in México apears in your site. Would you be so kind to tell me why does it apears in two lines, with only two minutes West of diference?

Tahnk you very much for your time and atention

Carlos Arias [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
VILLAHERMOSA, México --- Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 03:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Thank you for the excellent service you offer. I started off as a novice astrologer about two years ago and have used your website often and have learnt so much. I now delve into more advanced topics such as psychology and astrology and it gives me insight into myself and others and improves the quality of my life.

I have a question regarding the daily horoscopes. Today, being Thursday, I accessed all the available explanations for my transits and I see that transiting Saturn is trine my Sun. In the explanation it says valid during several dates and in the information concerning the transit it says activity period 28 May 2003 to 13 June 2003. I thought that because Saturn id slow moving it would stay in trine to my sun for longer. I would be really helpful if you could tell me what the orbs for the date periods are. I understand you may have to purchase the service for this information,. But, in general, are the dates actually valid at all for free horoscopes?

Also, what is's opinion on being born 0.01 degees into Scorpio. Is it very Scorpio or Scorpio/Libra mix. It is so confusing for me because Pluto is conjunct my Sun, but Pluto is in Linbra...I wonder if I'll ever be able to figure it out.
Anyway, thank you for your help with everything,

Sincerely yours,
Alannah Grainger

Alannah Grainger [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Wellington, New Zealand --- Thursday, May 29, 2003 at 01:35 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I feel this site and the people of Astrodienst are extremely generous with their resources. While I feel a loss that more of their services have been moved to for pay, I cannot complain. They still give much freely, and they still offer what I believe is a unique, high-quality service. And no, they did not pay me to write this. I am still grateful.

J [ * ]
USA --- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 21:42 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Schad dass die Gratishoroskope bis auf den Tagestransiten Kostenpflichtig geworden sind. Ich bin erst 16 und kann leider nich mein Taschengeld für ne Internetseite ausgeben. Hab die Horoskope bis jetz immer gern gelesen, haben auch wirklich gut getroffen. Aber naja... muss ich mir ne neue Seite suchen.

RHF, Germany --- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 17:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hi,i really like ur site,i just got into astrology and i am still reading up on alot off stuff.I kind of ignored the houses to start with ,but i recently looked up the meaning of houses for specific planets on various websites.My moon is in the twelvth house,and found out through these various interpretations that my life will be unfortunate and crap.One even suggested that people with these placements are often found in asylums,and will have bad relationships with their mother, which i have(my mother not asylums).I then found to my dismay further confirmation of this with neptune in the fourth house,another seemingly negative placement,another indication of bad relationships with the mother.Anyway every website iv been to doesn't indidate anything positive about these apart from extreme sensitivity,are there anything positive about these placements?,especially the moon house as the moon is the one thats bothering me the most

rob [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
glasgow, scotland --- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 17:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I too was surprised to see today that selections which were available for free, now come with a fee. For the past few years I have been using this site as a reference to save me some time in calculating transits. I suggest to people that cannot afford to subscribe, to purchase Robert Hand's book entitled Transits. There you can find extended versions of what used to be available on this site.

steve o
northampton, usa --- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 14:29 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

On the charts, there is a line labelled MC - IC. Could someone explain the significance of this line?

--- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 14:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am sorry that you must start to charge for extended transit info.

Would you explain what the Davison chart is and how it is arrived at. Is it a valid interpretation of birthdata? Thanks.

--- Wednesday, May 28, 2003 at 02:07 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I cannot believe I just printed my short report/ personal portrait for free! I am too cheap to buy an ephimeris so up until now I have not known my planet placement at the time of my birth. I am very excited about this new information to me! I will strongly consider a subscription and do consider the price to be very reasonable. I am adding you to my favorites list. Thank you so much. Most of the info is as I have know it to be, true. Stacey

Stacey Curtis
St. Paul, USA --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 23:57 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

In reply to your other guests message What planet are you living on? I think it's a little mean to make such a comment - not everyone has money to spend on luxuries such as horoscopes. I am recovering from a long term illness (have been sick for 4 years now) and I am trying to rebuild my life and change my career on a very low income. The free charts have been a real lifesaver when I have found things tough going and am looking for a little divine support. I visited the shop many times and have been extremely tempted, because not only did I want to support Astro Dienst, but I would much rather have a hard copy than have to come onto the internet, but I am sorry that I am unable to afford the prices. I understand that people have to make a living and want to support Astro Dienst and I'm happy to pay something for your previous free charts, but 30+ is a very big jump from 0 and I think it will just alienate a lot of your customers rather than create revenue. I do agree you should charge for your services, but I don't agree the price is sensible. Generally in business if you want 'volume' you will have to appeal to the 'mass market' and as high prices promote exclusivity, this would mean you are targeting a 'low volume market'. Lower prices would attract the mass market as most people - especially in the current economic climate - in the mass market are generally from lower income families and are looking for something to brighten their day without breaking the bank. Obviously mercury is doing something in my chart as I feel much better now I've shared my thoughts!

, UK --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 23:47 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I don't understand the sudden need to make people pay for access to the entire daily horoscope. I realize that you guys need to make a living like everyone else but I also know that you already make money in other ways so why do you need to charge for this? So its free on thursday, big deal! Was it really necessary?

Tamara [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Harrisburg, USA --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 23:42 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I say goodbye to the guestbook for a week or so.
I am going on an extended bicycle tour, to recover from an intensive work period.
My colleague Karin will look after the feedback
area in the meantime, but many questions will remain
unanswered for a while. Please be patient.

Meilen, Switzerland --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 21:49 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

what's going on with the whole subscribers dealy? I am only getting a very basic, single transit forecast...relative to my birth date...not my birth time, which at one point was much more expansive and now closed to me and for subs. only????? this is confusing, I have been coming here for years, and have put quite a bit of money into your company through the reports.
I figured that (perhaps this is selfish) these basics would be free of charge for they have been so regularly for years. hopefully this astrodienst does not turn into another I have always admired the fact of many free personal revelations in regards to the astrological information on your site, and have been recommending other interested peoples to come and visit/explore themselves, for this gratitude I feel.
I saw a woman's note and she states that to receive you must give, I believe this to be true... and it can be taken in several different instances... such as, to achieve growth in personal or humanities state of mentality...perhaps there should be less focus on the material value of interpretation, and more giving up of information/guidance, to others who may be new to astrology. It seems to me astrology is becoming more distant from the people and seemingly more divine-as in interpretation being priestly and had, only after you expend yourself monetarily-“to save your soul”…per say-
I see more and more astrologers giving teasers and information based off of birth dates…rather than a combination of birth times/dates, as well as free charts that are thrown with interpretation, but which do not include interpretation of major configurations which are very important. I see this as disrespectful to the innocent minds which come newly to astrology, and eventually once these people become knowledgeable, seems to perpetuate this state of monetary selfishness for having seen others do it. -we are truly monkeys, and play follow the leader – the fact that people expend themselves monetarily so often, for answer seems to devalue the importance behind the message being given… this is so, in many different aspects of life today- in order for guidance, in order for knowledge, in order for food, clothing , shelter, justice, freedom…you must pay, though confusion, ignorance, depression, anger…is all free to come by. Where does it end??? I apologize for going off on a rant, and hope to have not offended anyone. These are just my opinions. Thanks. Jennie Key.

J. Key [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Boulder, USA --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 21:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thank you for your feedback.

I am sorry that you perception seems to be tainted by anger. There has been no such change as you suppose. The fact that the alternate transits are now only computed, but not linked with interpretations for non-subscribers has in no way changed the methods BY WHICH we compute. Tomorrow is wednesday, and the tomorrow of tomorrow is the 'free thursday' so that you can get active interpretation links for free, again, for that day. Please verify your claims before you make accusations.

I can't believe that people find your reports expensive. What planet are they living on? Astrologers, like psychologists are prefessionals and need to earn a living by charging for their services.Money is energy - it flows in and out. If you don't put it out it does not come in. Whoever finds your work too expensive should read Open Your Mind to Receive by Catherine Ponder. In order to receive we have to give - systematic giving is the beginning of systematic increase so if you give you open your heart to receiving. It's as simple as that and also a matter of priorities. If i hear another person complaining about fees and charges I would suggest that you block them from your comments as these people give the creaps. You give out constantly - free hooroscopes - free charts - free write-ups on relationships, love. etc. etc. What more do people want. Can't believe what I've been reading.

totally confused [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Baie d'urfe, Canada --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 19:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback, Edna.

Price and value are relative things, and one man's owl is the other man's cookoo clock, or how do they say? We do not discuss our price policy with our customers. Our AstroIntelligence are the world-wide best astrological computer reports, and like a BMW, Benz or Porsche, they do have their price. Price comes with quality, and our cost structure is such that there is not really much space for manoeuvre.

Anyone can buy a set of "junk horoscopes" for $9.95, and be happy with them, or a 'report generator' software package for for a few $100, and start selling those reports, and become wealthy....

We do very rarely remove guestbook entries - only if they are personally offensive or contain outrageous lies. Carolyn's voice which critizises our prices was not offensive and we can tolerate it. She certainly meant to give good advice.

The reason you guys haven't seen an increase in your sales is because your reports are too blasted EXPENSIVE!!!! I'm in Montreal, Canada and I have been dying to purchase a report from you all but they are just too ridiculously overpriced especially since I have to pay in American monies!!!! Decrease the fees slightly and I'm positive you'll see your report sales increase significantly.

--- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 18:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

In my short-range forecast, there is no information from May 15 to June 11?

Could you explain this. Certainly something must be happening during this period.

Thank you very much

cheryl [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
st. catharines, canada --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 12:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: This free report has always been limited in its content, incomplete by design. The Introduction to the short report answers your question:

This report is a short edition of the Astrotext Forecast. It is meant as a sample and advertisement for the full version of the which can be ordered from Astrodienst as a bound report of about 20 - 30 pages.

In the short edition, only a few, but nevertheless important transits over your natal chart are considered. It is likely however that some important transits of this six month period have been omitted in this abbreviated report. Each time a new month begins and the period of this short report changes, the selection of the themes which are discussed here will change.

If you are interested in the full pattern of relevant themes, please order the full version of this report. Your best choice of report will be Liz Greene's Yearly Horoscope Analysis or Robert Hand's Transits of the Year. These reports will select the really relevant themes of a 12-month period for you, and deal with them in depth and style.

Greetings again,

I meant to ask one other question, and please forgive me if it has already been answered...I am new to this feedback feature, but not new to this most excellent question:

When a non-subscriber clicks on her/his free personal daily horoscope to read the fun info you present, will they still be able to see the LIST of the other transits happening for that day, as well as the LIST of the other long-term influences?

Thanks in advance for your answer...I hope you don't mind, but I'm not leaving my email address, so I will watch the feedback page for your reply.

And thank you again for your wonderful website!


Sally in the Adirondacks
Westport, USA --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 07:23 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am sorry, but I am not sure I understand your question. Most likely the answer is YES.

If you want to know what happens for a non-subscriber, just try it out. We shouldn't need to tell you what you will see when you click on some feature. Just click, and see for yourself. Would that not be a possibility?

But maybe your situation is this: You happen to be a subscriber, and want to see 'non-subscriber' mode.

Simply use 'my astro' to logout from your profile, and use the site as an 'anonymous guest user'. Once you have seen what you want to see, go back to 'my astro' and login to your subscriber profile. You need to know your my astro profile password, at that point.

Well as they say, all Good Things Must Come To An End..Being a member since 1998 I am dissapointed To see the end. It was nice while it lasted. But after all we are a materialistic society and money seems to speak louder than anything. This certainly makes it hard for people who don't have credit cards and alike but than advertisement alone can't pay all the things..Guess membership drives and alike will pay for things here on out..and with this happening I can't use this site anymore. It was nice to see caring but i see thats now come to its end as well..Money Rules-People Walk...The Poor leave..Too bad...I am outa here. Why be enticed To things I can't receive I can't use..

V. Reid Knapp Jr. [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
albany, usa --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 07:12 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Thank you very much for the prize: I have created my profile at My Astro.

Laura Scavetta
Firenze, Italy --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 06:02 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for giving me the chance to see my profile along with the interpretations. It allowed me to focus on my good points and leave behind the things that may SEEM important, but really aren't. As well, it has given me the proper drive to pursue issues that will be successful for me.

Thank you, dearly.

Dawna [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Sudbury, Canada --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 05:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I have to say I am in agreement with many of your 'Feedback' sections' comments with regard the subscription charges for the free transits, short and long term, that have been available for as long as I have visited this site, over the last year or so. It seems to me that the charges are vastly out of proportion for the so called extra that you are offering in real terms to extend beyond the next day or so's transits for your average user, is a rarity. We enjoyed the daily sojourn into our immediate, and fairly short reports on longer term transits, this is whathas made your site so obviously and extensively popular in the first place, not just the free. I feel that the point is not so much that you are now charging, it is as many have mentioned a combination of the suddeness (all business's have the right to change policy/pricing, certainly, but most would give the notice that such changes would be effective from a set date/time, this is real business practice out there, and you are citing your business as business like!),and the actual subscription fee you wish to charge. The, clearly, many thousands of visitors that you have returning to your site, must surely have indicated where the interest lay, and it wasn't in us all buying the reports, so of course you had to see the one area where the real hit had to occur: but let me ask, why did you make it such a wonderful 'freebie' in the first place, to surely, entice custom, and yes, everyone recommended on that one single, if we are truthful about it, basis! So the site pulls in the numbers, and you have now created a commodity, but I feel, you have rather struck out here, in that this is not your typical market, and your researchers didn't quite get it right in this change of policy with this market, yes sure, you will no doubt make fabulous returns, but I rather feel, the faithful, who are always, usually the poorer ofthe spectrum, with high interest and low capitalist drive (or this site anyway), may have to go elsewhere, not because they are resentful little children, who got their milk taken away, but more simply, because the subscription is really quite absurd! Be kind to those who helped you get to where you are going, not to ostracise your legitimate audience, would have been a good rule of thumb:-

Kate [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Glasgpw, UK --- Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 00:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am, among thousands, grateful for all that
Astrodienst offers and has offered for many years. Although I'm not as focused as I used to be on the art of astrology, I do mightily enjoy reading this site and accessing as much fun and educational information as this site has to offer. And I'm quite willing to purchase a subscription very paycheck.
Reading this Feedback section is rather amusing -- it is incredible how many people, when they get something free, after awhile, they think they own it AND the authors! Maybe it is a societal thing, people don't know how to appreciate privileges, and they ASSUME that a privilege is a natural born right! Get a dictionary folks--oops, that's free, too, on the internet--. Well then,
Get a life! Consult, but don't count on freebies forever! ALOIS, AND ASTRODIENST, CONGRATULATIONS,


Bev Layton
Pennsylvania, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 18:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I have been visiting this site for over a year, almost two and have never had a problem. I have found the information to be accurate and helpfull. Then one day to my dismay I was unable to access the additonal selections unless I was willing to pay.
Prior to this there was no notice that this switch was going to happen, no sorry to inform you but we are making some changes, it just did.
I an insulted at the sudden change and will not be utilizing the now unnecessarily costly services.
I understand that in order to survive you must charge for some of the services provided but at least their could have been some warning.
So no thanks for the general lack of concideration in part of a once loyal patrion. Sorry to see you turn captialist.

--- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 18:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Alois,
Having slogged through all of the feedback over this holiday weekend in the United States, I would like to add my lengthy comments.
1) I'll bet that many users of Astrodienst have never even used the services one now has to pay for. (See the note from Victoria Stevens.) Some people don't realize that if they click on the (underlined) transits that are not selected by the computer, they will have something interesting to read. The users who have made it to the feedback section are probably pre-selected as being more likely to try the other transits, but not all users make it to the feedback section. After all, most users have a job and many things to do, and don't do all the exploring they could do on your wonderful site. My colleague at work didn't know about the other transits, although she is brilliant and computer-adept. After all, she has work to do. She is French, though she works in New York, and even resists clicking on French, and so reads everything in English. So people do not explore much and are not that flexible.
People have not explored your site, I'm sure. It makes sense that they just check the daily transits, daily. It's a fun habit. Maybe we'd be better off without the habit, because time is limited (after all, I know most of Robert Hand's book by heart, anyway), but I did subscribe to the service right away, as an addiction is an addiction. (By the way, Lois Padawer is writing this note at her husbnd's, Oscar Jaeger's, computer. I tried to put in my own name and e-mail address but the computer didn't allow it.) I will remind smug users of Robert Hand's book that your pointing out the transits to look up on the free service is a great convenience.
2) Please don't lose heart, Alois. Out of 2 million users, not that many actually sent in bitter complaints. It makes sense that the non-complainers wouldn't write in right away, as of course they were not thrilled. For the people who point out that for US users 20 seems a more reasonable threshold, I agree, but please look at Alois's previous answer that this did not make sense for Astrodienst because of processing costs.
3) I'm sure notice of the change was desired by people who have a lot of Taurus, or other fixed planets, though it doesn't make any practical difference.
4) Some of the amazing things I found on your site this morning: dispositor diagrams and nine planetary persona charts by Walter Pullen (the former will be much more useful, I guess).
5) My husband is an attorney who doesn't make much money. Clients always feel that because they are in need, he should fill their need virtually for free. However, they are careful with their money and would not work for free.
6) You were pretty nice to JamieMR, who is a jerk and way overreacted. Good riddance.
7) As far as retrograde slow-moving planets go, they may not be important, but an interesting discussion of them appears in Bil Tierney's Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, which by the way contains, as well, extensive discussions of planetary pictures, such as grand crosses. Some people think that changes of direction of slow-moving planets can be interesting if a particular planet is some kind of ruler of yours or of the affairs of a particular house. Another good name for planetary pictures is Tracy Marks. These recommendations are not meant to replace the wonderful astrologers you work with.
Best regards, Lois Padawer and Oscar Jaeger

Oscar Jaeger [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brooklyn, United States of America --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 14:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Suzanne already shares and shares and shares, perhaps even sometimes to her detriment. Suzanne, however, does not go begging others to pay her way--another facet one sometimes encounters in this evil Western consumer culture. In addition--it is obvious that there are those here [at least one] who WOULD go begging others to pay their way--certainly not the credit to mankind they deem themselves to be. (Wouldn't that play censored with your Karma?) But I suppose the Taurus in me believes in standing on my own two feet--all the while sharing--and wishing Astrodienst well. And I really DO wish the best for Astrodienst. You have provided a great deal of insight to anyone who would read--and THINK. Good luck for your continued success!

Phoenix, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 10:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


ROBERT VANCE [*xyz.MYBLUELIGHT.COM --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
bRIDGEVILLE, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 09:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am sorry, but I have been unable to find records of your past purchases, Mr Vance.

You will however be pleased to hear that you have won the price for the third-most outrageous feedback entry on this subject. As a winner of the third price, you are entitled to click on 'Free Horoscopes' in the blue menu line and to check out all the features you find there.

perhaps Suzanne could enlist a few friends to chip in and purchase her 32.US subscription,then she could share astro info with her 'investors' and in SHARING get over the aggrieved sense of entitlement that so afflicts Western consumer culture...

, canada --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 08:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

...claiming 'poverty' is absurd/offensive in global context - you are not poor if you have a computer/colour t.v./refridgerator etc. - should spring for the equivalent price of dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant (under50.00)... Hate to break it to you, but I never claimed to be poor even though I do have those items--computer and connection required for my work. BUT I can't do the dinner-for-two-at-a-mid-range-restaurant or fast-food either--so I can pay for the aforementioned things. So sorry ava was offended by my reality, but being offended does not change reality. I checked back hoping you had found another way, but it appears you are not even considering other suggestions or options. I'll check back again if I can get an ADDITIONAL job [a little difficult when one is 61]--otherwise....good luck, and glad you can continue to provide full services for those who can afford it.

Phoenix, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 06:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois answered by personal email.

I have been a long time user of your free services, which I have used/enjoyed to help me navigate the daily challenges and delights of everyday life here on planet earth! After several months of using this free information, I decided I needed to support your efforts and return the energy so I ordered a report and very much liked what I received, thank you.
I also am a regular supporter of public radio and television here in the US, so I understand the concept of needing to help pay for free services which are used by so many yet paid for by so few. My one comment is that you might receive more support if you make the subscription level for the daily transits info at a more modest amount....for Americans, we can all just about afford 20 per year for something we use regularly and there is a psycological threshold at 20...over that and suddenly we think twice about saying 20 or less, no problem!
So...perhaps you might get more subscribers if you lowered your price just a little. Yes, these are tough economic times and we all need to help out.

Thank you for all the fine work that you have done in the past...I will continue to use and support your outstanding services.


Sally in the Adirondacks, NY
Westport, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 05:44 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Your site is fabulous! Would you be so kind as to inform me when the current (May 2003) Mercury retrograde will end? And is the Saturn pain-in-the-ass retrograde completely over yet? I have to time some financial transactions carefully. Thanks!

Jenn Kessler [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Carmichael, CA, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 05:16 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Whether a planet is retrograde currently, you see quickly on our homepage. In the 'current planets' listing retrogrades have a little r behind.

An overview is easiest to get from the 'printable ephemeris'. There are 3200 years of it public on our website, and this is the 2003 ephemeris as Acrobat PDF.

Finally: Mercury went direct on 22 May 2003, last Tuesday. Saturn is currently in Gemini, and moving into Cancer on 4 June. Because it is further away from the Sun than Earth, it only becomes retrograde when it is roughly in opposition to the Sun on the sky. This will be in late autumn and winter. Look for the first 'R' in the Saturn column of the printed ephemeris. For the end of retrograde, lokk for the following 'D'. For Saturn this will be 26 October 2003 - 8 March 2004. Nobody pays much attention to retrograde periods of outer planets like Saturn.

Alois - Many thanks to you for the gift. I hope to be a Web customer for many years to come. *Urban

Urban Torres
Los Angeles, USA --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 00:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Alois, Some time ago I wrote asking a question that was not answered. I am still wondering what it means to have a 'magical cross' in a chart. I was told some years ago that I had a magical cross in my chart and would love to know if it means anything to you. Thanks Cate.

Cate Jones [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Port Willunga, Australia --- Monday, May 26, 2003 at 00:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am not familiar with the term 'magical cross'. Presumably you mean what is called the 'grand cross' aspect figure. It is commonly not considered as a great blessing, in contrast to the aspect figure 'grand trine'. A lot depends on which planets are involved in the grand cross.

The cross is made up of at least two oppositions and four squares, which are all not easy aspects. There can be a lot of inner tension which has to be dealt with. In the cross configuration, these forces are balanced in a powerful way. A great challenge and a great potential. Not boring. Many great artists have had such 'difficult' aspect figures.

For more, try Google with 'aspect figure grand cross' or something like that. Also, an astrology book can't hurt.

Dear Alois

Thank you so much for your reply, the relocation report is definitely something I will be interested in, though I am not sure if I will wait that long to decide...

I don't expect for you to give me specific astrological advice, but I wish I could read some information about how to synthesize the information from the natal chart and transits with the travel maps. It is very complex to understand and there are no books available. I totally understand this is too much to get into, you have enough on your plate, I can't wait to read the result of the project you are currently working on with Liz Greene. Still, since you are offering this travel map service it would be nice to have a bit more in depth instruction about how to use it. I believe it is one of the most unique services available on the www.

I absolutely agree with your decision to charge for the daily service and I wouldn't be ashamed to publicly promote your services more and ask for visitors support. I will take it into consideration, now that I read the explanation and will try to support the site as much as I can.

All the luck and success with continuing and developing this amazing, one-of-a-kind site, and thank you so much for all that you have taught me here.


New York, US --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 20:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


i am a relatively new user of this site, and i was very surprised (pleasantly!) at such a large range of free reports, and then, one day, the different reports were part of a subsciption - well, of course, people should be paid and paid properly for their work!
what also surprised me, was the venemous quality of many of the 'feedback' e-mails i read when you needed to start charging for your reports...
i just would like to say that i appreciate your efforts, and only wish i could have enjoyed the site as long as some of the angry people have, before you began to charge...
i have only used it about two months now, and i find the quality of your research into my particular life via the astrological science is very nearly exact on most occasions...i will purchase a subscription one day when things pick up for me, but, for now, i am content with the free reports.
thank you for letting us have access on thursdays - for just a little while - to the other sections, because they give a perceptionto other aspects of our personalitites that many of us would likely deny.
have a good day

dorothy turner [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
san antonio texas, usa --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 17:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

wäre es nicht sinnvoller, bei den Transitgraphiken die TRANSIT-Aspektlinien zu zeichnen anstatt der Radix-Linien?
Wer die Radix-Aspekte sehen will, kann sie ohnehin in der Radixgraphik finden.
Ideal wären ZWEI Grafiken - wie bei den Datenblättern: eine für die Aspekte innerhalb der Transite, eine für die Aspekte zwischen Radix und Transit.

Vielen Dank in jedem fall für den ausgezeichneten Service hier!

Jakob P.
--- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 13:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Sie könnten auch selbst ein bisschen kreativ werden: Radix mit 'Horoskop des Moments' machen, dann haben Sie Ihre Intra-Transit Aspekte. Partnervergleich zwischen diesem Horoskop und Ihrem eigenen Radix, dann haben Sie die Transit-Radix-Aspekte.

Grundsätzlich bin ich aber der Ansicht, dass wegen des dynamischen Charakters der Transite das Einfrieren in ein radix-artiges Bild wenig nützlich ist.

ich bin ein neuling im internet undn zufaellig auf euere seite gestossen. dafuer bin ich sehr dankbar. da ich in einem kleinem ort in andalusien lebe und ein geistiger austausch mit gleichgesinnten rar oder man einige kilometer fahren muss um gleichgesinnte zu treffen ist das eine inspiration fuer mich mich wieder mehr mit der astrologie zu beschaeftigen. vielleicht finde ich noch menschen mit denen ich mich austauschen kann ueber das internet-
muchas gracias

barbara wiehl [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
castellar, spanien --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 12:34 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hiya, Alois et al.

How astonished I was to look at the feedback page, and to see the furore that arose from your perfectly reasonable decision to move the bulk of the daily transit interpretations into the subscribers only section!

Perhaps it is human nature to voice complaint more readily than it is to voice praise. A few were vocal in their warm support of you more were vocal in their discontent thousands per day were silent (and most probably did not mind all that much about the changes).

Certain disappointed fans of this site (past and present) appear, in the heat of the moment, to have forgotten a few basic things:

1) One shouldn't expect to receive endlessly without giving. To do so exhausts the spiritual and physical resources of the generous giver.

2) Spiritual teachers everywhere have always received payment for their service, whether in the form of course charges, book sales, fees, alms, food donations, church collections, or a salary paid by an employer who has another means of making money. After all, they may have spent years in training, and are now giving up their time, which they could otherwise use to support themselves.

3) It is unlikely that all of the staff of Astrodienst require the services of (for example) civil engineers, beauticians, or thousands of offers to cook or child-mind per day. Even if they did, it is hardly practical to offer such services from a different town or country. Money may not be the best answer to this problem of division of labour, but it is the most lasting solution - in one form or another - that humans have come up with in thousands of years of civilisation.

4) The listings and exact times of the daily transits are still perfectly visible. It is only the interpretations and activation periods of the transits that have been restricted to subscriber-only.

5) Speaking for myself, I have always found the other free information (which is still available!) to have been far more useful than the daily transit interpretations. The personality short reports, astroclick portrait and other information have been of immeasurable value to me in helping me to understand myself and others better. The forecast section and transit cyclograms (extended chart selection) have preserved my sanity by forewarning me about difficult transits, and in helping me to be philosophical about passage through such transits - as well as giving me hope that the difficult times will not last forever, or that good times lie ahead! This reader certainly finds that the daily horoscopes are more for fun. The wealth of information that Astrodienst offers is still for free!

It therefore appears to me to be rather churlish of certain readers to have lashed out at Astrodienst for the relatively minor changes that have been made. It also strikes me that some have criticised Alois for having been insensitive, in a manner considerably less courteous than Alois was.

We have all done things that we are ashamed of. We have all lashed out unfairly at someone and found it difficult afterwards to swallow our pride and apologise. I like to think that regular users of Astrodienst have used the Astrodienst services over the years to examine themselves, to grow as people, and to increase their strength of character.

Certain users who have gone over-the-top in their criticisms of Alois perhaps now need to draw on that strength of character, in order to make the apologies that they owe to him.

This fan of Astrodienst firmly remains a fan, and intends to purchase reports and/or make a subscription when she stops being a flat-broke student!

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering - I have a sun in 3rd house transit happening at the present. Apparently I am more inclined than usual to be vocal! -)


, Australia --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am most grateful, Kristie, for your warmhearted and inspired analysis.

In reference to Astrodienst now requesting subscriptions for daily transit, I understand the need for this however as a consumer having spent several hundred dollars on your reports in the past it would be nice to think that perhaps this support could be recognised by way of free access to this info.

Nicholas Heath Bower [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Dong guan, China --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 11:42 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We thank you for your orders of four reports in the year 2001, Mr Bower. Customers like you have always made our services possible. We would not have existed if it were not for customers who have purchased reports from us in the past.

Please understand that our sales from 2001 are of limited usefulness for the operations of 2003 and beyond. Allow me to use an example: The fact that someone bought several birthday cakes in a bakery some years ago will hardly enable the baker to provide a free daily bread service to that customer for years to come.

I have granted you a two-month free subscription, but I felt it important to point out that it is impossible to consider every past customer as 'entitled' to such extra services.

Auch ich bin etwas verwundert und enttäuscht darüber, dass Sie das Service des „kostenlosen Tageshoroskops mit der freien Transitauswahl“ sowie „die langfristige Prognose“ so abrupt und ohne längere Vorankündigung eingestellt haben (= nicht sehr kundenfreundlich).
Mir ist bewusst, dass Ihre Service eine hohe Fixkostendominanz aufweist und Sie nun zu Maßnahmen gezwungen sind. Dennoch glaube ich, dass Ihre Strategie möglicherweise falsch ist.

Viel richtiger wäre es gewesen neuere bzw. leistungsfähigere Produkte anzubieten z.B. dass man die kostenpflichtige „Persönliche Horoskopanalyse“ online (innerhalb eines Tages) erhält. Oder dass für noch nicht vorhandene Zusatzfeatures gezahlt werden soll, worin für den Kunden auch ein „eindeutiger“ Nutzen besteht.

Ich empfinde Ihre Äußerungen im Bereich „Feedback“ als teilweise sehr unprofessionell. Sie stellen Sich als Vertreter Ihres Unternehmens nach Außen dar. Man hat jedoch den Eindruck, dass Sie sich oft „persönlich“ angegriffen fühlen. Da der „Kunde König ist “ müssen Sie als Unternehmer, wenn Sie erfolgreich sein wollen, auch bei der 10.001 Kritik noch gelassen und professionell reagieren. Wenn Sie das nicht können, dann unterlassen Sie es einfach eine Antwort zu schreiben und lassen das Feedback einfach unkommentiert im Gästebuch stehen. Nicht jeder erwartet sich vermutlich eine Antwort!
Letztendlich schaden Sie sich mit solchen Äußerungen nur selbst. Ich glaube, viele werden es zukünftig vermeiden von Ihnen bzw. Ihrem Unternehmen eine Astroanalyse zu kaufen, wenn Sie dieses nicht gerade professionelles Verhalten in Erinnerung haben.

Diese Zeilen sollen als „Feedback“ gelten, dass man zur „Selbstreflexion“ nutzen kann. Ich finde, dass Ihr Service toll war/ist und das wird Ihnen sicherlich keiner in Abrede stellen!! Vielleicht finden Sie eine neue Lösung oder lassen Ihre Kunden mit Vorschlägen mitbestimmen, wie es weitergehen soll(Online Marktforschung)! Ob Sie z.B. Werbung akzeptieren würden etc...

Viel Erfolg!

--- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 10:32 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


DAVE G.B. [*xyz.HOTMAIL.COM --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
CHICAGO, U.S.A --- Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 02:00 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodienst, I think your website is brilliant, it makes me a bit lazy but that's OK. As an amateur astrologer I have been tracking my transits for some time with the help of Robert Hand's Planets in Transit - an excellent book. I think its great that you've been able to provide a free site for as long as you have, and Im sorry that financial difficulties have forced you into trying to generate more income. This year is proving a tough one for me too financially and so I won't be able to subscribe just yet, but I would like to thank and congratulate you on a great site, and I love the graphics. Well done. Stay afloat. Its tough making money out of the information super highway eh? All the best. Carolinkus.

Caroline [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Sydney (ish), Australia --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 23:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Alois

As always, I love your site and recommend it to anyone who is interested in astrology...

I have written to you about this subject some two and a half years ago, when astroclick travel was first launched. I am writing to you again because the question rises again, with the perspective of time. At the time I was concerned about living in the wrong places and you suggested not to take it at face value. It has been a while and I have come to the conclusion (not based on the travel maps, but on my own life experience) that it is time to move (relocate) from this place. Now I have looked again at the travel maps after a long time and found them painfully correct... I have been living here for almost 10 years, and I can identify all the influences mentioned in the maps. So this time I am not taking it so lightly... I was looking further at the maps of prospective places where I am thinking of moving to, and I find myself even more confused than before... At some point I said to myself to just forget about it and simply look for a place based on normal consideration, but I keep going back and looking at the maps... I know this sounds like I'm losing my mind... it also feels that way...
Next time I will see my therapist I will talk to him about it, but unfortunately he has very little knowledge in astrology... could you shed some more light on the subject? the problem is that I can't find a location that will be reasonable and suitable astrologically and in other terms to me and my family... and since I have experienced already how scarily accurate these predictions are I am not taking them lightly...
As the introduction recommends, I would have consulted a professional astrologer but I doubt it if there are many who are proficient in 'astro cartography'.
I love your sense of humor Alois, however, I would be very grateful for a serious reply at this important turning point in my life.

Thank you,

New York, US --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 23:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Iris, I am really sorry, but I can't - and would not, if I could - give astrological advice.

As the Astroclick Travel reading is not in the least synthetic, and does not consider your natal chart dispositions, it has really to be taken with a pound of salt, not just a grain. I cannot recommend it for serious life decisions.

I am currently working with Liz Greene on a new report which deals with relactation questions, and it is fascinating what seems to be arising out of the project. However, the work is complex and slow, and it will be at least a year before results will be available to the public.

Betrifft die in 7 Sprachen übersetzte astrologische Minimal(?)Information. Kostenlos oder nicht kostenlos - das ist die Frage !?

Lieber Alois ! Ich bin Brillenträgerin und deswegen hier das Gedicht Die Brille von Christian Morgenstern :

Korf liest gerne schnell und viel
darum widert ihn das Spiel
all des zwölfmal unerbetnen
Ausgewalzten, Breitgetretnen.

Meistens ist in sechs bis acht
Wörtern völlig abgemacht,
und in ebensoviel Sätzen
läßt sich Bandwurmweisheit schwätzen.

Es erfindet drum sein Geist
etwas, was ihn dem entreißt:
Brillen, deren Energien
ihm den Text zusammenziehen !

Beispielsweise dies Gedicht
läse, so bebrillt, man - nicht !
Dreiunddreißig seinesgleichen
gäben erst - ein -- Fragezeichen !!

Fragezeichen ??? Da fallen mir doch rein zufällig in diesem Moment meine Eltern ein - meine Mutter pflegte nämlich zu sagen: Über Geld spricht man nicht, mein Vater dagegen meinte: Vornehm geht die Welt zugrunde!

Blümchen für ? Ich hab' gesehen, daß in
Deinem Gemüsegarten inzwischen sogar Rosen blühen...
--- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 22:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Just a guess and i am probably wrong...but did u choose Thursday as the free day because that's the day that Astrodienst choose to introduce the Euro. By the way, i love this's the only one i've found on the Internet that has 'real meat' ....and i definitely will be ordering some reports to keep this website going on as wonderfully as it always has....when i get some spare cash of course! Cheers!

Jennifer [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Canada --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 19:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please, go to the daily horoscope, and click on 'Thursday'.

The contest sure brought in a lot of correspondence. It's interesing how many people use your site. Do you have any statistics? I was wondering to sort of change the pace if anyone would know the effects URANUS would have for people with a lot of Pisces in their charts as Uranus is in Pisces now. I have Sun/Saturn conj. and Venus. I find I am very irritable with loved ones and really lose my patience at the least provocation whereas before one could say or do just about anything and it did't bother me. I would love to hear from anyone about this. Thnx.

big dog [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
montreal, Canada --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 18:10 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please, have a look at daily horoscope, the note about free and subscribed service, and click on 'why?'. There are some traffic data mentioned there.

Am I going crazy? Didn't Alois clearly and plainly state the two reasons in his response to Anne on Thursday the 22nd?
1) It needs to be a weekday because the site only gets about 2/3 of the traffic on Saturday and 1/3 of the traffic on Sunday that it does on weekdays due to many people only having internet access at work. The intention is that as many people as possible will be able to take advantage of this feature.
2) Of the weekdays, Jupiter rules Thursday and thus it is a good day to be benevolent, expansive, and giving.

By the way, Alois, you have taken more heat for this than I thought possible - I will gladly pay the subscription fee as you could charge ten times the amount and have it be a fair price for your services. Thank you for your amazing site and the contribution of knowledge you have given to me and so many others over the years.

Love and Light- Dawn

Dawn Croft
Kameoka, Japan --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 14:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: here is some traffic statistics for workload distribution through the week and through a typical 24-hour day.

Dear Sir/Dear Madam,
I read you could use some people to translate your website into Dutch (which is my mother tongue): I hereby volunteer to do so. I study translating (English, French and German) and recently spent six months in Germany. So if you need someone, please do not hesitate to let me know.
I really like the site. I consult it every day, before taking important decisions, ... It really helped me in foreseeing some problems, although I used to be rather sceptical towards astrology.
I hope of being of service to you,
Yours sincerely,

Sylvie [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, België --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 12:41 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I would like to see the important long term transits changed so that all transits are available. I find only getting some of the astrological picture to be worse than getting none.

--- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 08:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback.

You probably mean that all the current long-term transits should be listed every day, instead of just two or three of them. This would mean a list of up to fourty long-term transits.

I think you have a different concept about the purpose of a DAILY HOROSCOPE than we do.

The emphasis for the daily horoscope is on variety, on finding something new each day. We never wanted to publish the whole encyclopaedia of transits for each day. There are other free services on our site with a much more convienient and useful overview of all transits for a longer period, and graphical display of their timing (Extended chart selection -> group Astrodienst special -> Transit Calendar for 6 months). [pdf example 6 months] [pdf example 3 years]

ALL THE TRANSITS is a big word. It is like hearing ALL THE NEWS on the radio, instead of the most recent, selected news. ALL THE INFORMATION at once is usually confusing and worthless, except for very few specialists who can handle that. Your hourly news cast would become very boring, with ALL THE NEWS in it, and you would very soon wish that some editor should select the INTERESTING news for you.

Hello to everyone at Astrodienst! I just want to wish you all a very good day! :)

Tomasz Stramel
Lodz, poland --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 04:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Your website is great and even with the restrictions on access to the daily horoscopes still continues to offer many other things free to the general public. Until I read the "Why?" I had no idea that you served so many people. I certainly have increased my astrology skills since accessing your site about two years ago , I think. I am a subscriber to your unlimited PDF charts in the extended chart drawing area. As an intermediate student of astrology, I enjoy casting the charts of my friends and family and of famous people too. Actually, once I know the transits occurring, I simply look them up in Robert Hands' book Planets in Transit . At some point I will probably invest in my own software, but I've been delaying that since I have always been able to get charts from I have a problem with your computerized reports. The ones by Liz Greene seem too psychological to me and I find them tiresome to read.

A couple of years ago I ordered a year's worth of computeriized transits from the astrologer Rockie Gardiner. They meant absolutely nothing to me and were valueless as far as conducting my personal life. I think an astrologer needs to at least go over the computer print out and point out things to watch and what might be more pertinent to the life of the individual. Yes, it does take time, but at least the individual doesn't feel as if his chart was read by a robot.

Los Angeles, USA --- Saturday, May 24, 2003 at 04:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: thank you for the feedback. We love to provide the free services, and we appreciate the estimation for our advanced services you have shown through the PDF subscription.

While we have many astrologers and astrology students among our students, the large majority of our users are more like 'consumers of astrology', who want to hear what the horoscope(s) can tell them, but would not have the time and interest to study the subject.

This is fine with us. Not everyone who loves good food becames a Chèf, and not everyone who loves driving a great car becomes a auto mechanic. Professional services like those by Astrodienst are here to serve those who cannot become astrologers themselves, but want to use astrology.

Please hold not your experience with a 'Rockie Gardiner' report against us. For the opinion you expressed about Liz Greene's reports: You probably had not done your own, and samples for some other persons do not really touch you inside, I find such samples rather boring to read, too. We publish them so that you can see 'what kind of report' you get. We are aware that the inner experience only happens with your own reading, or which one of a person you are emotionally attached to, and whom you know from a close distance on a personal level.

That not all astrologers travel the path of psychological astrology, is fine with me too. It is good that there is a lively variety of directions in the field. We don't want a one party system, do we, even when ours is the right party ;-)

You will find a little surprise in your registered profile, under 'my astro' -> view/edit preferences.

Hallo, liebes, habe eben Ihr WARUM? gelesen. Kann nun Ihre Massnahme sehr gut verstehen.Ich werde das Abonnement zwar nicht in Anspruch nehmen, weil ich nur ab und zu die Möglichkeit habe, ins Internet zu kommen. ------ Wollte aber die Gelegenheit benutzen, mich für die jahrelange kostenfreie NUTZUNG Ihrer Dienste zu bedanken --- werde nach wie vor gerne, soweit es mir möglich ist, zu Besuch kommen.
Ihnen allen alles Gute von Myriam.

Welzheim, Deutschland --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 21:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I was sorry that you saw it necessary to no longer offer your extended reports for free. I fully understand the expense that must be associated with maintaining your data bases, however, I would like to make a suggestion. You mentioned that if one person in 1000 would purchase the subscription that it would offset your expenses. I would seem to me that if you charged a much more reasonable and affordable price for your service, for example 10.00 to 15.00 annually that you would obtain a much higher subscription rate and should even increase your revenue. I think that you should have probably began charging a lower rate and increased it if you did not get the level that was necessary.
Because you have priced this so high, I will probably look to another source. I certainly enjoyed your website and felt that it was a great resource of information.

Vicki McIntosh [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Warren, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 18:50 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We thank you for your well intended advice. At this time, however, we prefer to follow our own course, as we feel that it is the right one.

Please be assured that continues to be the greatest resource of free astrology information. Have you ever visited all of 'Free Horoscopes' (in the top menu) or all of Understanding Astrology' (here in the left column).

Having accessed the free horoscopes and finding them very nice, I was surprised that you have restricted the access to all the choices for selection to subscribers only. I think that you should provide an inducement to buy your other products by including the subscription for free to people who purchased them. Add one year of subscription if the person purchases. This would add value to your products and if the viewers don't wish to purchase products they can then purchase a subscription to the dailies. This would then provide an inducement for both as opposed to the either/ or situation that you currently have. This would benefit me since I do purchase you products.

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 17:44 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We thank you for your well intended advice. At this time, however, we prefer to follow our own course, as we feel that it is the right one. Please accept that the pricing policy of a company like ours is a complex matter, which involves many factors we are not ready to discuss in public with our customers.

Be assured that we believe to do the best in the interest of our valued customers, who expect top quality services from us, as well as our staff, our authors and our many distribution partners in other countries. Astrodienst is in service in its 24th year, and I am sure it will see its 50th anniversary, hopefully in my lifetime (I will turn 80 then). I expect to guide it wisely into its future, for many years to come.

Malgré la lecture de vos réponses, je ne suis pas encore convaincue de l'utilité de restreindre l'accès aux aspects quotidiens, via l'horoscope gratuit! J'éprouvais beaucoup de plaisir et d'intérêt à la lecture de l'horoscope quotidien, y compris les différents aspects analysés.
Dommage, car votre site est vraiment super! J'étais une visiteuse très régulière et fidèle!
N'est-il pas possible d'obtenir une compensation financière par le biais de vos sponsors?
Je signe avec espoir.

Michele [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Bruxelles, Belgique --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 14:48 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

hey, i want to thank you for answering my question so quickly! i wrote it yesterday and you answerd today! my goodness with all the work you seem to have on your plate it was wonderful to get my responce so quickly. i also wanted to say that you gave a great service for free for a long time, you need to eat too. sure it was a bummer of a suprise, but with all you put out there for free i was suprised that anybody bought anything at all, and i wondered how you stayed in bussines. i for one will suck it up, put a little money aside, by the subscription and give a little support back to those who gave to me for so long! thanks for every thing! and good luck

Magdalen Wilde
--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 14:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I'm really sad that you are slowly taking away all the free options. I check your site daily and recommend it to all my friends. I bought a report from you and planned to do so in the future, but soon I will simply stop coming to you site....... I miss the other transits occuring today and important long term transists...

Montreal --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 13:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback.

I need to set this right: We are not "slowly taking away all the free options". I don't know what perception makes you say that.

In all the times since exists this has been exactly the only restrictive change. But a subscriber gets also a lot in ADDITION to the free modus: navigation over 1826 days af daily horoscopes, for up to 100 people.

I would appreciate it if comments could be a bit more objective. Please click on the menu item 'Free Horoscopes' and check out all you find there. It is an overwhelming amount of free personal services.

Please click on the 'why' link in the daily horoscope to understand the motive for our changes. We are honest and open, and communicate our policy clearly. I have a dislike for false and unfair accusations, and I do not think that we have earned those, considering what we offer since 1996.

it's so sad to see that your terrific website is now restricted -- by a request to pay for information you've provided free for so long.

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 12:49 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please be aware that the subscription brings you MUCH more: free navigation over 1826 days for personal daily horoscopes of the past and future.

The key element of the daily horoscope also remains free, and we intend not to restrict that ever, as long as we can keep operating.

I think your site is great. but, I think if you would like to sell more reports, you might want to think about lowering the price. I think 50 or 60 bucks is pretty steep for a computer generated report. To me, 20-30 would be more appropriate and I would buy more. Better value.

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 12:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We thank you for your well intended advice. At this time, however, we prefer to follow our own course, as we feel that it is the right one. Please accept that the pricing policy of a company like ours is a complex matter, which involves many factors we are not ready to discuss in public with our customers.

Be assured that we believe to do the best in the interest of our valued customers, who expect top quality services from us, as well as our staff, our authors and our many distribution partners in other countries. Astrodienst is in service in its 24th year, and I am sure it will see its 50th anniversary, hopefully in my lifetime (I will turn 80 then). I expect to guide it wisely into its future, for many years to come.

I enjoy the convenience of your Web site and the Hand narratives (though, of course, there is no substitute for working directly with a gifted astrologer.) In my case, I prefer the oldest House system in astrology, the Equal House system. In my twenty years of using astrology, I have found it to be the accurate one. I am inclined to subscribe to your service, but I would really appreciate the option of selecting an Equal House reading (so I wouldn't have to do my own adjustments, etc.) Would it be possible to add this feature, which wouldn't change the readings other than as respects House references?

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 11:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback.

About the choice of house systems, I am afraid, I must say no. For interpretations, which were written by their authors with a particular system of houses in mind, we do let the readers choose house systems. Also when you visit an astrologer, he/she will not use YOUR system for his/her work, but his/her own.

In the free chart area, where there is no interpretation, this is different. There users can choose house systems freely.

But as an experienced astrologer you can certainly wortk out the transit times through the equal houses other than from the daily horoscope page. The subscription will then allow you to navigate freely in time, to such a date, when the house transit happens in the Placidus system, and then you can read the interpretation.

I think I also need to say this: In the current discussion here, the technical aspects of the daily horoscope page have been over-valued. Mainly, the daily horoscope page is entertainment - something fresh to read for each day, with a specially chosen picture to stimluate also the phantasy, not just with dry information.

It is however not a teaching tool, or a tool for sophisticated horoscope analysis. Entertainmaint and inspiation is the focus.

I am highly upset that you have chosen to charge for the so called free daily horoscope. The free one wasn't that detailed and you didn't even show all the transits occuring. Also in these past few months it seems that there is a lack of something in these horoscopes. As if you weren't even trying to show other things going on, like you don't care because you know that you will be charging soon. I will not be back to your web-site. It's a shame about the greed in this world.

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 11:06 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I can only say that your suspicions are unfounded.

Sie geben die erweiterte Tagesdeutung seit neuestem nur noch für Abonnenten frei.
Ich fürchte, Sie machen damit einen Vertriebsfehler.
Stellen Sie sich die Sache doch ein Mal so vor:
1) Leser, die bislang freien Zugang zu den erweiterten Deutungen für gestern/heute/morgen hatten, haben diesen nun nicht mehr, wollen jedoch auch nicht abonnieren und loggen sich nicht mehr ein
2) Kaufmotivation, wie sie bislang über diese Schiene zu Ihren Printprodukten führte, geht damit ins Leere oder zu anderen Anbietern
Inetwa derart - das behaupte ich einfach 'mal - wird es gehen.
Sie werden dies nicht nach zwei Wochen, aber auf jeden Fall nach mehreren Monaten feststellen, knickt die Online-Bestellung für Ihre Printausgaben ein.
Wenn Sie dann wieder umstellen, wird Ihnen ein Gutteil dieser Interessenten weg gebrochen sein und wird erst nach Monaten - wenn überhaupt - wieder einloggen und bestellen.

Haben Sie schon einmal exakt erfasst, wie diese Vertriebswerkzeuge zusammen wirken?
Vor geraumer Zeit wurde auf Ihren Seiten recht geschickt angeboten, dass man gegen Registrierung und Gebühr die Deutung für jeden beliebigen Tag einsehen könne.
Wie es scheint, hatten Sie damit zu wenig Erfolg.
Jetzt fahren Sie auf der Gegensprur.
Aber dies wird den Kundenstamm von nur einengen.

Verstehen Sie mein Mail bitte richtig.
Ich schätze Ihre Arbeit außerordentlich.
Meine - und die verschiedener meiner Freunde - Erfahrung und Praxis ist nun 'mal die oben beschriebene.

Die Website ist das Appetithäppchen, das Printprodukt vermutlich die Hauptspeise.
Verhungern Sie bitte nicht.

Mit freundlichem Gruß
Conny Filì

Conny Filì
--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 10:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

(1) I think you chose Thursday because there's not as much internet traffic that day.
(2) Transits usually have an effect for several days, so by choosing Thursday, visitors will know what's ahead for the weekend. Thank you.

Susan Salaki [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Pittsburg, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 05:48 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Can think of two reasons why you chose a weekday day for giving all transits free in preference to the weekend. One reason is banks are shut over weekends. The other is free transits over the weekend could make weekend traffic to your site too heavy.
Your reason for choosing Thursday rather than any other working day could be Thursday is payday for most people, ie it's time of week they can best afford a subscription.

Cheers, Ann

Ann Macrae
Sanson, New Zealand --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 05:47 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

In answer to your question, Thursday is an Old English word meaning... Thor's Day. Thor is the coolest Norse god, so Thursday is the coolest day of the week.

Kelly Corbin [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Seattle, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 04:50 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason (somehow..) right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

I'd love to believe there is some arcane mystery associated with the answer, however, I suspect it somewhat resembles this line of reasoning:
Providing something out of the ordinary (i.e., a free bonus offer to the general public) could be economically tracked by databases, servers or employees during the typical workweek. By designating an absolute within the operating program to record the hits on these given days, you could gather marketing data to help further your business. That absolute could determine the typical hits from out-of-the-ordinary activity on the website. Thursday (being the last day before a Friday when such statistics are typically gathered and processed)provides one day before and one day after a given date to glance at the transits -- while remaining within a specified workweek and not incurring out of the ordinary manpower expenses.
Whatever the reasons, this site is the most comprehensive of its type I have used, and anything encompassing Liz Greene's readings is a definite plus in my book. Her insight, combined with her Jungian background, is an unbeatable combination. Keep up the phenomenal services!

Linda Kieran [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Redondo Beach, CA, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 04:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am confused. I don't see any difference between the free personal horoscope and the horoscope I'm getting now after paying a subscription fee. What is the difference? I'd appreciate some input on this, thanks.

Victoria Stevens
Chicago, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 04:02 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

hi, i love your website. in response to your quiz about thursday, i think you are using the energy of the planets to boost your income to the site, since each personal planet's energy rules a day as well.

1st-you wouldn't want to use a weekend day because, given the time difference, it may be saturday somewhere in the world, which falls under saturn's worrying, restrictive, (and not necessarily generous) influences. not good for business...

2nd-of all the weekdays, thursday is the best choice because it's ruled by expansive (and very generous) jupiter. as far as time zones, if (somewhere in the world) it falls on wednesday, the curious and learning-oriented mercury's influence will draw people in (plus mercury is associated with commerce). if it falls on friday, then venus' energy steps in. love is opportunity (to love), which makes sense that venus rules money, for money is opportunity as well (to spend money), and by giving away free services, you are giving away money. you are giving people the opportunity to learn more about your site (mercury) and expand their own horizons (jupiter), which increases the site's income (venus) which has a beneficial effect for all (jupiter). VERY GOOD for business. i say it's ingenious. that's why you guys are the best.

Evan [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 03:57 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

I think you choose thursday for giving the free suscription because thursday is the day of jupiter and Jupiter is among many other things the lucky planet I hope I am lucky.

leticia [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
mexico --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 03:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.


After looking through the answers to the question :
Warum Donnerstag?
I'm wondering if ONE of the reasons Thursday was chosen is that Donnerstag/Thursday is named after Thor, the god of thunder and lightening ...

because when Thor throws his hammer, flashes of lightening (accompanied by claps of thuner) illuminate the earth ... and in a similar way, flashes of insight from Astrology can illuminate our lives.

Just a guess .. I won't attempt a second reason!


, Australia --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 03:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Well, it's more the Roman relative of Thor. But as fitting to the generous Jupiter:
You get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

The site is the best all around, and me and all the visitors every day around the world back up this saying, and you of course you're in your right to mantain the level at Astro, but not all the people can pay for such services or not all have credit cards (partucular case :(), so it would be good to implement also money orders on the payment options.
And you have all the right to mantain your site the way you have been all through this years. And as you say it has a unique style, fine, without pop-ups or astrologers who appear like clowns or hoax. you teach us(why not?)Astrology as a Fine Art, not as a pseudo-science for retrograde people that just read Astrology from the elemental or carnal ponit of view. You give us reasons why our souls are sufering, becoming into or lightening our lives or others'.So you're concerned in our spirits not only on the flesh.
This is great.Keep on being this way, come censored or high water!!
Laura Delgado

Laura [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Mexico City, Mexico --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 02:52 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I was just wondering if I would be able to get the extended and daily horoscopes for the other people on my astro data if I DO subscribe?


lisa [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
taunton, usa --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 02:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Oh yes, a subscriber can use the subscription for any of the up to 100 natal records stored in his/her profile. By deleting some data and reinserting others, even the number 100 is no limit.

Okay this is a response to attempt to get a free year of daily horoscopes.
Its on thursday because it's the middle of the week and its also on the day that you decided to come up with this idea? And it's not on the weekend because during the week people are going out to work and are most likely to want an idea of how there day is going to be?

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 02:14 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Lösung der Preisfrage: Wochentag, wegen der höheren Besucherzahlen (am Wochenende haben manche Menschen keine Zugriffsmöglichkeit, weil sie keinen privaten Internetzugang haben und nur vom Arbeitsplatz / der Uni aus auf die Website kommen) und Donnerstag wegen Jupiter!

Mail zur Gewinnbenachrichtigung:

--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 01:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Glückwunsch, die zweite Gewinnerin.

PS: Sie müssen aber ein Registriertes Profil auf 'mein astro' einrichten oder ein vorhandenes mir angeben, damit wir das Abo dort aktivieren können. Mit anonymen Gastprofilen geht ein Abo nicht.

I have been recommending to all my friends for over a year now, I really enjoy the daily horoscope. Several of my friends are now subscribers. However I must say I am VERY DISAPOINTED to no longer have access to my daily transits availible. I have been exploring all of my transits each day for the last year, and I don't have 40 to spend to get the same service I used to get for free! I will no longer speak highly of, sorry.

Jeff Henry
--- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 01:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Alois,
Thank you for your very kind consideration in recognition of customer loyalty. I guess you already can tell that I think highly of your service.

Laura Wardner [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Cromwell, CT, U.S.A. --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 00:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Las razones para que justamente el jueves se regalen esos preciosos datos:
1. El jueves marca exactamente la mitad de la semana: 3 días antes y 3 después. Luego, es una cuestión de equilibrio.
2. Júpiter rige el día jueves. Debe ser, en efecto, un día de bonanza, expansión positiva, generosidad y buena fortuna.
En mi caso personal (Leo ascendente Sagitario, Luna en Acuario,Júpiter en Capricornio, Casa 2), me da aumento en bienes raíces, bienestar en esta edad madura y precisamente hoy, jueves 22 de mayo, la buena noticia de un viaje próximo.
¿Qué más se puede pedir? Me vuelve el alma al cuerpo después de la cuadratura Urano-Marte de la semana pasada!
Soy asidua consultante de Astrodienst. Gracias por su orientación cotidiana y su generosidad, muy jupiterina, muy de día jueves....
22 de mayo 2003, 19.51 hrs.

margarita [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
méxico d.f., méxico --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 00:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.


ALONSO CAVAZOS [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
MONTERREY, MEXICO --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 00:23 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

You picked Thursday because it was a Thursday the day your site went on-line.

Mimi [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
San Diego, USA --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 00:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Schade, jetzt werde ich Astrodienst aufgeben müssen. Die noch verfügbare Info bei den Gratishoroskopen ist geradezu lächerlich. Traurig, dass Sie die Leute auf diese Weise abzocken müssen.

, Schweiz --- Friday, May 23, 2003 at 00:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Vielen Dank für Ihr faires und objektives Feedback.

Sind Sie sicher, dass Sie sich alles, was unter dem Menupunkt 'Gratis Horoskope' zu finden ist, schon jemals angesehen haben? Geradezu lächerlich? Auf Wiedersehen!

en reposes a la question de la gratuité du jeudi , je penses que s'est parceque le jeudi est le jour de jupiter...pourquoi pas

remy [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
trans-en-provence, france --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 23:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Recently, I bought one of your relationship horoscopes, which is very informative, insightful, and well-written. You've asked for feedback, however, so I'd like to share with you the few critiques I have. First, parts of the text seemed to be a bit repetitive. Especially in a certain area, there would be different headings but the text said basically the same thing. (Of course, this may be a function of the astrological data involved, or my laziness in reading for subtelty). Secondly, it would have been helpful to know beforehand of the stuff regarding the horoscope's perspective (i.e. from the person who ordered it). Perhaps an option on the ordering page to get the completely balanced horoscope would be good. Then a person could get all the available information without your having to send another report out.
Again, these suggestions are quite minor. The report is excellent, and I have been very satisfied with the services at Astrodienst, both free and for sale. Thanks.

--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 23:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am hoping I am not to late to respond to the questions about why you chose every Thursday to let non-subscribers use the services for free.. Well, the my first thought is because the weekends are very busy for internet useage.. And,this free service might clog the systems, and prevent it's smooth opperation.. Second, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter and Sagitarius..( I know this because I am one, born 12/21/61 ) and as we all know, Sagitarius rules knowlege and learning about all things metaphysical, religious and/or spiritual.. So,What better day than Sagitarius ruled Thursday to give people a astrological treat for mid-week?? I really enjoy this web-site!! Keep up the great work.. I've been telling all of my friends and family about you guys!! Viele Liebe!
Aliisa Henning

Aliisa [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Near Seattle, WA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 23:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

bestaat er geen makkelijkere manier om te betalen?? de rabobank vertelde me dat het een hele moeilijke manier is om het over te maken!
kan het niet automatisch van mijn rekening afgeshcreven worden?

Anky [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
eindhoven, holland --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 22:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

For a student astrologer Astrodienst is an truly amazing learning resource,but have you thrown out the baby with the bathwater? No one needs 100 names on profile.It might be better to limit this and allow up to 5 transits without subscription as this has really left us with a gaping hole!

--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 22:07 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for your opinion.

Of course it is a Thursday because i was born on a thursday so it's a lucky day. Just kidding.
Tineke born 19-3-1964

Tineke [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Dokkum, Holland --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 21:57 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Your team is very impressive, to say the least. I have never found an astrology site that provides such balanced and intelligent insight.

I am a Cancerian, born on the 6th of July in 1982 at 4:19 am that time, from what I've read, the lunar eclipse that had begun late the previous evening was in the closing stages of the penumbral phase. I have been trying to find good articles and information on the possible effects of being born during a lunar eclipse. Also, from what I've read, the solar eclipse prior to your birth is also very pertinent in your life-astrology I think the only total solar eclipse prior to my birth was in 1980.

Now that I'm done rambling, what I'm trying to ask is:

Where can I find quality information on the astrological significance of eclipses, PARTICULARLY concerning birth during a lunar eclipse?

Thanks so much-


.J. [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
no thanks, usa --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 21:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I enjoy your site a lot. I would like to ask, I have transiting Uranus conjunct my natal North Node. Maybe this will come up under your listing of transits in the daily horoscope section, but it hasn't yet. Nor has it appeared in the Forecast section (which I realize is pretty limited). I'm just curious, will this transit be shown, and explained? If not, why not? Is it only because there are too many transits to cover them all, or is there some other reason I could know? I believe that it doesn't appear in updated versions of Robert Hand's Planets in Transit book, either.
P.S. I would love to work as an astrologer someday, or perhaps for an astrology company like yours. However, I have never studied more than as an avid amateur...

Aaron Wilde [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Los Angeles, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 21:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Thursday =Thors day
A Rune to use on this day is Thurisaz (Germanic), Thuith (Gothic), Thorn (Old English), Thurse (Old Norse). A real thorn can be tiny, but irritating. Problems may appear bigger than they really are. Thorn helps to put them in perspective, especially when an important decision must be made. The advice of what is needed can result in a very successful outcome. Problems and fears can then be encountered as creative challenges. Ask for advice and help when needed, especially on this day!

Is this why you chose Thursday?

Chris [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, Wales UK --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 21:00 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hi Alois, glad to see your getting more positive feedback today then earlier. Your wesite is a wonderful service to us all. How is the Thusday question coming??? Any winners yet?

--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 20:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Yes, I am glad the wind has turned. It was rough. And a little bit, we have given in, too.

About the winners: I rather not tell you that, before the contest is over. But with the hints I have added it is not that difficult any more.

Hi Alois, I may come too late to participate to your thursday-bonus-question game but I just get to know it now. May I join the party?

Well, my anwser is this:

As you know that I have a (very) strong Peter Pan archetype and thus am strongly jupiterian and fly higher every thursday, you want to give me my chance to read my thursday horoscope in case I fly too high that day and then break my nose and leg while landing on friday. Must be your reason. In case it is, I thank you in advance for your friendly caring.

In case I win the bell - who knows - , I would be pleased you could offer my free subcription to somebody else. So, let's say I just played for fun, would sound better.

In any case, thanks for all you do here for astrodienst.

Gérard Sorée

gerard Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 20:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hi Astrodienst Staff
Thanks so much for the brilliant service you give. It looks as though I am much too late to be one of the first two correct answers, but for what it's worth, I would say you chose Thursday for the purely practical reason that we like to know what's in store for the weekend, so this would be the incentive for letting us go into more detail on a Thursday. The tomorrow click on a Thursday lets us see Friday's selection without being able to access the alternatives - a teaser, and an excellent marketing ploy. The second reason, to be completely different, is that it is nearly the end of the week, and my energies are lower than on other days, and I need the alternative readings more than on other days.
No? Ah well, there it isn't then!
At the moment I have transiting Pluto conjunct my natal moon and Saturn in the seventh house, and opposed by transiting Saturn. I need the benevolence of the universe like mad, but there is no Jupiter in sight. So while I haven't won anything, I feel truly blessed that I have discovered this site, and grateful to you for the excellent boon.

Corinne Knowles [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Grahamstown, South Africa --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 19:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

La primera opción es que el jueves fué el día de la creación del sitio Astro
La segunda es que los jueves estan bajo la protección de júpiter y su expansión espiritual y su busqueda contínua.

Primera opcion es que un jueves se creo el sitio astro
Segunda es que el jueves está bajo la protección de Jupiter y su expansion espiritual y su busqueda perpetua

Monica Ferreiro [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Buenos Aires, Argentina --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 18:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Just saw your notice about less free access- I've printed out a lot of the descriptions and so at least have that for reference if I can't otherwise access a description.

I saw one of my proposed answers but not the other:
1) Thursday's connection with Jupiter
2) It should be a weekday because many people will have access to your website only at work, therefore only during the weekdays.

Anne Hochberg [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Haverford, PA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 18:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Congratulations, our first winner! I take it that you did not want to repeat all 'Jupiter' details because many got that right before you, so you just put a short reference.

Here is our reasoning:

There are two special reasons why we have selected Thursday.

First we wanted to give Sundays for free, as Sunday is the natural 'free' day in western culture. But about one third of our vistors has no Internet access on weekends, as they use the web only at work, school or other places where they don't go on Sundays. The user numbers on weekends are only 2/3 of the user numbers on workdays. This ruled Sunday out. It had to be a workday. We certainly did not want to exclude 1/3 of the users.

The relative traffic volume on the five workdays has no relevance - Monday has the highest (because the weekend absentees show withdrawal symptoms, R.Nelson?), Friday is lowest (some people start their weekend early?). The variation between the five weekdays is less than 2% from their average.

Each day of the week has a 'planetary god' since ancient tradition. Before the telecope was invented, humans knew seven planets (wandering stars among the fixed stars) on the sky. This is why the week came to have seven days, one day for each planetary god.

In English, we see these planetary gods still in Monday, Saturday and Sunday. In languages like Italian also the other planetary gods are obvious: Martedi = Tuesday, Mercoledi = Wednesday, Giovedi (Jupiter's day) = Thursday, Venerdi = Friday.

Thursday is the day of Jupiter, of generosity, expansion, well meaning. This is why Thursday was chosen as the day of free access among the work-days, after the weekend had been excluded for more practical reasons.

Your site is wonderful, it's a well of knowledge in astrology.
I'm confuse about the the different house systems, I would like to find explaination concernant the unequal houses, why a house can have 17 degrees and another 42. Where can I find the information? I hope someone will answer to me.
Thank you

Liliane Fisher [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Pasadena, CA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 17:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We have an excellent article The astronomical foundations of the houses but it is in German.

The basic reason is this: The zodiac is divided by two fundamental planes: the plane of the horizon (horizontal), and the plane of the meridian (vertical, going through the south point, north point and zenith).

This intersection divides the zodiac into four quadrants. The quadrants are not of equal size, except at two short moments every day, when 0° Cancer or O° capricorn culminate. At this moment, each quadrant is 90 degrees. At any other time, two will be smaller and two will be larger.

In most house systems, the houses are found as a division of these quadrants into three smaller parts. The Porphyry house system divides each quadrant into three equal parts, other systems have different construction rules. Imagine the task 'how to divide a cat into three parts'. There are different possibilities, too (The cat being the favourite laboratory animal for theoretical physics in Zürich, as established by Erwin Schrödinger). By weight, by surface, by length, etc.

While I was typing this with one hand, metaphorically speaking, I googled a little with the other and found this

Dear Astrodienst,
We all hesitate to talk about money, like it is something ugly...except when we need it! Well, I will be glad to subscribe. You deserve to stay afloat and continue to bring the resources of ace astrologers Liz Greene and Robert Hand to web users.
I see that others have covered my guesses on why thursday? I hope you will announce the correct answers on the site?
Unfortunately, and ironically, I'm not able to select alternate transits this a special Thursday?

Malden, MA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 17:16 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Are you looking at the 'Thursday, 22 May' horoscope, or at tomorrow's or yesterday's? It is always the 'Thursday horoscope', which has the free feature. If you visit on Wednesday and call up 'tomorrow', you get the free alternate transit navigation as well.

It is easy to see whether all the transit lines are blue and underlined (active links) or not.

Thanks to you and your team for the terrific site!

Ditto to Julian re: the benefit of not having to flip through my ancient copy of Planets in Transit by Rob Hand (excellent book), and also having the Chiron transits which were not in my well used book.

Re: Thursday choice for promotion
1. New moon on Thursday May 1, 2003 in Taurus
- great for prosperous beginnings of new ventures
planting for future growth.
2. Thursday- ruled by Jupiter who reigns over abundance, higher education, start of new undertakings, prosperity, import/export, knowledge benefits, opportunities, etc.
3. Astro from the Greek, meaning star- 4 letters
in star- Thursday is the 4th day.
4.Thursday is your busiest traffic day???

thanks again,


Jacqueline [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Canada --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 16:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Hello Astrodienst,

I think you chose Thursdays to offer free transit reports because Thursday is Thor's Day the Norse eguivalent to the Roman God Jupiter, the planet of expansion and bonus. Also, on a more practical level Thursday is a right before the weekend and the next week - a prime time for planning.

LW [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Richmond, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 16:46 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

I think you chose free Thursdays because Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and is about expansion and creativity, and also being the ruler of Sagittarius(keyword:freedom)and Pisces(keyword:imagination), it underscores the 1.action and 2.emotional expression aspects of manifestation- characteristics of Jupiter's influence, emboldened by currenty being positioned in Cancer in which Jupiter is now exalted. You are creating a positive ritual of constructive personal growth by enticing us all to come back every Thursday, as we all foster this creative expression in our actions and imaginations on a subconscious level! Thankyou! You are wonderful people!

Meredith Collins [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Seattle, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 16:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Bon Jour!!!

Super bien fait votre site!!!!:-)

Raison pour que le jeudi vous laissiez les horoscope gratuit ....
selon moi 1. parce que le site à vue le jour un Jeudi...
2.Parce que cest le jour de Jupiter qui égal générosité et abondance :-)

Merçi à vous de votre générosité!


--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 16:17 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

I believe that Thursdays transits are free because thursdays are ruled by Jupiter

Lauren Lagasi [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
New York, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 16:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Love your site....will be ordering soon to keep this wonderful website continuing as is...txs! Ummm...does anyone have the right answer yet to your bonus question? I think you have chosen Thursday because that is the day Astrodienst introduced the Euro.

Jennifer [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Canada --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Creo que la elección del día jueves se debe a los siguientes motivos:
- jueves está asociado con Júpiter, el planeta de la suerte.
-jueves es el 5to. día comenzando a contar desde el domingo, y la casa 5ta. es la casa de los juegos de azar, entre otras cosas, o sea la casa de la suerte.

Norma Rinaudo [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Buenos Aires, Argentina --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Hallo Astro's,
Ik vind het een goede moeve dat jullie geld gaan vragen. Ik ben blij dat een dergelijke site bestaat met zulke goede informatie.

Ik zal een abonnement gaan nemen zodra ik dat financieel kan.

Eric Odinot

Eric Odinot [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Zierikzee, The Netherlands --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:46 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Warum Donnerstag?

1. Donnerstag ist der Tag des großzügigen Jupiter
2. Astrodiens wurde an einem Donnerstag geboren

PS: Auch ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle für das große Angebot, das Sie nach wie vor kostenlos zur Verfügung stellen bedanken und hoffe, dass es Ihnen die Situation auch weiterhin erlaubt, Ihr tolles Service aufrechtzuerhalten.

LG :-)

Hermann [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, Österreich --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:44 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Ich habe nun einen zuätzlichen Hinweis beim 'Donnerstag' Link im Tageshoroskop angebracht, um das Raten leichter zu machen.

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Sehr geehrter Herr Treindl,

als Moderator eines mundanastrologischen Diskussionsforums im Internet benutzte ich ausschliesslich Ihre Horoskopgrafiken. Ich habe dafür weder einen Cent bezahlt noch um Erlaubnis nachgesucht. Dieser Ihr Dienst war und ist frei im besten Sinne des Wortes.
Nun ist der Tag gekommen, mich bei Ihnen recht herzlich dafür zu bedanken, dass Sie mir und einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit die Früchte Ihrer Arbeit kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

By former working on a internet-forum about Astrology I have only used charts of Astrodienst. I haven´t paid a single Cent for that. I haven´t asked for permission either. This service always was and still is for free in the best sense of the word.
Now the day has come to say Thank You! to Mr. Treindl and his team for sharing the fruits of their work with me in public use.

Thomas Feddersen

This world has enough for everybody´s need but not enough for everybody´s greed - Mahatma Gandhi

Th. Feddersen
Xaos, Old Europe --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:23 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Jupiter rulership on Thursday, and my intuition says you were probably Born on Thursday...

ohana [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 15:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Thursday = Thor being the protector of both gods and humans against the forces of evil.
Thursday being ruled by Jupiter = LUCK

Beanie [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
kansas, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 14:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Dear Astro Staff:
Thank you for the past several years of free astro services from your website. I
understand the necessity of withdrawal of
some of your free services, and I want you to know that if my situation allowed
for the purchasing of astrological info,
you would be my only choice. Thanks for having a big heart.

--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 14:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

il giorno giovedì è stato scelto perchè è il giorno di GIOVE.


Francesca [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
roma, italia --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 14:23 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

not so much a comment as a question. if i get your subscription will i be able to check my astro from any computer? the system befor used cookies to recognize me and alow me to acsses my info. in case i move or am on vacation i would like to see what is up. thanks

Magdalen Wilde
--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 13:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Of course, but this has always been possible by creating a registered profile at 'my astro'. This feature is free and independent of subscriptions.

Each subsriber however creates during the ordering process automatically a registered profile, if he/she does not have one yet.

Con respecto a la pregunta relativa a los tránsitos ampliados que se ofrecen los jueves.
Me aventuro a decir que las dos razones son:
-Porque el jueves es un día intermedio de la semana.
-Porque el jueves es mas visitada la página.
Un saludo

--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 13:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Hi, I give you the third price, even when you were not exactly right. It had become much easier later on, when I had published the hint.

PS: please create a registered profile at 'my astro' and then tell me by email, so that we can enter the free subscription to it. I have no other way of contacting you.

Why Thusday was born feb 19.1997(thursday)
2.Thursday is the day of Jupiter-expansion ect.

Jennifer G [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Newnan, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 12:46 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

2 Gründe für Donnerstag das Gratisangebot zu erweitern:
1. Donnerstag ist dem Jupiter geweiht, dem Glücksbringer !
2. gestern = Mittwoch ist vom Merkur, dem geflügeltem Götterboten beherrscht .
also 2 gute Glücksboten als Geschenküberbringer!

Gabriela Schöbel [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
München, Deutschland --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 11:47 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

2 Gründe, die für den Donnerstag sprechen.
1) Donnerstag liegt in der Mitte der Woche
2) Donnerstag ist dem Planeten Jupiter zugeordnet, der für Großzügigkeit und Erweiterung (auch ideeller Natur) steht - also ein guter Tag, um ein erweitertes Horoskop gratis anzubieten.

Monika Beranek
Wien, Österreich --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 10:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

First here's my guess at the two reasons why, as noted it's Jupiter's day and Jove grants such boons, secondly, Thursday is until the end of June the Quarter days of the lunation cycle handy for keeping track.

As with others I'm disapointed to see the end of the free daily transit service, it was too good to be true and harped backed to the old days of the net, it was certinaly more convienient than thumbing through my copy of Robert Hand's Planets in Transit, still all good things come to end, my question is why now and can you point to an astrological indicator which demonstrates the significance of this development for astrodienst?

Julian Izzo [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
London, England --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 10:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

First of all, many compliments to you
the two reasons for thursday are:
1) your name is Astrodienst: thursday in german language is dienstag
2)the extended transit navigation fits perfectly to the special characteristics binded together with planet Jupiter

laura scavetta
florence, italy --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 10:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

ich denke der donnerstag ist gewählt worden, weil es astrol. die mitte ist

evelyn wolf [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
seesen, deutschland --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 09:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Thursday because of...
*named after father God Jupiter
*brings a kind of royal mood, which you need to win a price....

marlous grotenhuis [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Eindhoven, Netherlands --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 09:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Hello! Here is my answer to the bonus question:
1)Thursday has to do with Jupiter, 2) wich has to do with expanding horizons, mind and understanding with larger perspectives, good luck, celestial gifts. As a gift, the free navigation offer feets well on a Jupiter blessed day. People all over the world get a chance to expand their knowledge, as selected astrological information is democratized (a samall part, it's true, but, still, a good one). Good luck and peace to us all!

Izabel Brandão [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Curitiba, Brasil --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 08:30 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Hallo, liebe Astro-Dienst-Betreiber!
Meine Vermutung, warum gerade der Donnerstag ausgewählt wurde, um weitere Transitdeutungen und längerfristige Tendenzen kostenlos anzubieten:
1. Donnerstag (frz. Jeudi) ist der tag, der traditionell Jupiter zugeschrieben wird. Als solcher ist er ideal geeignet, sich großzügig zu zeigen und etwas kostenlos anzubieten. Jupiter unterstützt diese großzügige, expansive Handeln.
2. Donnerstag liegt mitten in der Woche, ist also ein idealer Tag, um nach vorne und zurück zu schauen, also zu sehen, was in der Woche schon passiert ist und was man fürs Wochenende plant oder erwartet. Daher ist er besonders gut für das Heranziehen weiterer oder langfristiger Aspekte geeignet.
Liege ich mit einer oder beiden Vermutungen richtig?
Gruß - Claudia

Claudia Pieritz-Benesch
Berlin, Deutschland --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 07:29 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

I enjoy everyday coming to my favorite and being able to receive some much helpful information and for free for so long !! Thank You !! I did notice the change in being able to see the I looked up feedback this morning and read all the comments...I was so taken back by some...

I did not know at that point how much the subscription fee was...I was guessing by reading the comments that it must be 99 or more per year !! I just now checked as I am interested in signing up...and I was SHOCKED to learn it is just 2.66 a month !!! I will gladly give up a trip to McDonalds, stay home and save a gallon and a half of gas, redeem a coupon or two on grocery necessities, search my sofa and car for change, and pick up all those pennies from heaven I see in the parking lots !! I am not rich by any stretch of the imagination...I have lost my job..gone through a financially devasting divorce..and had to file personal bankrupcty a year ago.

I do know after years of studying and using astrology that I NEED the information at a cost of 2.66 a month...8 and half cents a help me find employment, survive a divorce and bankrupcty and have the advantage to live my life to the fullest !! Thank you so much for what you gave freely for the years I enjoyed it !

P.S. As a Gemimi, I have had a rough last two years...that Saturn sitting on my sun and Uranus...but somehow I felt better knowing and accepting some of the trials I was going through and knowing that this too will pass ! Knowledge is Power !

Linda Hayne [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Minneapolis, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 05:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Thank you for providing me with hours of fun and education with regard to my journey in life. I have ordered many of your reports, and am always amazed at how informative they are. My friends and myself have had so much pleasure and awe at the information you provide, for it's not only valuable information but, gives great insite into our daily struggles and joys as well as helping us understand why things go a certain way, These tools help me make better decisions. I just have to shake my head and hold my tongue when people laugh at my love for astrology. They have no clue. I have been told that the largest Astrological Library resides in the Vatican, do you know if that is true, and why is it never used? As far as I am concerned it (astrology) is a pattern of life given to us by the grace of god? All we have to do is learn how to use it!

Charlotte W. [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Poulsbo, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 05:02 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thank you for the kind feedback, Charlotte.

About the Vatican library, I don't know much. The position of the church towards astrology has always been a mixed one. One side is, that there is certainly a lot of the 'old religion' imbedded in astrology, which the Church saw as a challenge.

There have been astrological scholars on the pope's throne at times, and at other times the church suppressed such teachings. Even nowadays you find both positions in the clergy.

Dear Alois and all other readers:

Although i'm not thrilled with the change, we all need to be thankful for the gift of knowledge that we have receieved up til this point! How blessed I have been to have learned so much about myself and astrology in the last 5 years from this site. You can bet i'll be making my subscription as I would be lost without it. It assists me on knowing what is coming my way with not only myself but my children and closest friends. Thank you for the wonderful hospitality you've shown!

MSLK [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Finleyville, PA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 03:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thank you for your words.

All this whingeing! What 'spiritually' oriented folk! That said, I've easily obtained more than 32.US worth of high quality astrointelligence in the last year. Perhaps we 'spiritually' inclined types living in North America, where claiming 'poverty' is absurd/offensive in global context - you are not poor if you have a computer/colour t.v./refridgerator etc. - should spring for the equivalent price of dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant(under50.00)to enjoy a YEAR of access to astrodienst's wealth of info, and SUBSIDIZE our less-moneyed sisters and brothers residing in countries where currency rates are prohibitive. Then we do our part to give and not just take,take,take...
Alois, don't let the slings and arrows get to you...

, canada --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 03:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Many thanks for the kind feedback, Ava. Your words are balsam to my sould on a day like this.

I think its great that you start charging for the interpretations. Things are happening on a global scale. This is a web portal. What is it called? The Life Cycle. I have been (strangely) absorbed in Astrodienst from time to time, since their inception in 1996. Man, I couldn't believe it, free learning. And I still don’t know what Saturn Square Mercury means. That’s the message, learn the transits. Ok, if I can figure them out I won’t need to buy into the service. In otherwords, get smarter. What a novel idea! Thanks for the tip. In the meantime, I'll keep on surfin. But first off, Thanks Very Much for your existence! What ur doing is great anyway!

marc italix [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brooklyn, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 03:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I'm sorry, but I too am disheartend. Your site was the one ray of light I had in my day. I have been out of work here in the NW for over a year. Creditors call all day long, my VA home is in default, I don't know where to turn. If I had (even some) money I would have paid for an in depth chart, if you could focus on finance. Befor I think about cashing in all my chips, I would like to know if there is any reason to go on, is there any hope, any reason to continue. I know Karma dosn't figure into astrology that much, but you might consider it. We all need money, God knows I do..... But...................................

Jim Dixon [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Lynnwood WA, #1 --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 02:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Este sitio de astrología es mi favorito. Me han introducido a un mundo maravilloso....
He leido algunos libros de Liz Green. Los recomiendo mucho.
Con respecto al concurso,creo que una de las razones que se eligió el Jueves es el para la sección del horóscopo diario personal, es por que es el día de JUPITER... El grandioso Júpiter.
Saludes a todos

Ligia Isabel Villagrán [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Guatemala, Guatemala --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 02:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Thank you for the generous use of your free service which I have had the pleasure of using for several years now. Does the subscription cover all the transits for that day or just what have been available on the free service up to now.

I am amazed and saddened at the attitude of some people in that instead of appreciating all the free information they have had in the past are now angry with the service providers because they are now not getting it for nothing. I would have thought people with a real interest in the subject would be more developed than that. I am sure there will be enough subscribers to meet the needs of the site and wish you all well.

Christchurch, New Zealand --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 02:30 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Gloria, than you for the sympathetic feedback.

The subscription of the 'extended daily horoscope' has two parts:

a) It covers the detail-navigation of the daily horoscope page, as you see it (and as non-subscribers can use it on a Thursday like today).

b) It contains the 'extended day choice' which allows you to call up all daily horoscopes between 1 Jan 2000 and 31 December 2004, i.e. a period of 1826 days. The timerange shifts forward each calendar year, i.e. next year it will go to end of 2005.

Dear Alois

Thank you for Astrodienst. I've enjoyed this site since 1997. Over the years I've bought a few reports and I've learned a great deal about Astrology. As you say, your site is professional and informative with minimal advertising.

Paradoxically, it was this minimalist approach to advertising which endeared Astrodienst to me in the first place, and encouraged me to buy the reports.

I was therefore surprised when you made the user-selection section of the Free Daily Horoscope a subscription service. Unfortunately, because I don't use the service every day I can't justify the cost (in US dollars) of a subscription.

Obviously I realise that it costs a lot of money to provide the kind of service you have been providing, but I wonder if there is any way of raising the revenue that won't have the unintended effect of letting loyal visitors to your site drift away because the services are out of their reach.

Hoping you can come up with a creative solution,


, Australia --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 02:00 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Elisabeth, thank you for the feedback. You are too modest. Users like you, with about ten report orders within the last three years, make our free service possible. I have sent you a personal email with an idea for a creative solution.
Best regards, Alois.

Alois, Thank You so much and make me very HAPPY :)

, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 01:28 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

The reasons why thrusday was chosen as a day to provide the transits for free is that thrusday is associatted with Jupiter/sagitarious which has enbeded the optimism and expansion of the mind. It also prepares peaople for the weekend coming after thursdays.

Maria Diaz [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
orlando, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 01:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Die gute Astrologin hab ich schon gefunden ! Astrodienst war nur ein Zusatz nebenher, den ich kostenlos sehr genossen habe, der aber wie bereits erwähnt, qualitativ hinter einer realen Interpretation, der die Häuser- und Zeichenstellung der Planeten berücksichtigt und persönlich auf den Kunden / die Kundin und seine Lebensgeschichte und Charaktereigenschaften eingeht, hinterherhinkt. Da es jetzt ein kostenpflichtiger Service ist, muss Kritik erlaubt sein: Die mechanische Aneinanderreihung / Auflistung verschiedener Transite, völlig isoliert voneinander betrachtet, ist einfach mit einer echten und integrierten astrologischen Interpretation nicht vergleichbar, mögen die einzelnen Texte von Robert Hand noch so qualitativ sein. Das ganze erinnert an ein Baukastensystem, wo einem als User (!)einige Mühe abverlangt wird, das ganze zu einem integrierten Bild in Bezug auf seine jeweilige Lebenssituation zusammenzufügen.

Ich empfehle Ihnen, als Ex-Astrodienst Fan (habe zum Austausch mit meiner Astrologin oft etwas zitiert), Ihren Kunden nicht so batzig (unwirsch, rüde, arrogant und hochnäsig zu antworten), denn sie sind der Dienstleistungsanbieter. Der Kunde am längeren Ast und es ist vermessen, Fairness in der Wahrnehmung zu fodern. Wenn Sie sich von oben herab über ihre Kunden lustig machen, oder entnervt sind, da sie verständliche Rückmeldungen bekommen (von einem Tag auf den anderen ohne jegliche Vorherwarnung Umwandlung in einen kostenpflichtigen Dienst ist überfallsartig und unklug) so kann sich das rächen. Sinkende Sympathiewerte (= schlechte publicity) können für ein Unternehmen den Tod bedeuten.
Schade, dass hier Illusionen zertört werden, denn Astrodient w a r (sicher nicht nur mir) immer sehr sympathisch. Das sollten sie als Unternehmer, der sich mit, sagen wir Einsichtigem, beschäftigt, eigentlich wissen. ES GEHT IMMER NUR UM DEN KUNDEN. Die gute Aufmachung der Site und die nicht schlecht geschriebenen Texte lassen nicht auf eine derart kundenunorientierte Vorgangsweise schliessen und auch nicht auf ein derart unprofessionelles und verärgerndes Beschwerdemanagement.

AEH [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 01:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Vielen Dank für das feedback und die guten Ratschläge. Sie meinen es ja sicher nur gut mit uns.

Beim Tageshoroskop habe ich als wesentlichen Faktor immer den Unterhaltungswert gesehen, und die Kombination von Text und Bild. Dass das Tageshoroskop nun zum 'entscheidenen und bedeutsamen' Weg der Erkenntnis hochstilisiert wird, und dass wir diesen Erlösungsweg nun brutal sabotiert hätten, wie manche Stimmen glaubhaft machen wollen, ist eine masslose Ueberberwertung.

Auch Sie legen zu viel Gewicht in dieses Transite des Tages. Sie wollten und sollten niemals ein synthetische Deutungsleistung sein. Das Tageshoroskop ist eher ein unterhaltsames Spielzeug, und das ist es in seiner jetzigen kostenlosen Form wirklich auch noch.

Jede andere Darstellung ist Uebertreibung und Ueberzeichnung.

Zu meinem Ton:
Es tut mir leid, dass ich nicht in der Lage bin, mit der Stimme einer geölten PR-Maschine zu sprechen. Notgedrungen hat diese Schwäche ihren Preis, den wir allein zu tragen haben.

Aber ehrlich gesagt, tragen Sie nicht ein bisschen dick auf mit "batzig, unwirsch, rüde, arrogant und hochnäsig", und das morgens um 3:05 Uhr? Ich kann das beim besten Willen in meiner ursprünglichen Antwort an Sie höchstens in homöopathischen Spuren finden. Nach der Homöopathie wären natürlich gerade die kleinsten Spuren die am heftigsten wirksamen. Wenn das auch bei der Wirkung meiner Antworten so ist, sollte ich vielleicht etwas weniger fein dosieren?

1. Astrodienst. Dienstag means Thursday in German.

2. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter which means wisdom and teaching - which you can only do on Thursdays

Alannah [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Wellington, New Zealand --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 00:42 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois: You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Thanks for prviding the service for free for so long - I have had 5 years (? is it really that long?) of assistance from you and know many others I know have too. I give your address to everyone who has a problem - and who doesn't have one! You've done a generous thing for years and when I can afford it I will subscribe and send that energy back to you.
In the meantime all you complainers could get a book and using the transits from the site, look them up yourselves and learn something instead of expecting others to provide you with all your answers in perpetuity.

Mirahera [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Melbourne, Australia --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 00:41 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Your website, up until today, demonstrated that the best things in life ARE free. I am disappointed that you have decided to charge for your otherwise terrific website. I own a copy of Robert Hand's book, Planets in Transit, so not going to your site will cause some inconvenience, but I will still get the info crave from his book. If you change your mind about charging, let me know, otherwise good luck, and farewell.

Bill C [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Arlington, MA, USA --- Thursday, May 22, 2003 at 00:37 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hello you beautiful people!
First of all thursday, because it is ruled by Jupiter and Jupiter is ruled by Sagittarius. Sags are quite often very optimistic and they like to spread a word. Thats basically it..=)
Then I must say, that Ive been visiting your site almost every day now for 2 years. Its helped me through cancer, through heart aches and offered me so much that I cant even begin to describe.
Im a finnish astrologer and student without any credit cards and if I understood right, these services are maybe not available for free anymore? My english is not perfect, but Ill see what happens=) Anyway, this is certainly the best site on web and I wish you all the best,


Taru [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Espoo, Finland --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 23:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Well, thank you for making my decision very easy for me. After reading your vitriolic and unpleasant response to my comment, I am proud to say that I will NEVER give you a cent of my money, no matter HOW good your site may be, because you personally are utterly abhorrent.

At least you are honest enough to show this side of your personality in these comments, so that others can see it too.


Atlanta, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:43 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

dear astrodienst,
perhaps your choice of gifting us on thursdays is due to (thor's day's) association with jupiter. hence, generous offerings and the sagittarian notion of seeking our deeper truth via cosmic symbols(astrology). Since you reach out to all cultures, all peoples, your choice of thursday to gift us with *extended* cosmic symbology (very jupiterian themes) seems quite fitting!
I am grateful and inspired by your service.

shirl [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
los angeles, usa --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Greetings, I've been getting glitchy reactions from inputting the minor planet #55565 which is
2002AW197 (one of the top 5 largest minor planets, and almost as large as Varuna). It came up twice OK (suspiciously conjunct the MC both times, on different charts, but did not appear at all 3 other times. (???) Danke Schoen

ian sadler
--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Glitchy because of all the ice on it? One of the boxes in the server farm had not received the lastest asteroid updates. You are randomly assigned to one of the servers when you access, so at 3 times you got the glitchy one.

Fixed now - I hope. If not, please report via 'report a problem' at the bottom of there error page. There is a certain danger that otherwise I will miss it, as I might turn away from this feedback area for a few weeks.

Re the latest complaints for charging for reports. What planet to do you come from. If you cannot pay for important information that can change your life around I'm sure somehow, somewhere you have a few bucks to spare. Astrodienst has given a multitude of free information for a very long. It's up to them if they want to discontinue doing this. Where do you come in with all your complaints about their decision. If you can't run with the big dogs - stay on the porch.

ednabrisson [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
montreal, canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Why Thursday?

1. Your name is Astrodienst. Dienstag is Thursday in German.

2. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, and so it symbolizes the insight, wisdom, and bounty you hope we will find through :)

Thompson [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:29 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Of course you should make money and lots of it, we live in a capitalist society and i can quite happily live in the knowledge that i was responsible for at leat 500 of your non paying new members that put you in the position to now have to charge me for my free advertising
given with love and respect for your site and for the pure love of astrology. Ofcourse i am angry, hurt and upset about loss of the daily transits i would love to be able to afford them, but i must admit that their availability was also making me lazy in my own study of astrology. So i thank you for making me a student rather than a parasite.
With love i thank and wish you all the best.

zita [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Los Angeles, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 22:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

There is a very informative site at with various readings, daily, yearly, etc.

astrogrl [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Can --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 21:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You suggest we shut down and automatically redirect to that great sight?

Donnerstag ist der Tag des Jupiter. Dieser steht für Erweiterung und Glück.
Also ist Donnerstag eine gute Wahl für das kostenlose erweiterte Horoskopangebot.

--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 21:48 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

Why Thursday? Luck and Love. Hey, worth a try. This is a great site and have received much more than you realize. Hope things lift in the future, for you and everyone. You offered a lot. I'm not going anywhere as I can still have some astrology...better than none at all. And if things get better maybe we can get more :-) thanks, peace. Doreen

doreen [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 21:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Liebe Leute,
es ist wohl an der Zeit, dass ihr Euch eine goldene Nase verdienen wollt.
::::::::: -Das Tageshoroskop ist zu teuer ::::::::

philipp [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Berlin, Deutschland --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 21:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Juri und Alois beim Feiern der goldenen Nasen

I think the free extended free transit reading on Thursday is because of a quieter day. Likly many would be more interested in the weekend or early in the work-week. I treasure the fact that any free readings are available and consult most days. Some object to the recent change but it does cost money for me to visit your site.

Best wishes to all, Paul

Paul W. Blythe, PhD [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Adelaide, Australia --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 21:00 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

i really don't mind that you are moving to a subscription model. everybody needs money. but i resent that you are requiring a subscription to parts of the site which were formerly offered for free. this strikes me as meanspirited. it also means i probably won't use your site anymore.

brooklyn, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 20:41 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for giving us your opinion, Sharilyn. I have decided to stop commenting most feedback entries. If you look below, you will find repeatedly what we have to say.

I think it was a bad idea to change the format of your website and make the extended daily transits and long term transits available only to subscribers. I used to speak accolades of this website, telling everyone I knew that it was the best astrology website in the world simply because of the quality of information, readings, and most importantly, that a lot of information was easily accessible and available to anyone interested. That was the whole beauty of it. To charge for that information now seems like this is just like any other make-that-money website and the focus has shifted from sharing astrological information and alowing people to feed their curiosity concerning astrology and themselves, to making that extra couple of dollars per person. I am really disappointed, and kind of sad actually.I really feel like I've lost an important part of my life. I will no longer be visiting this website, nor will I advertise it to people... why would I? it's just the same as those other websites now. Not everyone has a credit card which can be charged for things like this, you know. It probably doesn't matter to you much because I'm just one person, but believe me you have lost a MAJOR fan.

--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 20:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Regarding the two reasons you are making Thursday free on the transit reports, my guesses are:

Thursday is associated with Jupiter, and, thus, benevolence.

Also, Juno is married to Thor. So, Thursday and June go together!

Amy [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 20:32 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription will be activated in your profile.

PS: you need to create a registered profile at 'my astro' so that we can activate the subscription it it. Please send email when you have done so.

I understand why you've added a subscription fee, and really it doesn't bother me. it's really not that expensive, especially for a full year.
As far as why you chose thursday for the day to offer free daily transits: I believe the first reason is because it was a thursday that you converted from to The second reason is that thursday is the 5 day of the week and thereby the day of expansion and humanity, and is also ruled by Jupiter the planet of knowledge, insights, and ultimately of astrology itself.

djtrancebreaker [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
San Francisco, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 20:07 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Thursday:Thorsday (1) is Joves Day(2). Jove is name for Roman God Jupiter. Jupiter plays the role of teacher, associated with principles, problem solving, higher education, and philosophy among other things. Thursday is a problem solving day, a day to expand your mind and seek wisdom.

D. Deputy
--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 20:06 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

Bonjour, il est normnal que vous désiriez augmentez les revenus pour soutenir le site et payer les divers intervenants. Les livres de bases que j'ai utilisés pour étudier l'astrologie furent écrits par Robert Hand... et en trouvant un siter sur lequel il travaillait j'ai retrouvé l'essence psychosocial que je lui était fort heureux du résultat. Les autres astrologues me donnent d'autres directions d'études au travers de leurs livres. Bien que j'en étudie plusieurs autres, aussi. Ceci dit le site n'est pas un organisation de pure charité, et je remarque que je dois encore étudier fort pour arriver à leur niveaux surtout quand je combine deux cartes du ciel emsemble, je n'ai pas le bon principe il semble....(RIRES), à moi de découvrir.

Finalement les deux raison pour exposer le jeudi, la première est que communément cette journée est la journée de la paye en occident donc la journée ou les gens dépensent le plus en connaissant les possibilités de leurs budget. deuxièmement c'est le début de la fin de semaine alors les gens veulent en savoir plus pour les jours de repos à venir. Des raisons qui sont plus de marketing qu'astrologique, mais certainement tout aussi bonnes que d'autres..(RIRES)

Alors je vous souhaite bonne chance et quand j'aurai l'argent..peut-être au moment de la conjonction Jupiter avec Uranus à la naissance au mois d'août je prendrai mon abonnement..
Sylvain Lafrenière

Sylvain Lafrenière [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Montréal, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:52 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback, Sylvain. I can just about grasp what you say with the limits of my little French - excusez!

Please understand - and this applies to all 'Bonus question' contributors - that I will refrain from partial hints, at least for a while, until at least three answers have come which contain the right combinations of the two reasons WE meant. So far, no such combination has been offered, so don't seek your luck in duplicating existing answer-entries or answer-combinations, but find your own.

Thursday is the day Jupiter rules. A day of Spiritual insight and expansion. A day where we learn more about ourselves through others.

Karen Cassin [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Henderson, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

You got only one reason right, but you get a bonus anyway. A free 2-month subscription has been activated in your profile.

I have been visiting your site regularly for a while and enjoying it very much. I understand in order to survive and keep up the quality, a fee has to be added now, that's reasonable. I will seriously consider subscribing but even if i don't, i will still be a regular user.

I wanted to try to come up with the answers but don't think i will because i really can't think of 2! anyway, good luck to those who will give it a try.

Toronto, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Please understand: If you want to help to maintain its quality and speed of operation, you have to support it from time to time, if you can afford it. You can do this either by ordering one of our excellent reports, or by subscribing to the extended online service. [And if you can't afford it: oh well....]

Excuse me? If I could afford a report, I could afford the subscription.

...balance between my feelings of entitlement (and victimhood-a big power grab) vs. willingness to take responsibility (and true power) in every aspect of their lives - as in pay up or shut up!... [and] ...whining...

Obviously many of your users can afford the new fees [omphale] I congratulate them. Many of us cannot. Another [different topic] site I used to visit every day changed to subscription basis I no longer go there either. I'm very disappointed that you didn't make the choice to perhaps lower the price of your reports just a tad to see first if that would generate the necessary income after all, since they are computerized, hasn't that work already been done?

I've referred people to you--people who had some degree of skepticism about astrology--hoping to solidify their beliefs--and it is working, but I know they will not subscribe either since they do not have the dedication I do. So we can contribute to your success by lightening your bandwidth load by a few people, enabling you to provide insight and knowledge to the privileged and somewhat privileged rather than to the masses.

My intent is not to whine, but to let you know that I can at least help by lightening your bandwidth load and wishing you the best. You gave all of us wonderful information for a while, and we thank you for that.

Phoenix, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am surprised that You would do this to your loyal users. I had 4 names and birthdays , charts stored on your site, now I cannot retrieve them. I used to look at them as they were my friends and sons Chart. I Feel sorry for you that you felt you had to do this with out warning your users first. You should ask for a Quarterly or bi-annual fee. These small fees cost US through our CC companys in % charges. Still all and all I am ashamed,at some of the other Human Beings here. If Man would Feel with his Heart , Hear with his eyes, and See with his Ears, then we would all walk in balance. I will miss the daily aspects and transits , but I will not forsake this site it is still excellente.I truely enjoy what you offer, and when time and money alow it I will eventualy become a subscriber. Money is extremely tight right now. if nothing else couldn't you make the daily transits Free for the PRIMARY subscriber, and pay for the other people added? Please except my Appologies for the begining of this feed back,but I am /was dissapointed. In my peoples Language I say to you Thank you, we are all related
Wopila, Pilamiya yelo . Mitakuye Oyasin.

thornhurst, usa --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 19:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am hoping to be one of the first three to answer the question why thursday. My answer is Thursday (Feb 19th 1997)is the day Astro became!!!Lucky for all of us!! Thanks ..Did I win??? Jennifer

Jennifer Garrity [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Newnan, Georgia --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 18:04 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Jennifer, if you had won, we would only tell you when the three winners have been found. You have not won yet.

Please understand that the answer must mention the TWO special reasons, not one, and not three. Exactly the two special reasons. You answer named only one reason. I will not comment whether it was among the desired ones.. Please try again.

Here is the original task:

The Bonus Question:
Why is the extended transit navigation in the daily horoscope free for Thursdays?

We would like to give all non-subscribers an opportunity to see what the Extended Daily Horoscope has to offer. Therefore, the navigation features for "other transits of today" and "long-term influences" will be free for everyone on each Thursday up until the end of June 2003.

By Thursday we mean, that the horoscope is for that day, i.e. it will be the 'tomorrow' horoscope on your Wednesday visit, or the 'yesterday' horoscope on Fridays. The local timezone of your reference place counts.

There are two special reasons why we have selected Thursday.

If you think you know what these are, please write your suggestions to the Feedback area. The first three visitors who give the correct answers will receive a bonus of a free 12-month subscription to the extended daily horoscope service.

im feeling abit peeved,just logged on to personal daily horoscope and can no longer access the full service...for free.understand business is business but y not charge people for the extended chart calculation service instead?yr the only site i log onto daily,im very suprised you didnt warn people you were going to restrict the service,surely there is another way round this?this section of your site attract alot of newcomers which can only be good for astrology,is there a way to attract income without charging for the one section that will attract regular users(who will buy charts aswell)Please try a rethink or at least an explanation...

--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 17:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback. We have given lengthy explanations in this guestbook, in the past 36 hours. Now we have added a 'Why?' link also directly at the daily horoscope page.

PS: My apologies to those who use the site in a language other than German or English: these explanations have not been translated yet to all other languages, and will appear in English if the translation is still missing.

PS 2: There is now a Bonus competition for some few subscriptions. Please click on 'thursday' to find out more.

Alois, I would like you could reconsider my proposition I made yesterday.

Personally, I don't need your service to survive as you say, I have the desire to see it grow. Despite your work here beeing the best on the web I know, I see also lots of possibilities to make it better. Sure, up to you if you want only to survive or to grow and help people better. But, if you want to help people better as your sun in pisces in the 11th requests it, you need finance. Your sun wants to make it fair.

1 - First, an important rule is to provide a free access to beginners and/or to people who need a daily helpful guidance without willing to study astrology in depth.

Lots of very good/positive things here on your website. But this public, dispite your believes, pays already. This is, indeed, the largest target public who orders the analysis, and now, they have to pay more.

Personally I don't go to the Personal Daily Horoscope everydays. I just check every 2 weeks to see if my long term transits have changed. Lots of important transits are missing, and the most important ones given by the nodes are simply ignored, I cannot visualize if transits are forming a T-square, a yod, a grand trine. So, I cannot really interpret my transits through your section. And thus I don't really use it.

The point is that I am a daily user of your excellent service and, in the end, I won't pay my part.

A second thing, is that lots of people in that target public needs the anaysis. But they need their own, their husband/wife's, their kids' - childhood and adult analysis -, they need the relational analysis for their couple, the vocational and blabla. Do you think everybody can afford the price for them all? Now, they have to pay for the quite only section they use daily.

2 - They is another kind of public here on Astrodienst. That public wants to study astrology, they invest a lot of time, they use astrodienst, but also buy books, some go to school, and after 2 or 3 years, they don't need anymore to order your analysis you provide, they don't need that much your Personal Daily Horoscope section, they will buy the Robert Hand's Book and, in the end, your decision is giving money to Robert Hand, which is nice, but not to astrodienst.

This second target public is on astrodienst daily for years, some of them make their business using astrodienst and don't and won't pay a penny.

I am not professional, I have been studying astrology for more than 2 years now all my days long, thanks to you, thanks to Liz Greene's books and lots of other astrologers' books, thanks to the analysis and good chart drawing you provide. But now, I don't and won't pay anything, because the main section I use daily is the Extended Chart Selection, which is free.

Something is wrong here. Public Nr 1 pay and public Nr 2 don't pay.

Wouldn't it be the opposite??

Wouldn't the Personal Daily Horoscope be restored as before and wouldn't the Extended Chart Selection entry be accessible for subscribers only??

If professional and advanced users pay a little money, Wouldn't it also help to decrease the price for the analysis?? Getting only one analysis is not enough for a couple or a family with kids, you should now it. And public Nr 1 is your customers. Teenagers and unemployed people can't afford the price.

Gérard Sorée

Gérard Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brussels, Belgium --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 16:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois answered by email.

Sorry to see that you are again charging for another service. There are a lot of these tactics used on the web. If you are going to call yourself free, be honest at least. I will find another hobby or at least another site. Too bad, because it was an informative site for beginners but I am not will ing to pay the outrageous prices you have slipped into the site. Be advised to change your ads on all your searches to A little bit free, but keep your eyes open disappointed in your tactics!

Shirley [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Halifax, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 16:43 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I have been a visitor to your site for some time now, and have truly enjoyed all that you offer for free. I guess I'm not surprised that you have chosen or been forced to start charging for anything more than the most basic of services and if I had the money I would probably sign up. But I have to echo the other comments made when people said that you should have given some warning before hand, maybe even given a little break to people who signed up before a certain date. I also have spent some time surfing other sites which advertise free astrology consultation, free daily horoscope and then when you access the site you get one little blurb you have great fortune coming to you in the next 7 days but only if you subscribe for 20. a month... I'm sure you know of these sites. Maybe on your web search listing you could adjust your advertisement to say free personal daily horoscope sample or something to that affect, at least in that way you will be set apart from the other sites. In the meantime, I will continue to enjoy my free daily partial horoscope, and when I am in the position to subscribe I just might do so, it is a great site and very thorough. I guess the old addage is true, nothing comes for free anymore.

Toronto, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 16:28 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Whoa, People! Get a grip! Have you looked at the other stuff that passes for 'free astrological reports' out there lately? This site is still absolutely the best out there in terms of free services. I sincerely hope that we can all get over our childish self-absorption soon and let Alois get on with running the site, instead of having to read and respond to all this whining.

omphale [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Minneapolis, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 16:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thank you for your kind words, Omphale. It seems as if the worst storm is over.

11.01.1973 00.06

derya timurlenk
ýstanbul, turkey --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 15:04 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

One of the nefarious tactics employed by drug pushers to expand their market of addicts is to offer their product for FREE and, once an addiction has been developed, charge an outrageous price for it. Shame on you for your descent to this grade of business practices.

R. Nelson
Montreal, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 14:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

The information you are posting in your daily horoscope is extracted from Robert Hand's Planets in Transit. All one has to do is to purchase his 1976 book. So, I'll just read the information from my copy. To charge extra for this? Ridiculous.

Washington DC --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 14:35 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: If you turn it around, it will make a shoe [German proverb].

Robert Hand wrote the text for the computerized report 'Astral Forecast', of which our Personal Daily Horoscope is a later derivative. Astrodienst acquired in the 1990ies the company which did that original project in the 1970ies. This is why the worldwide exclusive rights are now with Astrodienst.

The publication of some of that material came as an afterthought to the computerized report project. The book rights had been split of before our purchase. They are now with Schiffer Publishing, Inc.

Oh Astrodienst - You break my heart. I looked daily to your personal horoscopes - every night before I went to bed to get a check on what was coming the next day. I feel a little incomplete. By far you offer the best services anywhere in the world - online at least. I continue to sing your praises but not without a tinge of sadness. I am a college student, and while I may not wholeheartedly agree, to most of the world books are more important than the stars. I hope that you will restore at least some of your transits to the free users, or come up with another idea, like those Bryan from the Netherlands suggested. Thank you for 3 years of excellence in astrology you have given me. I wish it could last longer.

Alexandra [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Cincinnati, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 14:13 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I understand your adding a price to the great free service you have been giving to the world for so many years watching while all other astrologers charge for general information that doesn't come close to what you provide. Unfortunately I cannont afford to go into the transits now but I will continue to thank you for providing a daily horoscope based on actual birth time and place for each individual. Thank you for all the years you have provided that service for free. Best regards always, Nikongirl

Nikongirl [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 14:07 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Yesterday, I was completely taken aback and disappointed by the abrupt and uncommunicated change in service. HOWEVER . . . I have used these services FOR FREE, FOR YEARS. Having read some of the feedback comments (and re-reading my own), I came to the conclusion that many are being unfair in their condemnation of you for charging for previously free services. As your website's popularity increases, so do the costs involved in maintaining it. I am pleased to purchase a subscription because the information and service you have provided is by far the best on the Internet. Thank you, Alois and staff, for a premium product!

With love and appreciation directed that-a-way,


Robin [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, US --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 13:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

... sorry, pressed a button too quickly.
So what I wanted to add is that maybe Alois and his team can re-consider their price. Do you think it possible to let anyone decide how much he or she pays for the access to the daily extended horoscopes? There are many who suffer from the present economic circumstances and others who can afford a higher price. Alois talks about 85.000 visitors a day - if everyone participates with an individual sum, it should cover your costs.
Again thanks for the service rendered but please reconsider your price.
Thanks and peace and love for all of us - Bettina

Garching, Germany --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 13:07 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback and the helpful suggestions. In fact, we do not need donations, we just need enough customers for our excellent reports and extended online services.

One paying customer per 1000 free-riders is not enough. Two paying customers out of 1000 users however generate enough income to keep our services running.

Technically, it is impossible to handle small payments in a cost effective way - internationally at least, and we are truly international. For any payment below $10.-, the handling cost eat up most of the money. And even $10 are too much for poor people. I think our existing model of extensive free services, paired with some quality paid services, is much more practical.

I can promise, if we get the sales of the reports up to an acceptable and sustained level, we will come back upon the decision to make the daily second-level transit navigation a subscriber feature. We do enjoy providing free services, and to make everbody happy.

Dear Alois and dear Users,
Please do not let us become unfair now, we all have been using this fantastic site for free for a long time - it is free of ads and offered lots of personally linked information. I am personally grateful for the information provided so far -

Garching, Germany --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 13:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

..........and it is my b-day tomorrow :-(

Milla [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Copenhagen, Denmark --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 12:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am very disappointed to not have my hourly aspects anymore. I think it's unfair that the poor people lose the help they need from astrology, just because we can't afford to pay for it. I understand that the programmers need to make money, but there must be some other way!!! My days will never be the same, though now I am on a search for a truly free site with astrological aspects. I know I will find it, though I am ready for the popup ads to sustain the site.

Abby de Roche
Ishpeming, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 11:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodienst. I can´t believe that we suddenly have to pay for reading our transits ect. now. I have been a faithfull very active reader AND customer for two-three years now, reading my own, my husbands and sons horoscopes every morning has been a part of my morning ritual.
I can´t afford these prices, and so it means that I have to give you up :-( I am really sad.


Milla [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Copenhagen, Denmark --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 11:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

While it's understandable that people are disappointed to lose some of Astrodienst's free services, I am amazed at how nasty some people have been in their personal attacks on Alois. He and the other people who work at Astrodienst make their living from this enterprise! It is not a charity, as some people seem to think it should be.

I have long been astounded at the number and variety of free services offered by Astrodienst, with no advertising of anything but their own products. And the quality of the services offered is far above that found at any other astrological site known to me. I wondered how long so many services could continue to be offered for free, and I'm not surprised that the day of reckoning has come.

Yes, if you own an ephemeris and Robert Hand's book on transits, you don't need the Daily Horoscopes, but Astrodienst is much more than the daily horoscopes. They are a comparatively new feature at Astrodienst, and are in fact still largely intact, and all of the other free services that have been there for years are still there.

Let's just be grateful for what we have, otherwise Alois is liable to get fed up, move permanently to Hawaii, and tell us all where to go. Astrodienst is a Godsend, and I for one couldn't do without it.

Pamela Young [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Guelph, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 10:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I'm very sorry to find out suddenly, that the 'long term influences' and 'other transits of today' are now only available to subscribers. This is a substantial limitation to the service. I wouldn't mind paying a contribution, that's only fair but the subscription fee, for me is too high so I won't be using this service anymore.

W. Gillissen
, The Netherlands --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 09:04 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I can't find anywhere on the page to contact you. How much is the subscription in NZ dollars?

sam mitchell [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
auckland, New Zealand --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 08:52 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Ich weiß noch nicht, wie ich diese plötzliche Kostenpflicht verstehen soll. Ohne jede Vorwarnung. Schade, da werd ich wohl nach einer Alternative suchen. Diese Art Geld zu verdienen gefällt mir überhaupt nicht.

Mein Tipp: Kundenbindung, Kundenpflege - hier muss nochmal eingehend nachgedacht werden.


--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 08:43 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am disappointed that the free horoscopes are no longer free anymore. I didnt know Astro was going to make sure a big change to its services. WHY?!?

Ms Dun
Accra, Ghana --- [duplicated from further below] (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Ms Dun, the free horoscopes at reach far beyond the popular 'Personal daily horoscope'. Our choice consists of a large selection of free services. Please click on the blue menu item 'Free Horoscopes' to see them all.

One of them is the Personal Daily Horoscope. Also that one is free - you can look up your personal daily horoscope for yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you enter up to 100 other people in your my astro profile, you can look up their daily hrosocopes for free as well.

There has always been a subscriber mode for dates outside that range - the extended day selection, where you can look at any date 3 years back and one year ahead. This extended mode has always been a paid subscription option.

Now we have moved another extended feature into subscriber mode: The readings for the 'long term influences' and for the 'other transits of today' are only available to subscribers. This is a very modest restriction within our ample free services. Free long term readings remain available in the 'Short report forecast'.

Let me say that your general claim "The free horoscopes are no longer free anymore" is very unjust and untrue.

Astrodienst provides free online astrology services since 1996. In the last few months, we have expanded our services from English and German into five additional languages, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. This allows a large number of people not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Latin America, who do no speak English, but one of these additional languages, to access quality free astrology services.

The number of visitors and users of our service has grown steadily - more than 2 Million distinct people have used in the past 12 months, and daily we have now about 85'000 visitors. To fulfil that demand, we run a powerful webserver-farm of computers on a highspeed Internet link, and we have professional staff inhouse, as well as professional translators outside, who develop and support our website.

All this is financed by the sales of our reports, and by the subscriptions to our online services. Our website is clean, fast, elegant and free of advertising - except ads for our own reports.

Sadly, the sales of reports have not increased in recent years. In fact, we sell a bit less reports today than we did in 1997. The past six months have been particularily difficult, probably due to the worldwide economic slowdown. To keep our extensive free services runnig, we need to get some additional income. We hope this new subscrition feature will help us on that path.

Please understand: If you want to help to maintain its quality and speed of operation, you have to support it from time to time, if you can afford it. You can do this either by ordering one of our excellent reports, or by subscribing to the extended online service.

Astrodienst is not a big fat corporation, but a small, dedicated and efficient group of professional people. Find out more about us here.

Im sorry to see we are now required to pay now. I have been using your site for a number of years and have recommended it to many people - I won't be using or recommending from now on.

--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 08:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I was not adverse to paying a
nominal fee for my Astrodienst Extended
Daily Horoscope--but then I saw the price.

Excessive. Much too much.

You break my heart.

In shock and grieving,

Lola [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Winnipeg, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 07:54 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Na das ist ja ein Ding. Jetzt kann ich nur noch mein Tageshoroskop lesen. Was soll das denn jetzt. Habe eure Seiten immer weiterempfohlen, aber das werd ich in Zukunft nicht mehr. Schade!!!! Werd wohl nicht mehr so rumstöbern wie früher!!!!

Solita [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Traunreut, BRD --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 07:29 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Schade, dass Sie die Transite nur noch im Abo zugänglich machen. Dadurch verliert Ihre Seite an Attraktivität.
Frage: Sind die Transite grundsätzlich nur auf das Geburtsdatum berechnet oder berücksichtigen Sie auch die individuelle Geburtszeit?

Hamburg --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 07:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Der zentrale Transit jedes Tages ist wie immer kostenlos. Das wird anscheinend laufend übersehen.

Die Berechnung berücksichtigt auch die Geburtszeit. Bei Transiten über den Mond (z.b. Saturn Oppostion Mond) wirkt sich das im 'Timing' deutlich aus. Am meisten wirkt es sich aus bei Transiten zu Aszendent und MC sowie bei den Durchgängen durch die Häuser.

Sie können das leicht feststellen, indem Sie die angzeigten Transitzeiten notieren, dann die Geburtszeit leicht verändern und kontrolieren, welche Auswirkung das auf die Transitzeiten hat. Man sollte es aber mit den Transitzeiten nicht zu genau nehmen - in der Praxis wird der Transit mit einem grossen zeitlichen Spielraum wahrgenommen.

I only recently discovered your website and i must say it has provided me with some wonderful information about myself, my life and my has been a joy to spend hours going through all the free info you has been a great voyage of discovery and many thanks for that...i was suprised today when i logged on to find you now charge for some of your previous free info..but i was not angry or put out..quite the opposite..previously i was amazed at how much you gave for free..and how accurate the info was..good luck in the future and thankyou for hours of pleasure and self have not lost this avid reader...:)

--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 06:47 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks. It feels good to read your words.

Dear Alois,

It has elicited mixed feelings in me to read both peoples reactions and your responses. While I too felt hurt that something I valued and perhaps took for granted was unceremoniously yanked, I also empathize with your position and am sure you agonized over this decision. Many of us feel, perhaps from past lives, that spiritual information and instruction should be free, as they have been in many times and places. Yet in this day teachers and servants are put in the uncomfortable spot of needing to charge to eat, and perhaps have some freedom. Was greed a part of it? I don't know. Is it your right? Certainly.

All those who feel the rage and pain of having this free service yanked like a warm breast at weaning time, may profit, as I continue to, from examining the balance between my feelings of entitlement (and victimhood-a big power grab) vs. willingness to take responsibility (and true power) in every aspect of their lives - as in pay up or shut up!

Yet betrayal is a core wound for us all (incarnation itself is often felt as a betrayal) and you have touched that with the approach you took, something I encourage you to examine, take responsibility for and cop to. You blew it. Worse,(for you) your inelegant and befuddled grab for the cash (again, your right!) has sadly alienated many loyal fans, as well as, and I hope you can get this, sabotaged to a larger degree than you may imagine, your intention of increasing your income. That's a bad combo.

Hindsight is 20/20 of course, but you could have made a ton more money off this, and hurt a lot fewer people, had you been thinking more clearly, or been better advised.

Alois, you profess in one of your simplistic responses to feed back, to seeing no point in having given people warning. My opinion, for what its worth, is that there are several points for so doing, some of them even self serving on your part.....

1) I can't imagine you denying that many, many people have felt hurt and pain through your actions. You might as well face it. Hopefully you agree that causing hurt and pain are less than ideal. From an objective compassionate view there is certainly enough hurt and pain around without adding to it, least of all amoung those precious few that care enough to try to increase their awareness and consciousness through a website such as Astrodienst.

2) If you have any comprehension of Karma, you must sense that you just gave the old wheel of Samsara a hefty spin for some short term gain. Return on investment is not looking real strong.

3) While I am sure you have had some success signing up people, it has to be viewed relative to what was possible.

Had you opened up and communicated your process in advance, perhaps even asked for feedback on the best way to increase your income, you may well have elicited some great advice and built on the community you started rather than polarizing people. Even if you ended up doing the same thing, being transparent and democratic rather than sort of concealed and fascist(!?!) would have created dialogue, that most healing and valuable gift of the internet and of all those with the courage to reveal rather than conceal (See David Bohm)

I wonder if you are aware of Apple Computers similar decision to turn a once free service into a pay for deal. There were many howls of pain and protest from the Apple faithful - yet Apple gave three months notice, and a discount for those who signed up before the conversion deadline. Then they extended it. Meanwhile they added more and more value, and continue to add more and more value, for the same subscription price.

That is probably your best recourse at this time. Add value, add value, add value. But below is some more free advice and suggestions. Probably other readers could come up with some better ideas, but here are a few off the top.

If you have the guts, perhaps you could even make it up to the wounded. Maybe, pride (oh primal Satanic vice!) permitting, you could give back a little of what thou hast taken away, like allowing people to check one more daily aspect or some other token.

Even more gutsy? I encourage you to turn the other cheek, and give 3 free months to anyone who cares enough (know it or not) to take the trouble to whine or insult you, and during that time to do all you can to add value to the subscription service you have instituted.

Perhaps you could institute a scholarship for those who truly loved this and don't have a credit card or are young or have some other convincing story. Put limits on it. I regret seeing the educational aspect of this once free service entirely lost. Sure there would be some slime balls who lied their way in but so what? They have their own wheels of Samsara to spin. Why throw out the good with the bad?

My sense is that we are here primarily to evolve spiritually and this service has helped many-the vehement protests are a veiled form of showing how much people benefitted and care.

You might even institute a scholarship fund for those with money to contribute for those without, something, should you choose to institute, I hereby pledge the first 25 towards.

As for myself, I am undecided, I'll probably sign up, but I think I'll look around a bit.

Thanks for your good works and here's wishing you the courage to truly face squarely the maelstrom you have brought upon yourself.


Bryan F. Janssen [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Amsterdam, Netherlands --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 06:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


I was a bit surprised as many of the commenters here before me,,

however, if we must pay for the service.. can it be more complete?

not all the transits were posted in the free astrology up until now, including some important movements,
(that was why I thought it was free)
offering a FREE service

anyhow-- good luck, and if the service becomes more complete I will gladly pay for it-

for now I will just have to consult my books and Robert Hands transits without the help of astrodienst



montenero [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
siena, Italia --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 06:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for your feedback.

The emphasis of the daily horoscope is: Offer a few fresh, personal and stimulating thoughts for each day, togther with an specially chosen picture to feed the imagination.

This purpose is unchanged, and this service, which is really the CORE of the daily horoscope page, is FREE FOR ALL

If you care to look objectively, we continue to be cool and to offer a wonderful free service.

The emphasis is on variety, on finding something new each day. We never wanted to publish the whole encyclopaedia of transits for each day. there are other free services on our site with a much more convienient and useful overview of all transits for a longer period, and graphical display of their timing (Extended chart selection -> group Astrodienst special -> Transit Calendar).

But if you subscribe to the extended daily horoscope, you get not only the additional readings for the other transits of the day, but also the extended day choice. It allows you to travel through time over a period of 1826 days, and to read all the transits in that period. I would think that that is all the details you have been asking for, right at your mouse tip.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
nun bin ich Martina Raedler und meine Mutter Carmen Raedler (Spielermoos 34, 88161 Lindenberg), schon seit einigen Jahren Kunde bei Astrodienst. Trotz Ihrer hochpreisigen Produkte waren wir stehts überzeugt von ihrer Firma. Jedoch bin ich nicht gewillt für ein Tagshoroskop auch noch Geld auszugeben und empfinde es als Mißbrauch treuer Stammkunden, diese nochmals zur Kasse zu beten.
Wir werden zukünftig abstand von ihrem Unternehmen nehmen.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Martina Raedler

Martina Raedler [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Lindenberg, Deutschland --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 06:04 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds:
Sehr geehrte Frau Raedler

Bestellungen von zehn Horoskopanalysen in sechs Jahren sprechen für sich. Kundinnen wie Sie ermöglichen es überhaupt, einen kostenlosen Service für andere zu betreiben. Wir danken Ihnen dafür.

Ich habe mir erlaubt, in Ihrem Benutzerprofil ein kostenloses Abonnement für 12 Monate zu aktivieren, so dass Sie weiterhin nicht nur das grundlegende Tageshoroskop wie alle anderen, sondern auch die Zusatznavgation nutzen können - nun auch die freie Tageswahl im Bereich von drei Jahren zurück und ein Jahr voraus.

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Im am so sad that this wonderfull site will no longer have the daily transits. I look so foward to seeing them everyday, I, as many other people will miss them alot. Couldnt you have charged for something else? So many people use them every day. Will you consider putting them back on? There are many folks who cannot afford to pay for them. I love your site and will continue to come there and use the many free offers that still remain. I notice you can only pay for the once free transits by credit card. When I can afford it is there a way it can be paid through check or money order. I hope so, because in the future I would like to be a subscriber. Please let me know . Thank you......... I will miss them very much in the meantime. PS. Why everyone is making such a big deal about the notice part , I dont know. My focus is on that we will not be able to get the transits any more. But as I mentioned and as you also said, we do still have the other free material.God Bless

, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 05:30 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback, which was fairer than most. We appreciate it. You wil find that a free 12 month subscription has been added to your profile.


DEB CASE [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Cedar Rapids,IA, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 04:14 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am disappointed in you, and letting you know there are other sites that give this information. I will not pay for your services either! It is low down and not all of your predictions are accurate so you need to Back Up and Regroup!
Hi de oas! :(

Jennyvee Miller [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Hopkinsville, united states --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 04:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodienst:

My first reaction to the changes on your site was, I admit, a selfish one. But after reading so many of these posts and then going back over the site to see just how much (or rather, how little) has changed, I feel a need to add my two bits.

For many years I (like so many) have used the wealth of this site daily. And I am thrilled every time I discover something new and interesting on the site, which is often. Sure, like many, I want free stuff. But my inner psychologist [Carl Jung and I share a birthday :) ] recognises we are acting like coddled children being pushed off to kindergaarten. Those who complain they have been coming here for years should have, by now, learned enough to interpret a little on their own (besides, the tools and resources are still right here on this site, or a quick google away). All that has changed is we either must interpret for ourselves with some effort or, alternatively, pay for interpretation, as we might for a tarot reading, for example.

The time and effort involved in a site like this is extensive. It couldn't possibly remain free forever. Especially if we want it to continue to evolve and offer the resources that it does.

What makes this site so fabulous is not only the wealth of information, but the real character that exudes from the so-called negative interpretations...If I wanted fluff and flowery insincere personality, there are plenty of boring sites out there that offer that sort of thing. I choose to come to this site for its refreshing difference and edginess.

And one day, maybe I will finally grow up and get around to showing my appreciation by buying that subscription -) In the meantime, I will be grateful for what you and rest of the staff offer us here.

T. Lee
, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 03:12 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

It would have been nice to notify the changes that occurred on I had enjoyed the it's free service, however I'm disappointed that just like any other business when they get bigger, they tend to change the way it operates. I suppose it's only in human nature to put price on a service when the demands are high.
It's unfortunate that I'm unable to enjoy the service no longer. Considering the referrals I've made to all of my friends and peers saying this website is so accurate and confidential. A service that you can rely on...

Miria Han
--- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 02:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodienst,
I was also surprised when I saw that the daily transits and long-term influences were no longer available to the general hoi poloi, however I will not add my cries to the childish whining that seems to be prevalent.

Your services are outstanding, and I am planning to try out the two month subscription tomorrow.


, Canada --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 02:13 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astrodienst: For the last 2 1/2 years, your site has been my home page as my most favorite site to wake up to. This morning when I turned on my computer, I discovered the changes. I understand that change can sometimes be a good thing, however, it would have been nice to have some notice that the transit's were going to be part of a subscription. I am also aware that business is business but in this case, if you would have placed a notice on the site with a timeframe for those of us who frequent the site, you would not be receiving such negative feedback at this time. I am truly disappointed as I was learning so very much.

Pittsburgh, PA, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 01:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am EXTREMELY dissapointed and saddened that you guys are now charging for daily horoscopes. I think this is a joke. I can read an ephemeris and have Robert Hands book, Planets in Transit so I don't need to go to this site anymore anyway! You guys will NEVER get a dime of my money and I suspect that many others feel the way I do! My advice for anyone here reading the feedback pages is read your own ephemeris, buy a book an interpret your own transits! It's much cheaper!

Caryn [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Van Nuys, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 01:40 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

you have every right to operate your business as you see fit.and of course you are a business and not a charity.nevertheless the changes to your free services were so disappointing!some of us out here are skint-not everyone can afford to use credit cards.poor people need astro-advice, too.

BOLTON, ENGLAND --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 01:30 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: We know, and these people surely find plenty of free services at Please, click on 'free horoscopes' on the blue menu line, and check out all the free services we offer.

Please be advised that I will not pay 31 a year for something that I can do myself for free. It was a convenience to get your daily reports, but not a necessity that I have to pay for. Charging for information that is not yours in the first place is like charging for putting Bible verses on your website. But then that's my assessment.

Donna [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Pasadena, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 01:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You are welcome to do your own transit daily horoscope readings. It is great to practice astrology, congratulations!

But regarding the horoscope text we are using: be assured that Astrodienst owns the worldwide exclusive rights for all the material it is using. You will not find our horoscope interpretations in any other computer service or software on this planet, except in the few cases where we have granted a license to do so.

It's a real shame you are charging people who want to learn from the site. Al right, it's a bussiness, but it's another kind of bussiness, don't you think?

You didn't even warned us about this new way of operating. You could be more polite with us, people who are always promoting your site.

Carlos Arias [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Villahermosa, Tabasco, México --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 00:50 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Carlos, please have an objective look at all the features unde the menu item 'free horoscopes' and 'understanding astrology' from the homepage. An incredible amount to learn, all for free, in up to seven languages, including Spanish. I think your judgement is rash and unfair. You might want to read my more detailed explanation below.

I am in the 'business' of astrology since more than 23 years, and make my living from it. Like with every other professional quality service, there must be a balance between income and spending, between free and paid services. This balance is dynamic, and has to be adjusted from time to time, when things get out of balance. At Astrodienst, this balance is to an extreme extent on the side of free services, and it remains so. I don't think we have earned all that bashing and negative energy we are currently receiving.

Just have a look at what you are getting at and try to keep some fairness in your judgement.

Several visitors have complained that the change was 'without warning'. I am afraid I fail to understand the point. What difference would if had made if we had announced a week ago that some restrictions will be introduced? Most would have ignored that - and some would have started the apparently unavoidable angry discussion just a week earlier.

I think it's terrible that we can't get the other transits and long term transits anymore without a subscription. I love your site and have purchased things from you but don't think you should start charging for these services.

Stacy Wingfield
, USA --- Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 00:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Für alle die es interessiert, das kostenlose Astrolog gibt es hier:

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 23:45 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Mit bestem Dank für das objektive und faire Feedback, hier noch ein kleiner Hinweis: Der Link oben funktioniert schon seit drei Jahren nicht mehr.

Man kann auch auf im Linkverzeichnis Software nachsehen und findet funktionierende Links.

Vor allem die Tageshoroskope von 'Astrolog' sind bekanntlich ausgezeichnet ;-) Ich wünsche viel Vergnügen beim Lesen.

Nach langer Zeit verschwindet nun Ihre Seite von meinen Bookmarks. Auch riecht den Mammon und reiht sich auf diese Weise in hunderte bereits existierende Internetangebote ein, wo (teilw. schlecht gemachte) Horoskope nur noch für äusserst viel Geld zu haben sind. Sicherlich ist Ihnen klar das auch Sie Menschen die finanziell nicht so flüssig sind, den Zugang zur Astrologie erschweren. Zum Glück gibt es noch die Gratis-Software Astrolog mit der man umfangreiche Horoskopanalysen völlig !Kostenlos! erstellen kann. Und es gibt auch noch das ein oder andere Forum wo man tw. umfangreiche Hilfe erhält. Somit bin ich auf Ihre Internet-Site ohnehin nicht angewiesen und kann somit die Seite mit Leichtigkeit aus meinen Favouriten entfernen.
Sämtlichen Schreibenden die, ebenso wie ich, die zunehmende 'kommerzialisierung' der Seite kritisieren kann ich nur vorbehaltlos zustimmen. Nützen wird es natürlich nichts. Aber es gibt (noch) Alternativen. :o)

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 23:43 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Sie sind ja witzig, mir ein einseitiges Interesse zu unterstellen, ist wohl doch bischen viel Kritik eingegangen als Reaktion auf Ihre für den User plötzliche Entscheidung...Ist nicht mein Problem, sondern Ihrs.
Ich hab extra noch mal nachgeschaut, und leider nichts bezüglich RECHNUNG gefunden, dann müsste ich wahrscheinlich auf Bestellen klicken, oder???
Sie unterstellen mir anscheinend blinde Kritikwut, anscheinend hätten Sie gerne, dass die User sich noch freuen, dass das vorher genutzte Angebot gekürzt wird.
Ich habe mich nicht gefreut, das müssen Sie akzeptieren! Gruß

Benkelberg [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Berlin, Germany --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 23:41 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Am besten mal auf den kleinen Warenkorb im Menu klicken. Beisst garantiert nicht und schnappt auch nicht nach dem Geldbeutel.

Dort gibt es dann in der linken Spalte die 'Shop-Hilfe' und auch einen Punkt 'wie bezahlen'.

What happened to the destiny report by Robert Hand? I had a free sample and wanted to order the full report. No longer offered? Please answer. Thanks.

debby flynn [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Middletown, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 23:17 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You probably mean the 'Short report forecast' among the 'Free Horoscopes'. Please have a look at it - the long version is mentioned there as well. We never however had an item called 'Destiny report'.

Everyday I honestly look forward to reading my daily transits. Today when I went to read my horoscope for tommorow I saw that only subscribers could acsess the daily transits. I cannot simply express my anger and disappointment. There is a serious lack of *good* free horoscopes one can find on the internet. I'm a student and I cannot afford to pay a fee... and in Americian money as well. I'm aware that you need to make money but could there have been a different solution. This is truely dissappointing.

Sonja [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, Canada --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 23:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

alois writes: PS: I am a human being, and not a PR department where each word is filtered through the 'spin doctors'. So plase be not surprised about past or future sarcasm. I have to take on a lot, and reserve the right to reply in kind. I have only three planets in libra, not ten like most others ;-) so don't expect too much.

actually I find it much more disturbing that someone who runs an Astro site would claim most others have 10 planets in Libra ! I never met even 1 in all my years of practice! I question the competency of such an individual.. And I would hope that courtesy and respect and kindness would be more indicative of ones' status as a human being than rudeness and sarcasm. The letter from matthew was not in kind re:sarcasm and I would think that a professional and courteous response would be the FIRST response--particularly if one is concerned with keeping customers and not alienating them. Perhaps you are having a difficult transit or two yourself and your life pretty much sucks at the moment and have not learned the advantages of grace under pressure. There ARE other sites out there which offer very similar, high quality info for less money and certainly less attitude. May your transits transit quickly and your life improve and may you learn that a bit of respect and less sarcasm will get you farther along in life. Based solely on your pride in sarcasm-- I shall depart and recommend that the many folk I have referred over the years do so as well. Other people are human beings as well. And not a Libra planet in evidence...

santa barbara, usa --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 22:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hallo, das ist ja eine unangenehme Nachricht Ihrerseits! Geld wollen Sie haben und dann auch noch per Kreditkarte! Unglaublich!

1. hab ich keine Kreditkarte
2. ist ein Tageshoroskop ohne die weiteren Transite bzw. langfristigen Entwicklungen so langweilig wie das dümmste Zeitungshoroskop
3. ist es gegen die Idee der demokratischen Verbreitung von Nachrichten im Netz

alles in allem eine sehr kurzfristige Entscheidung.

Tschüss. Weiter so für die zahlenden Kreditkartenbesitzer, die werden sich freuen.

Claudia [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Berlin, Germany --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 22:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Liebe Frau Claudia, wenn Sie sich die Mühe gemacht hätten, zum Bestellvorgang zu gehen, so wäe leicht festzustellen gewesen, dass wir in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Oesterreich auch bei Abonnements wie immer gegen Rechnung zu liefern bereit sind. Aber das war wohl nicht wirklich Ihr Interesse.

Yes, I am sorry this site no longer provides this information for free. However, as a very regular user for more than 4 years, I confess I didn't even hesitate to sign up for the new service. Do I wish it were free, sure, but this site has helped me learn so much, I think of the new fee as thanks for helping me learn.

New York, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 22:02 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hi, I don't want to just whine and complain but I am really dissappointed that you started charging for the extended daily horoscopes. I use them pretty much every day to try and sort out my mood or whatever and figure things out and it actually helps a lot. If I could I would certainly pay for them but I'm only 17 and don't have a credit card that I could use to pay for them. My parents don't get my whole astrology thing and definitely aren't going to pay for it. I wish you would just consider things like this before doing it...I understand it's expensive but maybe you should have warned us first. Just wanted to say that, in any case it's still an awesome site. thank you!

Queally [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 21:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback. I have written by email to suggest a solution for your problem.

People can react so unfairly and with lack of understanding. Sure, it is disappointing (VERY), and yes a warning could of helped, considerably. But then again, Ive used this site for more than a year now (quite addictedly) and frankly its the best and most generous site of astrology on the net. It still is, even with that uptight change.
But, Im sure that change has an origen, a previous cause. Especially when sales havent changed from 1997, and Sept.11 doesnt help.
Selfish, those that cant understand and accomodate, I feel.
Anyways, its what has to offer, anyone that doesnt like it, doesnt have to buy it or visit the site.
Also, people have to make a living, including Alois and if changes must occur, they will--its normal for some to want to improve life.
Hopefully things can improve on the long run,(the old is replaced by the new and updated) and perhaps even go back to how it was a day ago. (free). Much patience with that., Alois and company, you have my support--and even though I am a bit disappointed, I still think this is a great site and remain a loyal visitor.
Thank you

Diana Betancur Cordoba
Medellin, Colombia --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 21:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thank you, you are very kind.

I love it that now you are charging money for me to read about all the transits occuring each day except for my selected one. I think it just great that a service that used to be provided free will now cost money! Thanks so much! I won't be back.

Florida, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 20:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I want to quote another email which I just
received from a customer and for which I am grateful:

I hope that my order is processed smoothly. I feel that I have already received 32.00 worth of information in the past year that I have been using your site. Along with many others, I think that your site is the premier site on the internet and I am a daily checker. It is always difficult to take something away from people -- I try to avoid it!
At any rate, thank you for the service and I will be a long term subscriber.

Meilen, Switzerland --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 19:48 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I could tell in the past 2 months your teeth were showing when I browsed your feedback it was only a matter of time before greed setin. I,m deleting you from favorite, you are no longer my favorite and no long a part of my life. You also changed the program without any consideration to people who frequent your site, this is poor judgement.

bolton, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 17:52 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

So the money you’re making with all the products you’ve always offered is not enough to keep the site running as it used to before? Although that’s is hard to believe, from the responses I read it seems we’re all very sorry to learn that. The strange thing for many, I believe, is that since the service was already set up and running (for years), it certainly wasn’t requiring any new input from you. You’ve probably thought this through before implementing these changes and believed it was the right thing to do. And we all know that you have the right to stop offering for free a service which was dear to many transforming it into a money-making thing. But this knowledge won’t stop readers from seeing it as a great loss, and as such it must be mourned. It was indeed a great thing you had going. Shame it had to end like this and leave so many disappointed readers!

marcia bonnet
Porto Alegre, Brasil --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 17:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: The problem is that Astrodienst's income does not come from the products it OFFERS but from the products and services it SELLS. And while offers may increase, sales may decrease quite independently and due to other factors. Some say, the sales decrease because we keep giving away FAR TOO MUCH for free. We try not to believe those voices.

I added a new profile to my list of horoscopes, and now there are quite a number of even more new names in my profiles. How could this have happened? Does someone have my password? Did the original new added profile simply save the page , and continually add new names on at her leisure? Does this ultimately affect my profile? What is your advice?
Caroline the Aries

Caroline [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
la, usa --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: The most likely reasn is that you have not set the 'high security' open in your my astro profile, and then sent someone a link or a horoscope output page by email, or published such a link on a website.

Please use My Astro -> view/edit profile settings, and activate the high security option. From then on, you will need to login via your password at the beginning of each visit at Also, delete those data records which are not yours, using the features of my astro.

Alois, would you accept my proposition?

Everybody can understand Astrodient needs to pay its bills. And I agree users have to participate.

But, personally, I won't pay those 2,66 a month. Simply because, as some users, I am not a daily user of the Personal Daily Horoscope. If you need money, and I may understand it, I cannot understand why only the Personal Daily Horoscope users have to pay your bills.

Personally, I would ask for a very little money for anyone who wants to use any advanced section and leave the other sections for free.

In that case, you can ask for far less money to each user, like 0,5 a month, and I guess you will get far more money and it will be fair to everybody. Personally, I would see as charged sections:

- Personal Daily Horoscope
- Chart drawing, Ascendant
- Extended Chart Selection

The Others sections can remain free as very useful for people who want to discover and get to know astrology.

This solution corresponds better to my logic, and in that case you would get my money. And giving you 0.5 or even 1 a month, frankly, what is the point? People agree for long to pay for their newspaper or to get their beer in a bar. Why not for astrodienst, and at a so cheap rate???

Gérard Sorée

Gérard Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brussels, Belgium --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:45 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for giving your thoughts to the matter. Believe us, we have done that too. We want to offer as many services for free as possible. We don't want to introduce subscription modes for services, if we can avoid it and if we can afford it. Only the really advanced features - like full length Astro Intelligence reports, or extended services (5 years date range, free transit navigation) in the daily horoscope - should be for a charge.

I have said already further below, that one customer who orders a regular priced item from us (e.g. an Astro Intelligence report, or a 12-month extended subscription) supports more than 500 other users by his contribution.

And it is not that we ask for donations here: we offer very valuable products for order. I would expect that two out of one thousand visitors should be able to use our paid services. The other 998 can continue to enjoy the free service without ever spending a penny. We will not bother them with demands for registration, subscription or payment. This solution will keep Astrodienst going strong, in the service of many who are less fortunate than you and me.

I've enjoyed your free service and I am very sorry that there is now a fee. My request would have been that you let us know in advance that there would be a fee to access information. Please consider giving us the courteousy,in advance, when there will be significant changes. Thank you for the free service and I wish you much success with your new subscription service.

Ruth Foy [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
New York, Untited States --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:45 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I'm disappointed that you have decided, without warning to your long-time site visitors, to now charge a subscription fee. Although I enjoy your site, I will not pay for it and am inclined to visit it far less frequently. Be prepared to say goodbye to at least half your readers. Buh-bye now...

Junior Holon
Seattle, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I, too, was shocked to find myself unable to access the usual free info in the daily horoscope. I agree that a warning would have been appreciated AND- whoever you are Alois- I thought that your original comments to Matthew and several other respondants were unnecessarily sarcastic and hostile!
That said-- I wish that it were at least possible for you all to print the applicable DURATION of the now - unavailable-w/o- subscription transits for the day since the interpretation is no longer available to those who cannot afford it.
I have owned all of Robert Hand and Liz Greenes' texts for years and make a point to obtain the new ones as they come out. My library as a whole is extensive -containing over 150 good books on astrology et al. I have no problem researching things myself and understand the need for money. BUT I despair that the internet is being ever more restricted for those who are on a limited or fixed income / housebound, ect. Even daily local news on the net--always free before-- is beginning to be a fee-based proposition. Eventually , I fear, information will become the preserve of a privileged few (even more than it already is ) --a dangerous proposition indeed ! I sincerely hope that those of us with a more spiritual bent and the ability to do so will keep the torch of free information burning for EVERYONE.

santa barbara, usa --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I have already pointed out the link to best possible overview of transit timings, an overview which is much more detailed then the information on the daily horoscope page ever was or can be:

Free Horoscopes -> extended chart selection -> Group Astrodienst Special -> Transit Calendar (for six months or 3 years, with various degrees of detail)

PS: I am a human being, and not a PR department where each word is filtered through the 'spin doctors'. So please be not surprised about past or future sarcasm. I have to take on a lot, and reserve the right to reply in kind. I have only three planets in libra, not ten like most others ;-) so don't expect too much.

Thank you for your services prior to today, however I will no longer be visiting your web site. There are tons of free services our there.. I was just trying to give it to you personally. I will make note to never visit again. Have a nice day!

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:16 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

as for everything has already been said a couple of hundred times below, i will join in the opinion that i understand that you have to pay your bills and this service is going to cost, but you could have informed everybody. doing it this way, is Asking for angry reactions.. mercury direct or not..

Amsterdam, the Netherlands --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 16:11 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I understand your making extended services subscriber-only. However, I think it is a mistake for you to take services that were formerly free and require payment. I was considering purchasing a subscription, but now I wonder how long that subscription will give me access to your services before you decide to take some portion of that information and restrict it to an even MORE premium level...

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:56 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: In all fairness, how can you come to such a conclusion? The purchase of a subscription gives you the RIGHT to receive the services you subscribed for. We could not legally restrict those services afterwards. The only thing we could do is make tighter restrictions for NEW subscribers, but be assured, we have no plans for that.

As painful as it may be, however, the use of free services gives you no RIGHT that they remain so permanently. It simply cannot be guaranteed that everything which is free now will be free forever. Our free services last exactly as long as our resources last, but not longer. It would be dishonest to promise anything else.

What can also not be guaranteed is that the subscription price will always remain the same as it is now. But this would affect only new subscribers and renewals, not existing subscriptions.

Let me tell you what well happen in the near future: The quality of our free 'short reports' will increase considerably, as we plan to replace simpler interpretation models with more complex ones, based on the Astro Intelligence readings by Liz Greene.

There have always been, and will always be changes in the free horoscope areas, as well as in our shop area. In the past, most of the changes were additions of new features. We are now so full of features, that in the future some of the inferior features might be replaced or retired to the caves of Moriah.

This is a dynamic and lively website, not a museum, after all.

I am shocked and appalled to find after years of using your the free Horoscope services I now have to pay for it. I did not receive any warning either.

Very Very disappointed!!!

, UK --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:34 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am a long term subscriber to your products in print, going back to when Robert Hand, et. al., were located at Para Research in the USA. I also own the Hand and Pelletier books, but I find it so much faster and more convenient to do research on the web, after which I can supplement the information obtained there, with more from my library, as needed.
Because of the long term relationship, and as a current subscriber to your calendar in print, I wonder if you would consider giving a discount to those, like me, who also purchase your print documents?

Laura Wardner [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Cromwell, CT, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for the feedback, Laura, and many thanks for the orders in the past few years, where you ordered repeatedly the printed Personal Calendar or other reports. Users like you are those who make our free web services possible. In fact, one paying customer supports more than 500 free users.

I agree that the printed calendar is very useful to have and a great product.The subscription to the 'extended daily horoscope' is quite a different thing. It does not only give you access to the information you have in your printed calendar, but gives you the same information for up to 100 different people - everyone you add to your profile's database, without any extra charge. Also, the time range it covers is five full calendar years - currently between 1 Jan 2000 and 31 Dec 2004.

But to honour your faithfulness as a paying customer, I have just entered a free 12 month subscription into your profile. Please enjoy. And please, do not stop getting the printed calendar next year...

I agree with Matthew's comments, it is a sad
day to see Astrodienst fall into step with the
denizens of the corporate greed culture pervading
the US today.

bob [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Stamford CT, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astro
I have now read the whole correspondence concerning the charges, including your long explication of rising costs, and I consider my previous reaction to be just that - a reaction. Clearly you've given the change a lot of thought. It IS a shock. However, you continue to have my gratitude for your work, past, present and future.
Best Wishes etc...

London --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:12 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

ditto what matthew (in London) said - let's add that I am so very disappointed and that this move to charge simply means I'll not include a visit to your site as a part of my day. Adios, Astrodienst - you had a good thing.

Wilmington, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 15:12 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astro,
It's always interesting to find that one is still a little naive. I imagined that your commitment to substantial areas of free information was born out of a passion to communicate Astrology's deep wisdom. Maybe it was, but clearly this has changed. I'm aghast, really, because I so love the site and have promoted it without reservation to so many friends and colleagues. The information non-subscribers will lose may not be so especially important, but my mistake was to assume there was a principle at work. I don't believe you're in financial trouble. The site is a Web success story, a great creative inspiration for what the Web could be. Greed, therefore, or variations on that theme, must be the reason. A sad day.

London, UK --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:59 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for your deep analysis. "Greed must be the reason" why staff people expect salaries for their work. Why don't they simply all apply for the dole, and live forever happily, one might ask. And work hard, of course, to provide all the services the world needs.

Our commitment to substantial areas of free information speaks for itself, I would say. Just visit and have a fair look around.

Finde es ebenfalls schade nun für die täglichen Transite bezahlen zu müssen, obwohl ich verstehn kann das ihr für dieses umfangreiche, wirklich tolle Service nun auch dementsprchend entlohnt werden wollt. Vielleicht lasst ihr euch noch eine bessere Zahlungsart als Kreditkarten und Zahlscheine einfallen!! Z.B die SMS Dienste bieten Zahlung über Netbanking an! Das wäre einfacher für Viele überlegt es sich dann schneller zu bezahlen. Aber auch die Gebühren könnte man ein wenig herabsetzen bzw. Monateweise vergeben !! So long ... werde trotzdem sicher noch eure Seite benutzen, aber sicherlich seltener !! Lilly

Wien, Österreich --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:44 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Kreditkarten sind eigentlich sehr einfach anzuwenden, und die einzige Lösung, die international problemlos und kostengünstig funktioniert. Zahlung via Mobiltelefon geht z.B. immer nur national.

Schade finde ich, dass so viele Beiträge hier so reagieren, als gäbe es unser Gratisangebot nicht mehr in seinem riesigen Umfang. Das grundlegende Tageshoroskop für gestern/heute/morgen ist unverändert kostenlos, ebenso die äusserst zahlreichen anderen Angebot unter dem Menupunkt 'Gratis Horoskope'. Geändert hat sich lediglich die erweiterte Navigation innerhalb des Tageshoroskops, bei der auch bisher die 'erweiterte Tageswahl' schon kostenpflichtig war.

Finde es wirklich übel, dass man plötzlich ab heute (20.05.03) einen Beitrag bzw. ein Abo für die weiteren Transite des Tages zahlen soll!!! Bin wirklich enttäuscht.

, CH --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Ich werde angesichts der Preise nun wahrscheinlich wieder öfter eine gute Astrologin aufsuchen, die natürlich bessere, flexiblere, ausgereiftere und umfassendere Interpretationen liefern kann, als es Astrodienst je konnte und kann. Gratis waren die Transite sehr wertvoll, aber wenn ich zwischen zahlen und zahlen (einem Menschen und einem Computer) auswählen kann....

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Das grundlegende Tageshoroskop für gestern/heute/morgen ist wie immer kostenlos. Die erweiterte Navigation kostet nun 2.66 Euro/Monat bei einem Jahresabonnement.

Viel Glück bei der Suche nach der guten Astrologin. Es ist sicher ein gute Idee, eine solche regelmässig auszusuchen, und wir freuen uns, wenn die beratenden Astrolog(inn)en wieder mehr Zulauf bekommen.

Hallo Astro-Team !

Ich habe Eure Homepage immer Spitzenklasse gefunden ! Aber mit der seit heute existierenden Einschränkung des sehr attraktiven Gratis-Angebotes werde ich nicht mehr sehr oft auf Euren Seiten sein. Natürlich kann ich dann auch nicht mehr so vielen Mitmenschen empfehlen.
Sehr enttäuschend !

Grüße aus Österreich,
Armin Huemer

PS: Finde das aus Marektinggründen auch unklug, da es ohnehin schon eine Horoskopschwemme gibt, und das bisher tolle Gratis-Angebot Astrodienst in ein sehr generöses Licht gerückt hat.
Der Umstand, dass es nun eine Beitrag (egal in Welcher Höhe) gibt, stellt ein psychologisches Hindernis dar. Darüber hinaus hat das Gratis-Angebot sicherlich Kunden für andere kostenpflichtige Dienste angelockt.

A. Huemer [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Linz, Österreich --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:17 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Ich verstehe, dass Veränderungen oder Einschränkungen nicht überall Freude auslösen. Ich verstehe aber nicht, wieso Sie so tun, als gäbe es nicht weiterhin ein extrem grosszügiges Angebot kostenloser Horoskope bei Astrodienst. Etwas mehr Fairness in der Wahrnehmung und im Feedback wäre keine schlechte Sache.

Astrodienst, though a great service, has become more and more money oriented. At one time, one was able to access the links for other daily transits and long-term transits without a subscription. It is disappointing that this helpful service has become an exclusive and gimmicky money-mill.

J.S. [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Glasgow, Scotland --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I understand that some can be hurt that now we have to pay to access the daily and long terms transits.

I would like to say to the people who disagree that astrodienst provide a service of quality and one can understand quality needs money, if not, astrodienst can close its website and service. I am sure that that money can be used to provide us with a better website and a better service.

Astrodienst has offered us the possibility to discover Robert Hand transit interpretation. One cannot get the butter and the money of the butter all the time.

Neithertheless, the Robert Hand's books, as Alois says, remain available in bookshops.

I also have a full suggestions list to improve Astrodienst. But nothing can come without money.

This website remains the best I know, and behind this quality is the Astrodienst's will to provide the best. It is hard work and, unfortunately, no positive hard work result possible without money nowadays.

Gérard Sorée

Gérard Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brussels, Belgium --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 14:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I don't miss those daily horoscopes at all. All those Sun, Moon and Mercury transits that they were full of are irrelevant anyway. I watched that interpretations for a while and never sensed any influence.

Jack P.
--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 13:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I agree - up to a point. The 'computer selected' daily reading has sufficient entertainment value already. The really interesting stuff is in the 'longterm influences', and a lot of that you can also get via the Short Report Forecast.

I am a long term user, too (since 1993, of the printed calendar editions), and I find a surpising number of meaningful readings even among the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus transits. Often I am also just satisfied that if gives me a fresh idea of having another look at an apparently bland day, or to look at the daily picture selected for me.

Hi Alois:
I wanted take the opportunity to comment on your page since I have been suscribing for four or five years now I think. Like some others I am disappointed to discover a reduction in services since I so used to enjoy looking at the other transits feature in order to find the recipe of daily current planetary influnces. However, living in the USA, I do sadly understand the capitalistic movtivation behind most all things. sigh (That was a very large Gemini sigh)..

In fact I commend you for holding out to temptation as long as you did. If reader's are disgruntled, they could take a look at Susan Miller's page to see how a little greed can easily ruin a good thing. It seems to be the way of the world.

Oh...before I forget it, I have to agree with your response to those readers who feel that your predictions are too negative. Where did they get the idea that everything that happens in life is always positive. What do they hop around through life singing tha corny 60's Mac Davis tune Everything is Beautiful. (they must be taking hallucinagenic drugs).

At ant rate...I wanted you to know that although I considered your page the last great bastien of free free service...your decision to begin charging a fee , although terribly diappointing, has in no way undermined my opinion that your page has and always will remain the finest of its kind on the web today. I sincerely hope that when the heavens decide to look favorably once again upon this lowly Gemini...I will be able to suscribe to it, as every great follower should.....


Joey [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Keene, USA --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 13:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks

ít's a pity that you are now charging for information that i first could visit free - with pleasure - for more than a year now.
but i can advice all visitors to buy the old book 'planets' i believe, from robert hand: there all the transits are mentioned. and that is much cheaper than becoming a subscriber...

ijda (and friends)
, netherlands --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 13:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: That is an excellent idea, Ijda. There is a link to order the book 'Planets in Transit' from Amazon on our Robert Hand Publications list. It exists also in Dutch and in German.

For making the best use of such a text book, our free 'transit calendar' in
Free Horoscopes -> extended chart selection -> group Astrodienst special
is the most convenient tool. It gives you an overview of all transit timings for an extended period. Which ones are the most important, you can certainly work out for yourself, with a bit of experience.

at the risk of sounding like a snob, i would like to make the observation that these aspects descriptions that have been moved into paid area, will possibly spur some of you on to learning the meanings of these planets in your own lives and not relying on the same text everytime the aspect comes around.
one writer's observations wont fit everyone anyway.

this site offers so much free stuff, and there's even a search engine if you really need to figure something out.
astodienst has done you a favor.

thank you alois.
(still dont like my idea of a subscription chat room?)

steven [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
detroit/dearborn, US --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 13:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I'm sorry to say so, but I find it hard to accept that some services like the other transits and long term influences are no longer for free. Why were they in the first place? It was possible then? And now you're charging? When I read the horoscope now its not complete anymore...I've read you're motivation for charging but I don't agree. Services like this should not be charged at all. It's spiritual but you're asking a big amount of money for subscription. You better be carefull because you're losing your credibility if you go on like this.

Diana [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
The Haque, Netherlands --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 13:17 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Diana, a lot of our services are for free, because we just love to give as much as we can. That for some people 'as much as we can' is not enough, I am aware of. I am sorry but I can't change the fact that also Astrodienst has to pay its bills. Should we apply for government support, so that we can live off taxpayer's money?

Hello I truly understand that you wanted to make a change to your daily services and I respect you for this. However, I do feel that more advanced knowledge of these changes could have been more appropriate to allow the readers that would have been more prepared a chance to subscribe instead of having a blunt stop of the extended forcast.

I did check to see if you had a brief message anywhere on your site notifing us of a change but didn't see one. I do want to make myself clear though. I have no problems paying for your excelent forcasts what so ever and they are wonderful. I just think with so many loyal readers that you could have thought of a small amount of preparation. If I did miss such a forworning I surely regret it. Thank you for all your hard work bring a great site to the world public .

Priscilla Belknap [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Syracuse, United States --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 12:47 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Priscilla, I think some changes in life are best handled by 'do it, and get over it', without much forwarning. We did wait for Mercury to become direct, but we did not want to start a discussion about the changes.

Please be aware that 'long term' transit predictions can still be accessed under Free Horoscopes -> Short Report Forecast.

Since 11:45 AM (Swiss time) when we started the new feature there has been a great stream of subscriptions coming in. If this volume of subscriptions keeps up, we will certainly be able to maintain the current low subscription price of $2.66/month with a 12-month subscription, and will not have to ramp it up after the current introductory phase.

I am sorry to see you've made Other transits and Long-term influences subscription-only information. If business on your site is so bad that you cannot continue to offer even this small freebie, then perhaps you should close down the entire operation! In any case, thank you for the service that was.

, US --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 12:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Thanks for your support, Robin. We will consider your proposition. Before we follow your advice, maybe have a look at the really 'small selection of freebies' in menu 'Free Horoscopes'.

I am disappointed that the free horoscopes are no longer free anymore. I didnt know Astro was going to make sure a big change to its services. WHY?!?

Ms Dun
Accra, Ghana --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 10:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Dear Ms Dun, the free horoscopes at reach far beyond the popular 'Personal daily horoscope'. Our choice consists of a large selection of free services. Please click on the blue menu item 'Free Horoscopes' to see them all.

One of them is the Personal Daily Horoscope. Also that one is free - you can look up your personal daily horoscope for yesterday, today and tomorrow. If you enter up to 100 other people in your my astro profile, you can look up their daily hrosocopes for free as well.

There has always been a subscriber mode for dates outside that range - the extended day selection, where you can look at any date 3 years back and one year ahead. This extended mode has always been a paid subscription option.

Now we have moved another extended feature into subscriber mode: The readings for the 'long term influences' and for the 'other transits of today' are only available to subscribers. This is a very modest restriction within our ample free services. Free long term readings remain available in the 'Short report forecast'.

Let me say that your general claim "The free horoscopes are no longer free anymore" is very unjust and untrue.

Astrodienst provides free online astrology services since 1996. In the last few months, we have expanded our services from English and German into five additional languages, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. This allows a large number of people not only in Europe, but also in Africa and Latin America, who do no speak English, but one of these additional languages, to access quality free astrology services.

The number of visitors and users of our service has grown steadily - more than 2 Million distinct people have used in the past 12 months, and daily we have now about 85'000 visitors. To fulfil that demand, we run a powerful webserver-farm of computers on a highspeed Internet link, and we have professional staff inhouse, as well as professional translators outside, who develop and support our website.

All this is financed by the sales of our reports, and by the subscriptions to our online services. Our website is clean, fast, elegant and free of advertising - except ads for our own reports.

Sadly, the sales of reports have not increased in recent years. In fact, we sell a bit less reports today than we did in 1997. The past six months have been particularily difficult, probably due to the worldwide economic slowdown. To keep our extensive free services runnig, we need to get some additional income. We hope this new subscrition feature will help us on that path.

Please understand: If you want to help to maintain its quality and speed of operation, you have to support it from time to time, if you can afford it. You can do this either by ordering one of our excellent reports, or by subscribing to the extended online service.

Astrodienst is not a big fat corporation, but a small, dedicated and efficient group of professional people. Find out more about us here.

Lieber Herr Treindl, diese Rückmeldung gehört vielleicht nicht hier her, aber ich habe keine andere Adresse dafür gefunden.
Vor einigen Monaten hatte ich das erweiterte Tageshoroskop bei Ihnen bestellt und bezahlt und genutzt. Zwischenzeitlich musste mein PC neu installiert werden und als ich Ihre Seite wieder nutzen wollte, funktionierte das erweiterte Tageshoroskop nicht mehr, d.h. ich kam nur auf den Hinweis, dass ich es erwerben müsste. Haben Sie eine Möglichkeit, mein Abo wieder für mich zugänglich zu machen? Wenn ja, bitte tun Sies,
mit herzlichen Grüßen und vielen Dank,
Susanne Friedmann -
Lindenstr. 104, Zorneding.
Unter Ihren Abonnenten müssten Sie mich unschwer finden.

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 11:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Bitte gehen Sie zu 'mein astro' und stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie dort im Profil susanne.friedmann*xxxx (aus Vertraulichkeitsgründen nicht voll genannt) eingeloggt sind. Dann haben Sie auch Zugriff zu Ihrem Abo, das noch bis zum 20. November 2003 läuft.

Bitte für solche Anfragen lieber den Link 'Problem melden' verwenden, der unten auf jeder Seite ist.

When I checked my daily horoscope for May 21 it stated that the moon would be entering Gemini, but it's in Aquarius right now. Thought you might want to check that out.

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 09:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You might have been misreading. When I look at it, the daily horoscope page says: Moon enters Aquarius 11:01 am (timezone for Oak Ridge)

Gratulation zur neuen Kolumne von Barbara Hutzl-Ronge mit den Grafiken von Caroline Smith. Ich habe selten Astrologie auf humorvollere und unterhaltsamere präsentiert gesehen. Jede Folge ist wieder eine Überraschung!
herzliche Grüße! Hans

Kelkheim, D --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 08:25 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I truly LOVE your website! It is wonderful it has so many options, and one of the most reliable chart producing website. Thank you so much for making this available for all of us.
God/ess Bless

--- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 05:42 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Anhang - Dekret für Sommerzeit
N° 27.998 de 13/04/1950
Período: 00h de 01/12 de cada ano, até 31/03 de ano seguinte
Obs.: Modificou o Decreto anterior, antecipando o término do período para 16/04, ao invés de 30/04/1950.
N° 32.308 de 24/02/1953
Período: 00h de 01/12 de cada ano, até o último dia de fevereiro do ano seguinte
Obs.: Modificou o Decreto anterior, antecipando o final para o último dia de fevereiro do ano seguinte.

N° 34.724 de 30/11/1953
Obs.: Revoga Decretos anteriores n° 27.496, 27.998 e 32.308 Abschaffung der Sommerzeit für die nächsten 10 Jahre

Christine Ullrich [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Aguas de São Pedro, Brasil --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 04:24 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hallo Herr Treindl,
Zuerst herzlichsten Glückwunsch für den ausgezeichneten site von Astrodienst!.Ich bin in Brasilien ansässig und stosse des öftern auf das Problem Sommerzeit -, meist vergleiche ich meine Daten mit denen vom Programm Astrodienst. Neulich bei der Konfektion einer Karte bin ich auf folgendes Problem gestossen: in ihrem Programm ist 1953 Sommerzeit bis 1.April angegeben, laut verschiedenen hiesigen Quellen ging er aber in dem Jahr nur bis Ende Februar. Ich bin hier in Brasilien ansässig und da ich hauptsächlich mit Karten von Hiesigen arbeite ist es nicht das erste Mal dass dieses Problem auftaucht. Anfang der 50ger Jahre sind die Sommerzeiten mehrmals geändert worden, anbei das Dekret ( ich nehme an sie brauchen keine Übersetzung). Sie können auch in den site schauen . Ich hätte gern gewusst ob Sie eventuell eine vertrauenswürdigere Quelle hatten, man kann ja nie wissen, es gibt des öfteren Verwirrung mit den Sommerzeiten. Für eine kurze Antwort wäre ich dankbar, schöne Grüsse, Christine

Christine Ullrich [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Aguas de São Pedro, Brasilien --- Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 03:46 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear astrodienst,
Regarding your reply :
By mentioning my aspects and what I was assuming would happen I might have made it sound as if astrology is a mechanistic tool , though I do believe that astrology is an art.
Anyway, I just read some days ago in a famous astrologer's book that lunations seem to activate progressed planets , this being mentioned as part of predictive techniques used in various combinations in the astrological art, and I was simlpy wondering what you think of it, your mere opinion and only.Just if I would ask you whether you pay much attention to a natally retrogade Mercury or not.
By the way , my teachers are enough open-minded not to be so absolute.
Thanks for your time , I am still waiting for your opinion

s [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Paros, Greece --- Monday, May 19, 2003 at 20:30 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Je voudrais vous faire part d'un fait particulier : depuis que j'utilise le service des cartes du ciel gratuites, je n'ai jamais pu avoir Lilith incluse dans la carte et dernièrement, je l'ai eue dans la liste des positions des planètes, et depuis, plus rien... est-ce intentionnel ou accidentel? Merci

Ariane Frédérique [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Mont St-Hilaire, Canada --- Monday, May 19, 2003 at 18:46 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Mit grossem Vergnügen geniesse ich das neue Bonbon, das mir astro-com anbietet. --- Die Kolumne von Barbara Hutzl-Ronge ist einfach umwerfend. --- Aber auch sonst bin ich sehr gerne und oft hier zu Besuch. --- EIN GROSSES DANKESCHÖN und viele Grüsse von Myriam.

Welzheim, Deutschland --- Monday, May 19, 2003 at 17:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Concerning Jana's question, I need to add something.

Her question:

Dear Alois,
I would like to know your opinion to my question: Do you think that it would be possible to change the chart of a certain person in her/his mind ? I mean if this person would be so strong mentally and also trained in astrology, would it be possible for him/her to replace some configuration in his/her chart in his mind only and to change the behaviour ? For example if he/she would have Saturn in the 4th house - to replace it with Jupiter ? Or to adopt a chart of someone else just by visualizing it and adopting it mentally ? It is just my idea that it must be possible.
Best regards,

I read your question on astro. I am afraid, indeed that it is impossible. You can work on a difficult aspect, like a square, and balance it as a trine. You can work also on integrating your saturnian shadow, transforming your inner saturnian fears into a strength. You can work on your Pluto, transforming jealousy and possessivity into a deep psychological richness. All that requires a lot of hard inner work. But dreaming we are somebody else, is feasible only in our dream, not in reality.

You can work also on your neptune. If you feel such a possibility in you to move the planets, houses and signs, you must have a strong neptune, like neptune on the MC or so, which gives you the power to capt and swallow the other people's energy. It is a rare quality that can give you more sensitiveness and an emotional intelligence. But you take the risk to swallow all the other people energy and to make it as it were yours. You may, after a while, feel lost and depressed because you would have no idea of who you are anymore as, for instance, you may have swallowed another people's jupiter in your 4th house instead respecting own saturn. Feeling the universe as you may do don't give you the right to deny and neglect your own inner self.

Just to give a few authors, Liz Greene and Tracy Mark wrote good books on the subject. PLease see

- Liz Greene: The Astrological Neptune
- Tracy Marks: The Astrology of Self-Discovery

Gérard Sorée


Jana Alfery [* --- .xyz*xyz. - * ]
Prague --- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 11:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Faith can move mountains, as they say.

But re-think your question and replace the word 'chart' with 'genetic setup'. Then consider the answer you find yourself.


Gérad Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brussels, Belgium --- Monday, May 19, 2003 at 14:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

To the question from Jana:

I would like to know your opinion to my question: Do you think that it would be possible to change the chart of a certain person in her/his mind ? I mean if this person would be so strong mentally and also trained in astrology, would it be possible for him/her to replace some configuration in his/her chart in his mind only and to change the behaviour ? For example if he/she would have Saturn in the 4th house - to replace it with Jupiter ? Or to adopt a chart of someone else just by visualizing it and adopting it mentally ? It is just my idea that it must be possible.
Best regards,

I am afraid, indeed, as Alois mentioned it, that it is impossible. You can work on a difficult aspect, like on a square, and balance it as a trine. You can work also on integrating your saturnian shadow, transforming your inner saturnian fears into a strength. You can work on your Pluto, transforming jealousy and possessivity into a deep psychological richness. All that requires a lot of hard inner work. But dreaming we are somebody else, is feasible only in our dream, not in reality.

Gérard Sorée


Alois adds: Faith can move mountains, as they say.

But re-think your question and replace the word 'chart' with 'genetic setup'. Then consider the answer you find yourself.

Gérard Sorée [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Brussels, Belgium --- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 23:13 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Auf Hollandisch sagt man nicht :de 8e huis aber het 8e huis.(8th house)
Aber insgesammt ist alles besser jetzt noch besser zu verstehen !

Roel Kuiper [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Meppel, Niederlanden --- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 20:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I agree with Zelda thursday 15 may that your predictions are far to negative! Instead of making fun of her remark, you should take this very seriously!

amsterdam, holland --- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 17:08 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Be assured that we take the question of quality very seriously at Astrodienst. But we cannot take every comment we receive seriously, in the sense that we are willing to succumb to all wishes.

I do not believe, that all information should be watered down so much that nobody anywhere ever will take offense from it. I think that people are intelligent enough to search out those websites and sources of information whose style and content they like. I think this is what you should do, too.

Some people like their food sugar-coated, some like it tasteless, some like it hot and burning. It is futile to demand that every cook should prepare his food according to YOUR preferences. Just go and find the cook you like, or do your own cooking.

I tried your service and entered a new account for myself. However, I ended up with my friend as a partner and didn't want this. Please look into this. Thank you.

--- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 05:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please use the features of the 'my astro' page to add or delete information from your profile, or to create a different profile.

To whom it may concern: I came to your site about two weeks ago and got my short report free about my natal chart, and a few other readings. I see that you have (male) beside of my name on my reading. I'm wondering why you did this. I've never heard tell of an Angela being a male. So my question is: does that mean the reading that you sent to me was not accurate since it was for a male and not a female. Thank you, Angela Barger

Angela Barger
Lexington, US --- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 01:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am afraid YOU did it. Our data entry page has fields for first name, last name, and checkboxes for 'male' or 'female'. The user must click on one of these two check boxes. Our system does not try to derive a gender from looking at the first name. Trust me, it would be impossible. Surely there will be men out there who do call themselves 'Angela', and they would badly complain if our system made any assumptions about gender names on its own.

To have your gender modified from male to female, please visit a specialist, ah, no, I mean please go to any horoscope output page and click on the link 'edit data for Angela'. Also, on the 'my astro' page is such an 'edit' link fpr each data record. The 'edit' link takes you back to the data entry page with your data filled in. There, plese click on the other gender checkbox and then click the 'continue' button at the bottom as often as needed that you get back to your chart.

Aside from some gender dependent wordings (like: you could be a great actor, versus: you could be a great actress) the single person readings show no difference depending on gender.

I did the part of fortune calculations according to the formula in the article but it came out different than the astrodienst free chart. my calculations say I have a pof in gemini for the morning or aries for the evening (checked both, just in case) but the astro chart says capricorn. I did a couple other charts and they also came out different. what's up with that?
by the way, love your website, great, the best on the web.

jill [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
los angeles, usa --- Sunday, May 18, 2003 at 00:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Be default, we use a different formula for night births than for day births.

If you want to use the 'day birth' formula even for night births, you simply click the checkbox in 'extended chart selection', which is labeled as: always use day formula for Pars Fortunae (standard is: different formula day/night)

I'm curious why Uranus Sextile (Natal) Uranus is unavailable on the reading of my Horoscope?

KateM Cusick [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Ferndale, USA --- Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 23:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: It looks as if you failed to read the introduction to 'short report forecast', as you would not ask that question otherwise. The answer is: the report is incomplete by design.

Definitivamente espectacular este sitio todos los servicios gratuitos que ofrece son unicos. lo recomiendo a todos los astrologos colombianos. y aprovecho para compartir ideas acerca de la astrologia con astrologos compatriotas..gracias pueden comunicarse al e mail crisastro99*

christian cortez [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
cali, colombia --- Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 22:18 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

j'ai visite votre site plusieurs fois , je le trouve , excellent ,tres proffessionnelle, vous et votre equipe vous avez une tres bonne maitrise , de l'astrologie .et surtout vos etudes previsionnelles sont tres claires et explicative.
l'astrologie est un art et une science que peut peuvent se targer connaitre et dechiffer, votre site est l'un des meilleurs que je connais,
notre amour pour cette science,et aider a expliquer pour le monde , l'influence des forces cosmiques sur les humains et autres
je vous remercie pour votre maitrise, d'une science si difficile a maitriser
chaine lahsen
www welcom net ma/chaine

lahsen chaine
nouakchott, mauritanie --- Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 10:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Alois,
April's fullmoon on 25 degrees Libra happened to conjunct my progressed moon( my 7th's ruler, about 27 d.)in my 9th house,
trine my progressed Jupiter (my 11th's ruler ,24 d. Gemini)in my 6th -Jupiter is natally placed in my 5th-
and widely conjunct my North Node (20 d.).
Based on the aforementioned I expected my affected progressed planets to get activated and probably a significant , karmic love affair to emerge in my life.
I am wondering if full moons and lunations really do activate dormant progressed planets (which is what I have studied in my astrological lessons)and if yes, how is the time frame determined so as to expect events to come round?
Your opinion would be of so much interest to me.
Thanks in advance.

Best wishes for you and your exciting site.


s [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Paros, Greece --- Saturday, May 17, 2003 at 09:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You make it sound as if you consider astrology a mechanistic clockwork system. I don't think it is. Events in life are not predictable in that sense. Maybe you should go back to whoever taught you such concepts and confront that teacher with your experience.

I was born in Costa Rica, SanJose---but right now Im living in Colombia,Medellin---should I edit my data and put that I was born in Medellin Colombia, or leave it as it is? I dont know how its appropriate, when it comes to reading my forcasts. Thank you and excellent site.

Medellin, Colombia --- Friday, May 16, 2003 at 15:45 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Your birth chart remains valid, wherever you live.

This is a very wonderful site! Thank you so much for all your wonderful work! I have gained much value from all your efforts - what a gift! Thank you!!!

, USA --- Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 23:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Why is New Zealand not on the Travel map for readings?
Please can u include it - thanks....

--- Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 22:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please use the world map.

i think your forecasts are very negative. i have compared them to other astrology forecast for this year. i read my own and i read some for friends. they also agree, that the forecasts are quite negative and discouraging. why is your interpretation so tainted?

Zelma smith [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
berlin, Germany --- Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 19:33 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am sorry if you think that. If you prefer sugar-coated entertainment, why not try

Last Feb, I had a free sample of what was called a Destiny Report. I would like at this time to order a full report, but can't find the offer on your web site. I think it was by Rober Hand. Thank you, Debby.

debby flynn [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Middletown, usa --- Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 16:22 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You might be confusing websites or report title. There never was such an item at Astrodienst. Most likely the report 'Transits of the Year' by Robert Hand is what you want. Please find and order it in AstroShop.

Thanks for the service that you provide. I found the site fast, friendly and informative.
Will tell all my friends about it when I get some.
Ta, Grant

Grant Day [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa --- Thursday, May 15, 2003 at 15:32 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am wanting to make a chart but Sinloa Mexcico is not recognized as a city. Can this be added?

Trish [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 22:04 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: If you provide the geographical coordinates, we will be hapy to add this town. Please send them by email.

Guten Tag,
ein Astrologe hat mir mit Galileo als Solarzeit 2003 *20:06* Uhr ausgedruckt, in meinem Online-Solarhoroskop bei steht aber Uhrzeit: *22:06*.

Da ich davon ausgehe, dass es weder bei Ihnen noch in Galileo einen Kalkulationsfehler gibt, muss ich einen Denkfehler haben. Wo liegt der? (Geburtsdaten kann ich a.A. per E-Mail schicken.)

Vielen Dank für eine Aufklärung und schöne Grüße

--- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 18:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Guten Abend. Es tut mir leid wenn es Diskrepanzen zwischen und Software XY gibt, aber Astrodienst ist nicht für die Fehlersuche anderer Astrologieprogramme zuständig.

Wir garantieren die Korrektheit dessen, was wir liefern. Alles andere interessiert uns auch nicht sonderlich.

Am besten wenden Sie sich an den freundlichen und kostenlosen Support Ihrer Softwareherstellerin und lassen sich dort erklären, warum sie von Astrodienst abweicht.

Die generelle Vermutung bei Untersschieden von Uhrzeiten: Eine Sache der Zeitzonen. Bei Solarhoroskopen snd unsere Angaben normalerweise in Lokalzeit des Bezugsorts - was auch sonst?

Excellent site - thoroughly enjoy reading transits. Find it all quite enlightening

--- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 14:14 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hello Alois, Can you please recommend a web-site or reading material on the asteroid's Eros and Psyche? Many thanks.

, New Zealand --- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 12:19 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Of course I can do that., enter "asteroids eros and psyche"

Fantastic Page! I had print it all out and will read it tonight -) thanks that you do these for us.

Inka Asolli [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Rheda, Germany --- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 11:51 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I am amazed at the accuracy of forecasts by Robert Hand. I traveled to Sri Lanka as a Buddhist experiencing a Buddhist land and the forecast, unknowingly, stated it would be a great time of learning and personal development. It certainly was! It was also stated that people would attempt to talk me out of my decisions, as my family did when I told them I would be moving there after I graduate, and he stated I should stick with my decisions, as I have, for it is ordained...
And currently I was reading the forecast for this fall and Mr. Hand stated I would be putting my philosophy to the test, as I will when I start my social work internship in the fall and begin working with very poor and disadvantaged people in a homeless shelter and veterans refuge.
Very good work. There are frauds and then there is the work of the people on this site.

Brian Lapp
, USA --- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 06:14 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Great site! :)

Astrodienst provides the basis for astrological studies and I learn a lot through it.

While browsing through the feedback, i felt the need of communicating in a more InterActive way, so that we may have the opportunity the learn from each other. I would like to post the following suggestion concerning the structure of Astrodienst :
Lets communicate in Forums!

With the use of Forums we would have the possibility of posting topics e.g. Fields of astrology, Personal experiences with radix, Transits, Progressions etc.

This free conversational platform would be where both beginers, advanced and experts meet to broaden their knowledge.

The idea is that We gain a broader overview through giving feedback of our own experiences.

How do you like the idea?

Peter [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Budapest --- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 03:55 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

What kind of report can be obtained for an event or project? I really need to track the development and possibilities of an important project of mine _ it's almost like another kid in the family :)

Ana Maria
Los Angeles, USA --- Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 01:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Hi dear people,
as fanatic researcher of ure site i discovered something..I travelled around the globe and met the various energy lines and compared those to ure last visit to Norway was so heavy that i decided to take a closer look...i made a progressive horoscope by entering my birthdate plus my age in days..then i checked again and bingo! It was full of heavy pluto u think this is accurate in therms of using the travel site in a more actual way or just coincidence?

jeroen Monnikendam [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
amsterdam, Netherlands --- Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 07:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am afraid such a technique will not be reliable.

TO: KDV I wrote to you several weeks ago! I am
wondering if I can get another Planets in Transit by Robert Hand??? I would like the same one that I had before!! Is there a way that i could recieve a discount since it's the same chart??
I lost my last chart, and I really love all the info in it!! Sincerely, Valarie

Valarie [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA --- Monday, May 12, 2003 at 20:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Guten Tag,
ein Astrologe hat mir mit Galileo als Solarzeit 2003 20:06 Uhr ausgedruckt, aus meinem Online-Solarhoroskop bei steht aber Uhrzeit: 22:06.

Da ich davon ausgehe, dass es weder bei Ihnen noch in Galileo einen Kalkulationsfehler gibt, muss ich einen Denkfehler haben. Wo liegt der? (Geburtsdaten kann ich a.A. per E-Mail schicken.)

Vielen Dank für eine Aufklärung und schöne Grüße

--- Monday, May 12, 2003 at 16:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


--- Monday, May 12, 2003 at 11:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)


Ich finde diese Astro - Seiten sehr informativ u. interessant ! :-))
Ich bin in puncto Astrologie ein Anfänger u. zur Zeit mal wieder relativ intensiv auf der Suche nach Selbsterkenntnissen - Entdeckungen.

Mich interessiert die Be-deutung von:
Pluto im 1.Haus
Lilith im 3.Haus (Scorpion)
Chiron im 8.Haus (Widder)

Ich bin für jede Anregung dankbar u. würde mich über Feedback's sehr freuen !

Könnt Ihr mir vielleicht auch spezielle Buchtipp's empfehlen ?

Viele Grüße

Ron [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Monday, May 12, 2003 at 08:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Ich beschäftige mich erst seid neum mit Astrologie, und mich würde mal interessieren wofür der Deszendent steht.

Die Seite ist echt klasse. Es gibt viele Dinge die mich sehr bewegen und interessieren, helfen.
Ich finde es toll dass ihr euch so viel Mühe macht bzw. du.
Meinen Respekt die seite ist echt gut !

--- Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 21:20 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Danke für das Lob.

Zum Deszendent findet sich was hier, unter Haus 7. Ansonsten kannst du auch in Astroclick Portrait den Deszendent oder Planeten im 7. Haus anklicken.

Sehr empfehlenswert ist das Buch von Howard Sasportas, Astrologische Häuser und Aszendenten.

Wo finde ich Hilfe zur Deutung eines Ereignishoroskopes?

--- Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 10:44 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Was symbolisiert in einem Horoskop die Hausarbeit? Also putzen-waschen-bügeln-kochen usw.

6. Haus ist bei mir in Fische (+Widder), und Jupiter in Stier (und im 8. Haus), da steht also nichts für eine Neigung zur physischen Arbeit.

Merkur ist bei mir im Wassermann. Das heisst ich hasse die regelmässige Pflicht-Sachen...

Ist das eine gute Erklärung dafür, dass ich - obwohl ich eine verheiratete Frau bin - die Hausarbeit hasse und ich möchte dafür entweder Ruhe haben oder geistliche Tätigkeit?

Ich kämpfe viel mit diesem Problem.

Orsi [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 08:15 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Da würde ich raten: Karriere machen, wenn möglich, um genug Geld zu verdienen, und Haushälterin anstellen. Das schafft einen zusätzlichen Arbeitsplatz und Sie sind die Hausarbeit los.

On doing my wifes daily astro I noticed on the 12th of May she is supposedly got mercury in the 5th and 6th house with different dates ?

david l
sydney, australia --- Sunday, May 11, 2003 at 03:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Please see the FAQ

First off I want to thank you for your amazing site!! I am only 19 but have researched and practiced astrology for as long as I can remember. My whole family uses your website and I must say I am so thankful to have found something that was not phony or only out to get my money. Recently, about 3 months ago I fell ill, and have been ever since, I was wondering if there was any special report I could order that could inform me more about my illness, and when I may recover. This is a mental disorder that I am dealing with and I am working as hard as I can to overcome it, thank you so much for your time and effort, and for the amount of unbelievable information in your free section. Thanks again
-Helen :)

Helen [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
--- Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 23:06 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

am 7.mai 2003 fand eine exakte konjunktion sonne merkur statt, was bedeutet dieses genaue treffen für die leute die gerade denn geboren werden? ich meine charakterlich. danke für die auskunft und für das was sie hier anbieten, ich finde es sehr gut. a.ricca

alessandra ricca [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
solothurn, schweiz --- Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 18:14 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

was ist denn das für eine oberflächliche antwort auf eine ernst gemeinte frage! ich dachte, man kann ereignisse anhand der sternenkonstellationen deuten ... und gerade der anfang im mai war schlimm!

Alois adds: Auf servieren wir eigentlich keine Horrornachrichten. Die gibt es eher bei Bild oder RTL.

helen siegel [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
münchen, bayern --- Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 16:05 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren!

Ich bin eine ungarische Astrologin, und auch Übersetzerin. Wenn sie neue Sprachen erreichbar machen möchten, stehe ich gerne zu Ihrer Verfügung, indem ich ihre deutschsprachige Horoskopdeutungen zu einem symbolischen Preis ins Ungarische übersetzen würde!



Orsi [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Budapest, Ungarn --- Saturday, May 10, 2003 at 16:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Dear Astroexcellence, Your site is without doubt the best on the net...and you know it!!!. I have a question that I thought you might answer for me. I first visited an Astrologist in the early 80's, who told me I have something called a 'magical cross' in my chart. I have always wondered what this is and what it means. Can you tell me anything about this? I would dearly like to know. Thanks Cate.

Cate Jones [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Adelaide, Australia --- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 23:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

what could be an interpretation of sun, pallas and lilith conjunct in the tenth house?

Valeria [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil --- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 23:34 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Ich wollte mit meinem festen Freund zur Zeit eine feste Beziehung eingehen, doch habe ich mir einiges durchgelesen. Vieles sagt aus in den Sternen das es nicht grade sehr vorteilhaft wäre. Da er Schütze ist und ich Jungfrau. Ist es so dass es nun eine starke Wahrnung ist oder kann man es normal sehen, wie alle Beziehungen ?

--- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 20:21 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Ich habe den Eindruck, Sie lesen da etwas negatives in Liz Greene's Text hinein, das so nicht drinsteht.

der monat mai 2003 fing nicht gerade rosig an - jeden tag bekommt man eine andere horronachricht serviert - hängt das mit den sternenkonstellationen zusammen? gruss helen aus münchen

helen siegel
münchen, bayern --- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 14:52 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Auf servieren wir eigentlich keine Horrornachrichten. Die gibt es eher bei Bild oder RTL.

Dear Alois,

I would like to know your opinion to my question: Do you think that it would be possible to change the chart of a certain person in her/his mind ? I mean if this person would be so strong mentally and also trained in astrology, would it be possible for him/her to replace some configuration in his/her chart in his mind only and to change the behaviour ? For example if he/she would have Saturn in the 4th house - to replace it with Jupiter ? Or to adopt a chart of someone else just by visualizing it and adopting it mentally ? It is just my idea that it must be possible.
Best regards,

Jana Alfery [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Prague --- Friday, May 9, 2003 at 11:27 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Faith can move mountains, as they say.

But re-think your question and replace the word 'chart' with 'genetic setup'. Then consider the answer you find yourself.

Awesome site.. And bang on horoscopes. As they say.. I dont know if I can ever leave home without... reading

NC, US --- Thursday, May 8, 2003 at 02:32 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I love your site, but to my sadness I see that you have removed the 'Travel' section from the free horoscope options. I spent a lot of time checking out the globe, discovering what places I should and shouldn't be. I was about to go in and add my boyfriend in, so we can think about where in the world to move... but it was gone. Why? Can't we have it back? I thought it was very interesting, and astonishingly accurate for many friends.

db [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
hfx, canada --- Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at 11:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Sad dawn-of-the-dead, what website have you been looking at? Did tears cloak your eyes, perhaps? On the day you wrote that, 2907 users did use 'Astroclick Travel' on our server, on the place where is was since creation day.

Thank you for a brilliant site and for a very large selection of charts in the Extended chart selection.
I would like to make a suggestion, although it may be lazy of me. I noticed that you have Ebertin's Midpoints both in chart format and a PDF file with the data. Would it be easy to also have his 45 degree dial and midpoint tees in a ready format? I know that they are deducible from the existing formats, but they take time. It is such an excellently precise system/presentation and I miss it.
In any case, I thank you for your existing services, and for your time.

--- Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at 08:28 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

re: your Astrological After-Sex Comments:
Suggested re-write for Gemini, who are too mentally self-involved to bother with something as plebeian as TV: instead of Have you seen the remote, Howzabout: You're lying on my cellphone:
Gimme that! I have to make a call!

--- Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at 03:17 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I want to congratulate you all for the wonderful service you are bringing us. It's been about 3 or 4 years since I've first got in touch with the site, and, never was able to stop visiting it anymore! My whole family, some friends and acquaintances have already had their short report done and tranaslated by me. Of course, I always tell them it has been taken from your site.
I learned a lot of Astrology this way, and I'm very glad for having this opportunity, even more now that there are some parts in Portuguese. This way, I can recomend the site for more people.
One more thing: I just haven't ordered your full report because it's too expensive in Brazil, where US values 3 times our money.
Well, thank you very much for your work!

Marcelo Augusto Ferreira [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Santa Cruz do Sul, Brazil --- Monday, May 5, 2003 at 22:58 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

In meinem letzten Jahresthemen-Horoskop waren für die Zeit von Juli 2002 - April 2003 drei wichtige Transite angegeben: 1. Saturn Opp. Venus, 2. Saturn Quadrat AC, 3. Saturn Kj. MC. Die Angaben zu den ersten beiden Transiten deckten sich gut mit dem konkreten Ereignissen. Bei Saturn Kj. MC kann ich das leider nicht sagen. Ist es so, daß die Auswirkungen erst nach dem Transit spürbar werden (können)? - Ansonsten ein großes Lob für die Jahresthemen. Sie waren mir oft eine Hilfe, in der Auslegung und der zeitlichen Genauigkeit.

Gisbert Löcher [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Konz, Deutschland --- Monday, May 5, 2003 at 21:10 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Saturn Konjunktion MC bleibt noch während des ganzen Transits durch das 10. Haus thematisch aktiv, d.h. während ca. 2 1/2 Jahren. Aber es ist auch nicht so, dass alle Transite wirklich manifest beobachtbar werden müssen. Also nicht warten, sondern leben!

I am very pleased with the planetary transits done by Robert Hand. I had my chart done from March 2003-2004. i have used the chart and watched it closely. Very accurate.
However. I have a problem I took it with me out to lunch and later i noticed it was missing!!!
I went to lost and found and there is no luck.
Is there any way That I could recieve another chart without paying the full price???????
Sincerely, Valarie Hufft

Valarie Hufft [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Las Vegas, Nevada --- Monday, May 5, 2003 at 20:41 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: That's not such a big problem. We charge only 25% or the original price for replacement copies (including replacement copies required because of data errors caused by the customer, the most frequent reason why a replacement is needed). Please contact our order department order* by email to get a fresh copy.

I have already emailed you an electronic replacement copy (Acrobat PDF file), for free. The charge mentioned above is for a physically shipped printed and bound booklet.

The high quality level of astrological services offered by this website, often at no cost, is stunning. The availability of a diverse number of charts, the daily/extended time reports, etc... consistently offer very good information to advanced astrologers as well as novices. I applaud Liz Greene, Robert Hand and their colleagues for bringing such a high level of astrological expertise to the public, and making it easy for people to keep abreast of the current planetary trends relevant to their lives. Thanks, rp

mark maven [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Scottsdale, United States --- Monday, May 5, 2003 at 20:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I would like to say that I love this website and have found it profoundly useful. But... I have had difficulkty with the birth charts these past few days. I had a chart drawn up for someone, but the data was lost. Afterward, I entered the data again in order to print it out, and the chart was different. Same birth information, different planet positions. I have tried it several more times to try and correct this, but this different char has always come up. I have also entered other data that I have previous knowledge of their charts, and it has been extremely inaccurate. So I would like to know, is there something I'm doing wrong? Am I the only one experiencing this? Or is there something wrong with the site? Thanks for your time.


--- Monday, May 5, 2003 at 02:29 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: If you have paper copies of both charts, which - as you say - contains exactly the same birthdate, tim and location, but different planetary positions: Please fax them to ++41 1 391 7574, Attention Webmaster, or scan/email them to me.

I think it unlikely that you have such charts, because our system does not deliver different output for the same input. More likely there was an error in natal data entry on your end, or you chose different calculation options in 'extended chart selection'.

Isn't it possible to make it easier for the visitors to log in? It's frustrating that I have to type in my password every time I want to access my horoscope.

Thank you very much.

Eliya [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Paris, France --- Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 22:31 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You have chosen the 'high security = YES' feature when you registered. To prevent other users on your computer from being able to access your data stored in your profile, the password login is required for each session.

If there are no other users on your computer, or if there is local security in your computer preventing other users from running a browser with your environomen, or if you don't mind that your other users at your computer get access to your profile, you don't need 'high security' for

Just go to my astro -> view/edit profile, and change the 'high security' to 'NO'. Our server will recognise you when you visit via a cookie stored in your browser, and give you automatically access to all your data.

This is how most users use Only those which share a computer (e.g. in an office or at a public library, or within a family where they want to keep their horoscope data private) need the extra security feature.

Security is always impractical. If you lock your door, you have to carry and use a key.

kann ich die Grafik Typ 245.GW (Transite + Progressionen) so bookmarken (als Startseite definieren), dass immer das AKTUELLE Datum aufgerufen wird und nicht immer wieder der 4. Mai 2003 z.B.?

Vielen Dank für einen Tipp, schöne Grüße

--- Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 21:26 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Wenn Sie die URL des Bookmark von Hand bearbeiten, dann geht es: Entfernen Sie die Parameter sday=5&smon=3&syr=2003.
Ed darf also kein sday=, smon= und syr= im Bookmark mehr vorkommen. Wenn diese Parameter fehlen, nimmt das Program automatisch immer den aktuellen Tag.

SORRY: We had a service interruption of about
4 hours, from 02:31 Universal Time to 06:40 UT. The database server crashed during the night, and it had to be restarted on Sunday morning.

Alois Treindl
Meilen, Switzerland --- Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 07:01 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I have tried 5 times to process payment on your shop page but your server is so slow it is IMPOSIBLE. Visits to other sites showed me it is your server and not my ISp that is causing the problem. The slowest I have ever come across

NIkki [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
cape town, South Africa --- Sunday, May 4, 2003 at 00:39 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: I am sorry to hear that you had a problem. So far, no other customer has ever mentioned anything like that, and also our own tests show only very fast response.

I have just now (at 07:00 UT) entered a test order and observed no problem.

Thanks for your patience, and your order, which has arrived on our end.

In reviewing the information in my 'forecast' in the past couple of years - I notice that the majority of the listings are and have been 'squares'. My question - is this majority of squares a reflection of my own personal chart, a reflection of a particular period in my life or do most people have a majority of sqaures in thier forecast as well?

Alex [* --- .xyz*xyz. -> * ]
Toronto, Canada --- Saturday, May 3, 2003 at 14:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Es freut mich besonders, dass sie auch den 90° Kreis nach Ebertin anbieten. Leider wird er aber beim Komposit und beim Partnervergleich nicht gezeigt. Ich glaube, dass darunter die Übersichtlichkeit der Zeichnung keineswegs leiden wird.

, Österreich --- Friday, May 2, 2003 at 16:38 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: Ich denke, Sie sollten sich mal die Angebote von Profi-Software wie Sarastro, Kepler oder Solar-Fire im Web ansehen. Ihre Wünsche sind zu wenig 'main stream' als dass sie auf unserer eher 'populär orientierten' Website Platz hätten. Ob die genannten Programme allerdings die von Ihnen gesuchten Features enthalten, kann ich nicht sagen.

Vielen Dank für Ihre umfangreiche und einfach bedienbare Website. All diese variantenreichen Berechnungshilfen sind einfach super.
Ich deute immer mein Solar und setze dabei verschiedene Orte ein, an denen ich die Wiederholung des Sonnenstandes verbringen könnte.
Gibt es eine Software, mit der man mit der Maus auf der Welt oder in Ländern herumfahren kann, und dabei gleichzeitig sieht, wie sich der ASZ und MC im Solar verändert - nicht nur im Solar, sondern auch im Radix.
Für eine Gratisberechnung, wie der Astro-Dienst es anbietet, wäre so eine Variante wohl zuviel verlangt.
Many Thanks

, Österreich --- Friday, May 2, 2003 at 16:03 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

I was very impressed with Liz Greene's horoscope for two which I purchased a couple of months ago. The content of this report is without a doubt the best I've ever come across. I would be very interested to find out what the orbs Liz used for all the synastry aspects in her relationship report as I know it varies from astrologer to astrologer. Also, is the Astro Intelligence software Liz used available for sale?
Kind Regards and thank you for a wonderful site

L Stear
Canberra, Australia --- Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 06:28 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: She uses her normal orbs, which reach up to 10 degrees, see also the bottom of this page. However, in the Relationship Horoscope, the weight of an aspect decreases with orb in the wider ranges. There is no abrupt cut-off.

Hello - Firstly, I would like to commend astrodienst for a magnificent website. I am fairly new to astrology and have been researching natal chart interpretations transits for a little while, although I am fairly new to progressions. I have also begun to research composite synastry charts. Since I am so new, it is still very hard to make sense of the mass of information. My first step to eliminate my madness was to settle on a few sources which I found to be reliable and accurate for information. Thanks to your wonderful website the sense it makes to me, you are my upmost authority! I have also purchased several books, some i use, some i don't. Anyhow i would really like to do an analysis of my current relationship based on all elements: individual natals, synastry, compostie, individual transits, individual progressions, composite progressions compostie transits. I have heard that comosite transits are not used, is that correct? I have also noticed that you do not offer that chart in your extended chart selection, which makes me believe that it is not done. The analysis that I would like to have done, is there anything that combines all of that? Or anything that goes beyond synastry or the composite method? Although I love trying to figure all of this out for myself, I KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN!!! I would love to purchase a report from Astrodienst that is similar to what I am looking for, but haven't seen one available. I already subscribe to the Extended Horoscope section. I have a pretty good idea about the synastry and composite aspects of our relationship, but I want to know what is affecting our relationship now, and I knwo we have to take all the factors above into consideration. I'm lost! What should I do? Is there any reports that will become available soon that do what I'm asking? Is there any way to get a custom interpretation? Is there a possibility of a DO IT YOURSELF astrology interpretation section that would cover something like this? Sorry this is so long, I just wanted to be thorough!

Thanks Alois for your response!


Tampa, FL, USA --- Thursday, May 1, 2003 at 03:36 Universal Time (UT/GMT)

Alois adds: You have two options:
a) Continue studying astrology, until you can answer your questions yourself.

b) Visit a competent astrologer.

I think your emphasis on 'choice of the right technique' is wrong. Astrology is an art. The astrology artists use different techniques to get to their results. Either you become an artist, and then make your own chocies of technique, based on years of experience, or you accept their work as you find it.