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Contact Astrodienst

Astrodienst AG
Dammstrasse 23
8702 Zollikon / Zürich

Phone (only for order-related issues)
International: +41-44-392 18 18
Within Switzerland: 044-392 18 18
(Workdays 9-12 am and 2-5 pm Swiss time)

International: +41-44-391 75 74
Within Switzerland: 044-391 75 74


E-mail to Astrodienst staff:
If you have questions about our website or about our free online service, please use our feedback form or the link "report a problem" at the end of the page, not E-mail to a member of the staff.

Any questions referring to a paid order should be sent by Email to order@astro.ch.

Questions about the online service, data or technical matters should be sent via the link 'report a problem' at the right bottom of most pages. It is essential that this link is used instead of email, because the 'report a problem' feature makes sure that your message includes all the details which we need to understand the nature of the problem.

Please, do not use the phone for questions related to the website. Our phone lines are for phone orders, or for questions related to past orders only. The sales staff on the phone lines will not be able to support any website-related issues.
Please use the group e-mail addresses indicated next to the names for all communication.

Madlen Walter [mw] (order department)
Mail to : order@astro.ch

Edith Schlatter [es] (order department)
Mail to : order@astro.ch

Peter Boos [pb] (order department)
Mail to : order@astro.ch

Dr. Alois Treindl [at] (CEO, webmaster, head programmer)
Mail to : webmaster@astro.ch, (more)

Dr. Peter Isler [pi] (president of board)
Mail to : management att astro dodt ch

Dr. Liz Greene [lg] (chief astrologer)
Mail to : astrology att astro dodt ch (more)

Juri Viktor Stork [js] (company manager, webdesign, astrologer)

Dieter Koch [dk] (software developper)

Magnus Herold [mh] (programmer)

Karin Hoffmann [kh] (editor, astrologer)

If you really need to reach a staff member by personal e-mail, you can use the email address xy att astro dodt ch where xy is the name abbreviation indicated after the name of each staff member. Please be aware that it is considered impolite to send the same e-mail to more than one member of the staff; we usually ignore people trying to flood our staff with e-mail, because they are wasting our valuable time.

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