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Astrodienst Links: Basic Astrology

POP! Astrology
We are your definitive guide to the star signs, whether that be learning your own personality traits, getting to know your other half, or finding out how to capture the heart of your crush!
www.popastrology.com/  24-May-2018
Free astrology charts, online horoscopes and reports. Seek people with the same birthdate or astro aspects as yours.
www.astro-seek.com  18-Mar-2018
Jessica Adams - Online free horoscopes
Jessica Adams’ career as an astrologer includes work on Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. Her website offers free daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and birthday horoscopes as well as premium Astrology content.
www.jessicaadams.com/  5-Jan-2018
Your Daily horoscope from Horoscopes and Astrology.
Horoscopes and Astrology is a brand new site. The Daily horoscopes are written by astrologers from Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Normaly only used in the native language of the Nordic countries in magazines and newspapers - but now translated. Soon to come: weekly, monthly and love horoscopes.
www.horoscopes-and-astrology.com/  23-Nov-2017
Boho Astro
Free daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes from astrologer Joanne Madeline Moore.
bohoastro.com  9-Dec-2016
Astrology Article Web Site in Turkish.
astrohermes.com  27-Oct-2015
Astrology Junction
Basic information about astrology, short monthly horoscopes for a couple of zodiac signs.
www.astrologyjunction.com  24-Mar-2015
Stargazer 2015 Weekly Horoscopes
Stargazer shares weekly horoscopes, a monthly overview and essays on various astrology topics in an informative and accessible format. Includes analysis of the Nodes and with a view to long range cycles.
stargazerastroatlas.wordpress.com  19-Jan-2015
Neil Ormsby
Read your horoscope for today by astrologer Neil Ormsby.
www.neilormsby.com  30-Nov-2014
Free Daily, Weekly Monthly Horoscopes by Astrologer Patrick Arundell. No registration needed.
www.freeastrology123.com  6-Aug-2014
Free online horoscopes
Daily, weelky and monthly horoscopes. Online free Sun sign and Ascendant accurate calculation. Free birth chart with interactive graphics and personalized report.
www.3horoscopes.com  3-Apr-2013
Provides daily horoscopes and other astrological information.
www.doctorhoroscope.com  7-Jul-2012
Mystic Maiden
Free Montly and Weekly Horoscopes -- updated regularly
www.mysticmaiden.ca  23-Jan-2012
Visual proof that Astrology works!
Celebrity photos and caricatures illustrate the personalities and physical traits of the Zodiac Signs.
www.astro-visions.com  6-Jan-2012
Astrology-Numerology.com by Michael McClain
Learn the basic of astrology with clear easy to understand readings and explanations. A numerology section, too.
astrology-numerology.com  31-Mar-2011
Astralis Horoscopes
Daily Horoscopes, Lovescopes, and Astrology. Free Tarot reading.
www.astralis-horoscopes.com  18-May-2010
Astrology Galaxy
All about Astrology!
astro.armyne.com  24-Oct-2009
Astrological chart interpretation
Learn to interpret astrological charts without learning astronomical details.
wilsontc.stormloader.com  2-Jul-2009
Free online horoscopes - MoonTimes
Free daily horoscope. Daily horoscope for each astrology sign is provided.
www.moontimes.net  25-Feb-2009
The Horoscope
An introduction to the fundamental elements of the horoscope, with links to some important astrology websites.
www.horoscope-horoscopes-astrology.com/select.htm  27-Mar-2003
Tutorial: How to read your birth chart
offered by NorthNode, an excellent teaching website by Molly Cliborne, an astrological consultant in Charlottesville, Virginia
www.north-node.com/tutorial/index.html  2-apr-2003
Free Astrology and Horoscopes from astroloji.net! The ultimate guide to exploring astrology, daily horoscopes, love astrology, chinese astrology, zodiac signs, compatibility and more.
www.astroloji.net  3-Mar-2004
Lunar Living Astrology
Bi-monthly articles and horoscopes focusing on the Moon events and eclipses.
www.lunarliving.org  5-Jun-2004
Indigo Children, Astrology and Homeopathy
Mary English DSH offers Homeopathy and Astrology as a way to understand and empower you and your Indigo Child.
www.maryenglish.co.uk  13-Jul-2004
Free Horoscope Daily
Free horoscopes for every sign of the Zodiac. Updated every day.
www.freehoroscopedaily.com  4-Oct-2005
Aquarian Digest
All about Aquarius. A hub for astrology articles about Aquarians.
aquariandigest.blogspot.com  7-Nov-2005
Daily, Weekly, Monthly Yearly Horoscopes
Australian Astrologers provide Daily, Weekly, Monthly Yearly Horoscopes (including Weekly Horoscope PodCasts) all free, and without registration
www.newagestore.com  16-Feb-2006
Horoscopes Within
In-Depth Monthly Horoscopes, Astrology, Interactive Birth Chart, Rising Sign Calculator, Rate Your Compatibility , Eclipse News, Full-New Moons, Ephemeris, Celebrity Birthdays.
www.horoscopeswithin.com  14-Apr-2006
Birth Time
I offer a service to determine the time of birth where this is unknown from any other accurate source. I use my skills as a dowser of many years experience to do this and with a long-standing interest in astrology I appreciate the importance of the accuracy of the result and try to always work with great integrity.
www.birthtime.co.uk  4-Sep-2006
Various Astrological Charts - A Unique Insight
Astrological Birthcharts, Synastry Transit Reports, Triple Charts - 1 each Western, Chinese, Indian Birthcharts, Individual Greeting Cards, Learn what motivates you by your mix of Sun, Ascendant and Moon signs,
www.astrologymix.co.uk  21-Aug-2006
The Zodiac Master
Astrology articles and tutorials written from the archetypal perspective, along with paid chart readings and reports.
thezodiac.com  23-Sep-2006
Beyond Astrology
Site dedicated to Western astrology, Chinese astrology and Feng Shui
morethanstars.com  25-Sep-2006
Ask Oracle - Free Annual Horoscopes
Provides annual horoscopes based on sun signs, sections include horoscopes for famous personalities and offers personalized predictions for free.
www.ask-oracle.com  1-Nov-2006
Dream Astrologer
Free weekly Soul Sign Astrology report presented in multi-media form with images, videos, poems, lyrics Horoscopes. Free Goddess Astrology Podcast
www.dreamastrologer.com  26-Jan-2007
Astrology with the Australian Astrologer Lubomir Dimitrov
Astrology Charts, Astrological Trends, Spiritual Science, Many Articles on Astrology and Numerology
www.lubomir.name  15-Apr-2007
Astroroom - astrology for all
Astrology - the basics of a natal horoscope, sun signs, moon signs, love horoscopes. Articles on different subjects and links to great websites within the field of astrology.
www.astroroom.com  27-Jun-2007
Astrology Horoscope market stock weekly daily love compatibility forecast at one place. It also has most extensive monthly and yearly forecasts.
www.thinkastro.com  9-Aug-2007
Astro Cafe
A Polish site on Astrology with online tutorials and discussions.
www.AstroCafe.pl  14-Sep-2007
Astrology of a Trainwreck
Daily astrology blog featuring daily transits, daily celebrity birthday reports, and lots of astrological takes on pop culture, the media, the arts and everything else...
astrologyofatrainwreck.astrologydetective.com  6-May-2008
Career Astrology for 2012 and beyond
WorkAstro.com focuses on career and business related choices for individuals and businesses
www.astrologywork.com  4-Jun-2011
As one of the largest astrology portals WWW.ASTRO.COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. With high-quality horoscope interpretations by the world's leading astrologers Liz Greene, Robert Hand and other authors, many free horoscopes and extensive information on astrology for beginners and professionals, www.astro.com is the first address for astrology on the web.
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