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Earth Medicine Ways
Medical astrology with classes, consultations, blogs and books  16-Jun-2014
AstroInquiry: Gurdjieff, Socratic Inquiry and Alchemical Directions
Astrology explored from a 4th Way perspective which employs concepts from Gurdjieff, Jungian alchemical studies and modern concepts from the Diamond Approach  25-Mar-2013
The Astrology Dictionary
An online dictionary for definitions of terms and concepts used in astrology.  12-Sep-2012
In-depth Astrology offering penetrating and expanding psychological/spiritual dialogues for grasping what's really going on in the conscious and unconscious. Featuring small planets, asteroids, midpoints, Sabian Symbols and Huber's outstanding discoveries.  2-May-2012
All about zodiac signs
Find out everything about zodiac signs - symbols, compatibilities, meanings, best love matches, traits, personalities, profile, and physical characteristics.  20-Mar-2012
Astroloji Turkiye
Classical and modern technics for astrology lovers and researchers. Astrology research, statistics, new technics and more (in Turkish).  7-Dec-2011
Astrologizeme - Chinese and Western Astrology
Chinese Astrology and Western Astrology. Daily horoscopes, weekly and yearly horoscopes, love astrology, chinese horoscopes.  22-Jan-2011
Astromaze » Astrology Literature and Information »
Sun and Planet Signs, Aspects, Transits, and Chinese Astrology. You can use the resources Astromaze provides to educate yourself on how to read your own astrology as a hobby or to find out more in-depth astrological info on yourself. We are providing this information free of any charges and a lot of the info is gathered from the web and some is written by our staff.  29-Jan-2010
Elementary model of the star signs in terms of transitions between the four classical elements, ideas how astrology and divination might come about, and more, by a Swiss physicist...  3-Jan-2014
Past Life Astrology Charts
Your past life chart is based on sacred geometry through methods used for years by astrologers manually is now minutes away.  22-Oct-2008
Antiquus Astrology
A site dedicate to the preservation and teaching of Classical and Traditional Astrology, containing books, treatise/articles, traditional readings, lessons more! Everything the beginner to the advanced needs to learn and also develop their Astrological skills.  2-Aug-2007
The Strange House - Astrology for Everyone
Get your personal daily transit horoscopes and complete natal charts for free at The Strange House.  13-Jul-2007
Horoscope Remedies
CyberAstro's Astrology experts provide you with accurate and in-depth future predictions that are based on methods of the Ancients and help you to discover your true self. Using astrology as a guide, one can understand what is preordained, what is effort based, what are the corrective methods and the astrological remedies. All these services are provided by our experts through personalized reports that deal with future predictions, astrology predictions. Our service includes both free astrology readings and paid astrology readings.  5-Jan-2007
Politics History Astrology is a comprehensive guide and blog that uses astrology to interpret history and politics from 4500BCE through 2384  19-Dec-2006
Life Direction and Soul Purpose Astrological Counseling
Astrology readings and Jungian counseling by phone or at my office. Relationship, career, life direction issues...with particular emphasis on the North/Southe Nodes and current transits and progressions.  8-Dec-2006
Chiron and Friends
Chiron explored by Zane Stein through astrology, astronomy, mythology. Also: Pholus, Nessus, Asbolus, Chariklo, Hylonome, other Centaurs, Trans-Neptunians, asteroids, minor planets, exoplanets.  17-Nov-2006
Jan Spiller's official website
Practical advice from a spiritual perspective. Featuring Free Horoscopes, Charts and Personal Daily Readings. Daily Moon and Phases, Void-of-course moon times, psychic Goddess Oracles and more  15-Feb-2006
Philip Brown's website featuring the astrology of world events, cultural trends forecasting, and politics  21-Oct-2005
Astrology Resources Database
Free astrology resources directory containing more than 900 articles, astrology softwares, forums and website links.  21-Sep-2005
- A guide to free horoscopes with selected resources, lessons for beginners, astrology tools and articles.  28-Aug-2005
Gryphon Astrology Astrology Blog
Astrology Blog offered by Exploration of traditional astrology by a practitioner and student in the Art. Horary, mundane, and natal Renaissance and Medieval Astrology revived for the 21st century. Bonatti, Lilly, Cardan's works.  7-Aug-2005
The Evolving Door - Astrology for the Spirit, Heart and Mind
We offer free horoscopes, articles and columns on zodiac signs, planetary events, astrological humour and more. Our approach is very down-to-earth and in-depth, combining astrology, psychology and spirituality.  10-Apr-2005
CURA - Research in Astrology
C.U.R.A. (University Centre for Astrological Research) is an independent Research Centre and a virtual Magazine on line, trilingual, and accessible to all. The interested authors can send their texts to me for publication on the site.   14-Jan-2003
The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
Bill Arnett's cult site The Nine Planets is an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each of the planets and moons in our solar system. Each page has text and images, some have sounds and movies, most provide references to additional related information.  14-Jan-2003
The Mystery that Is Astrology
Philip Levine's Sirius website offers an exhibit of color starmaps from earlier astrology. It provides interesting articles and detailed descriptions of the Cosmic Window Personal Appointment Calendar and other products  12-feb-2003
Astrocartgraphy readings based on text by Jim Lewis.
Jim Lewis was the US astrologer who made locational astrology popular.  4.jun-2003
Website of the British professional astrologer Paul Wade  26-feb-2003 Astrology for the 21st Century
Since 1999, has been a signficant website providing information on archetypal astrology. The website features unique monthly forecasts, essays uniting astrology and cultural trends, written astrological reports, and consultations.  17-Apr-2004
Astrology With Meira*
Classes from beginners to advanced, Astronomy For Astrologers, public lectures, Uranian Astrology Tutorial on CD-ROM, Translation of Jewish Medieval Astrology books and articles.  23-May-2004
Amb Ava Publishing
Providing tools to have a fulfilling relationship with everyone in your life including yourself. Astrology, past lives, relationships, life purpose, parenting, personal coaching, books.  6-Aug-2004
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