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Replying to a Post

In addition to posting new topics, you can also reply to existing posts or topics quickly and easily. When you find a topic you would like to comment on, look for the button titled "Reply" at the top or bottom of the forum, or "Quote" to the right of the post you wish to reply to.

Using "Reply" will take you to a post page much like the one described above.

"Quote" does exactly he same thing, however, it will add what another user has said to your post in a special box like you see below.


This is a quote

It is advised not to quote the whole post you're referring to but only the portions you want to reply to and delete the rest. However, when deleting some of the quote, please make sure that the quote tags remain intact, otherwise it's not going to work properly.

The quote starts with this tag:
[quote author=....]
Then comes the text you wish to quote and partly delete.
But just make sure you don't delete the end tag:

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