Actuele planetaire posities
    22-aug-2017, 17:11 UT/GMT
    Maan121' 7"8n33
    Neptunus1313' 8"r7s28
    Ware Knoop2413'26"r13n27
    Uitleg van de symbolen
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Guidelines for Moderators

The moderator

  • adheres to the principle of minimal moderation and only interferes when necessary.
  • is tolerant, accepting and respectful of the users.
  • is not arrogant, cynical or insulting.
  • interferes when forum rules or etiquette are violated.
  • moderates disputes or arguments in the forum and maintains a fair tone and atmosphere.
  • does not get involved personally and is above personal quarrels.
  • does not take sides, except in cases of violation of forum rules.
  • generally sets a positive example to users.

Should users feel that a moderator seriously violates these guidelines, please contact forummaster@astro.com and give details of why you think this is the case and a link to the respective posting.


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